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  1. Feb 2014
    1. Then the other answered

      1.27. Bias/Pittacus responds by pointing out the ridiculousness of Croesus' plan to attack the islanders on their own terms.

    2. Croesus, thinking that he spoke the truth, said: “Would that the gods would put this in the heads of the islanders, to come on horseback against the sons of the Lydians!”

      1.27. Croesus replies to Bias/Pittacus, suggesting that the islanders would be at a disadvantage if they were to attack the Lydians, renowned for their cavalry, on horseback.

    3. asked by Croesus for news about Hellas, put an end to the shipbuilding by giving the following answer

      1.27. Croesus asks for news; Bias/Pittacus responds with an ironic statement.

    4. either Bias of Priene or Pittacus of Mytilene (the story is told of both) came to Sardis

      1.27. In what is presumably an apocryphal story, one of the Seven Sages of Greek tradition visits Croesus (the fact that the story is told with both Bias and Pittacus makes it even more likely to be apocryphal).