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  1. Jul 2021
    1. The term 'lemma' comes from the practice in Greco-Roman antiquity of using the word to refer to the headwords of marginal glosses in scholia; for this reason, the Ancient Greek plural form is sometimes used, namely lemmata (Greek λῆμμα, pl. λήμματα).


      No mention here of the use of headwords within the commonplace book tradition.

  2. Feb 2020
    1. A third form of marginalia that provides information is the scholium. Often referred to using the plural scholia

      scholia, the annotation that introduces to the text a new note. The scholar includes as it has judged it relevant. Scholia can elucidate an idea, share a useful example, provide historical reference, or either affirm or contradict the author.

  3. Aug 2019
  4. Apr 2019