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  1. Feb 2014
    1. These, after coming to Phocaea, sent Lacrines, who was the most esteemed among them, to Sardis, to repeat there to Cyrus a proclamation of the Lacedaemonians,

      1.152 The Lacedaemonians send a herald to Cyrus to give an order/ultimatum that no Greek cities be harmed or destroyed in conquest. Cyrus responds to this missive with confusion (and some derision) as he has no idea who the Spartans are.

  2. Jan 2014
    1. Herodotus 1.70. To show their gratitude to Croesus, the Spartans sent a bronze bowl to him in Sardis; however, the bowl never reached him. There are two different stories on why the bowl never got their. The question that should be asked though should be, "what was the relationship between the Samians, the Spartans, and the Lydians."

    2. Herodotus 1.69. A network has been established between Croesus and the Spartans. The text gives an instance where Croesus instead of trading with the Spartans actually gives them a free gift.