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    1. That comes in the form of the WWW-Authenticate header with the specific authentication scheme to use. For example, in the case of OAuth2, the response should look like the following:
  4. Dec 2019
    1. For macOS, you can use either the loopback interface (where AppAuth will generate the redirect URI for you), or a custom scheme. To create a custom scheme redirect URI, reverse the client id to get the URI scheme, for example com.googleusercontent.apps.IDENTIFIER and, add your own path component. E.g. com.googleusercontent.apps.IDENTIFIER:/oauth2redirect/google. Note that there is only a single slash (/) after the scheme.

      Vital info here for "allegedly" forming proper redirect URI with Google.

      Trying it out shortly

    1. As such, the following two statements are equivalent:

      This is important to note when trying to wrap my head around how OAuth2 integrates with AlamoFire

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