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  1. Mar 2021
    1. As you gain mastery over one habit and it no longer requires practice and focus, add another, but never before that. In practice, it could be learning to consistently drink more water, gaining another hour of sleep, adding more vegetables to your intake, keeping a journal, or practicing stress-reducing techniques.
  2. Jan 2016
    1. Reading patterns are changing, however, with researchers reading more, averaging 270 articles per year, depending on discipline (more in medicine and science, fewer in humanities and social sciences), but spending less time per article, with reported reading times down from 45-50 minutes in the mid-1990s to just over 30 minutes. Access and navigation to articles is increasingly driven by search rather than browsing; at present there is little evidence that social referrals are a major source of access (unlike consumer news sites, for example), though new scientific social networks may change this. Researchers spend very little time on average on publisher web sites, “bouncing” in and out and collecting what they need for later reference (page 52).