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    1. In Roam, each note becomes a node in your mind map, and there’s no central concept you have to start with. The map is fluid, with no hierarchy, no stacking, no linearity. It’s a giant knowledge web representing your notes and the connections between them.

      Just like the brain works.

    1. TGW coupled with AWS Resource Access Manager will allow you to use a single Transit Gateway across multiple AWS accounts, however, it’s still limited to a single region.

      TGW, cross multi accounts

    2. Direct Connect Gateway – DGW DGW builds upon VGW capabilities adding the ability to connect VPCs in one region to a Direct Connect in another region. CIDR addresses cannot overlap. In addition, traffic will not route from VPC-A to the Direct Connect Gateway and to VPC-B. Traffic will have to route from the VPC-A —> Direct Connect —-> Data Centre Router —-> Direct Connect —> VPC-B.

      besides VGW, connect to another region through direct connect.

    3. Virtual Private Gateway – VGW The introduction of the VGW introduced the ability to let multiple VPCs, in the same region, on the same account, share a Direct Connect. Prior to this, you’d need a Direct Connect Private Virtual Interface (VIF) for each VPC, establishing a 1:1 correlation, which didn’t scale well both in terms of cost and administrative overhead.  VGW became a solution that reduced the expense of requiring new Direct Connect circuits for each VPC as long as both VPCs were in the same region, on the same account. This construct can be used with either Direct Connect or the Site-to-Site VPN.

      VGW, save direct connect fee, by using one to coonect all vpcs in same region

    4. AWS VGW vs DGW vs TGW

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    1. Our approach strikes a balance between privacy, computation overhead, and network latency. While single-party private information retrieval (PIR) and 1-out-of-N oblivious transfer solve some of our requirements, the communication overhead involved for a database of over 4 billion records is presently intractable. Alternatively, k-party PIR and hardware enclaves present efficient alternatives, but they require user trust in schemes that are not widely deployed yet in practice. For k-party PIR, there is a risk of collusion; for enclaves, there is a risk of hardware vulnerabilities and side-channels.
    1. An elastic network interface (referred to as a network interface in this documentation) is a logical networking component in a VPC that represents a virtual network card.
    1. Intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems Monitor events in your network for security threats and stop threats once detected.


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    1. Social solutions to social problems This document exists to lay out some general principles of running a small social network site that have worked for me. These principles are related to community building more than they are related to specific technologies. This is because the big problems with social network sites are not technical: the problems are social problems related to things like policy, values, and power.

      Social solutions to social problems

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    1. Running a small social network is like hosting a party. It requires social intelligence, empathy, and yes, technical skills.

      Testing out this Hypothesis thing

    1. so there won’t be a blinking bunny, at least not yet, let’s train our bunny to blink on command by mixing stimuli ( the tone and the air puff)

      Is it just that how we all learn and evolve? 😲

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    1. I first briefly lay out alternative media theory as it existed prior to the dominance of Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

      I've been thinking about it for a while but even if all social sites were interoperable, I suspect that a small handful of 2 or 3 would have the largest market share. This is as the result of some of the network theory and research found in Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means for Business, Science, and Everyday Life by Alberto-Llaszlo Barabasi

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    1. I have moments where I’m really involved and immersed in NYSCI and Hive almost on the same level, other times I have to take a step back, and sometimes the Hive has gone a little MIA or quiet as they transition and figure things out, as they shape the network. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride over the past couple of years. For me, that’s been the biggest challenge — going through that process.