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      new paragraph?

    2. Critical literacy emphasizes the role of language in shaping individuals and society, and it encourages individuals to critically analyze texts, engage in dialogue, and take action to challenge inequality and advocate for change.

      nice. is this from Shor too? any of it?

    3. Ira Shor defines critical literacy as a form of literacy that involves "learning to read and write as part of the process of becoming conscious of one's experience as historically constructed within specific power relations" (Anderson and Irvine 282).

      excellent use of the reading to set this idea up early.

    1. ng

      I think we should connect this section to the section on procedural and declarative knowledge, since explicit learning results in declarative, and implicit learning leads to procedural knowledge (and it is debated whether explicit learning can lead to procedural knowledge). Maybe this section could come after the procedural/declarative one, and more explicitly connect the ideas. Let me check with Volya about getting a good source for this.

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      I appreciate the use of diagrams to show the joins.


    1. Nelson Mandela. December 2023. Page Version ID: 1188461215. URL: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Nelson_Mandela&oldid=1188461215 (visited on 2023-12-10).

      Nelson Mandela's life was filled with the struggle for freedom and equality. For a long time, he supported the abolition of apartheid and tried to promote reconciliation between different racial groups. His difficult journey from the countryside to becoming the first black president of South Africa is also a reflection of his dignity and endurance. It reflects his dedication to democracy and social justice despite the odds and social pressures. Mandela's legacy continues to inspire those who struggle for a fair and equitable world

    1. what is international relations, how was it made, and how did it come to be that way?

      I believe how it’s made and how’s it become is how international relations is about how countries interacting and dealing with each other, as in making treaties or good trading.

    1. Feeling Powerful: Trolling sometimes gives trolls a feeling of empowerment when they successfully cause disruption or cause pain.**

      The concept of empowerment derived from trolling is a fascinating and disturbing reflection of human psychology. It's intriguing to consider that the anonymity of the internet can provide a space for individuals to feel a sense of accomplishment through negative actions, such as causing disruption or pain to others. This could be reflective of a deeper sense of powerlessness or frustration in other areas of life.

    2. Trolling is when an Internet user posts inauthentically (often false, upsetting, or strange) with the goal of causing disruption or provoking an emotional reaction. When the goal is provoking an emotional reaction, it is often for a negative emotion, such as anger or emotional pain. When the goal is disruption, it might be attempting to derail a conversation (e.g., concern trolling [g4]), or make a space no longer useful for its original purpose (e.g., joke product reviews), or try to get people to take absurd fake stories seriously [g5].

      This phenomenon is particularly acute on the Internet. In real life, for the most part people don't actively mock because the behavior comes with a price. But on the internet, people don't know who you are. Therefore, many people take advantage of the anonymity of the way to taunt each other, thus forming a net explosion.

    3. Trolling is when an Internet user posts inauthentically (often false, upsetting, or strange) with the goal of causing disruption or provoking an emotional reaction. When the goal is provoking an emotional reaction, it is often for a negative emotion, such as anger or emotional pain. When the goal is disruption, it might be attempting to derail a conversation (e.g., concern trolling [g4]), or make a space no longer useful for its original purpose (e.g., joke product reviews), or try to get people to take absurd fake stories seriously

      I think trolling can significantly impact the quality of online discourse and community interactions. While the internet offers vast opportunities for sharing ideas and fostering meaningful connections, trolling undermines these potentials by promoting distrust and conflict. Frequent trolling can deter people from participating in online discussions, limit the exchange of ideas, and can even lead to emotional distress for individuals targeted by such behavior.

      Constructive engagement and respectful dialogue are crucial for productive online communities. Trolling not only disrupts these principles but also diminishes the overall experience for users who seek to gain knowledge, offer support, or engage in healthy debate. Encouraging positive interaction and developing strategies to manage and minimize trolling are important steps to enhance the quality and inclusivity of online spaces.

    4. If the immediate goal of the action of trolling is to cause disruption or provoke emotional reactions, what is it that makes people want to do this disruption or provoking of emotional reactions?

      I think those people don't really care about these topics or have a substantial interest in these discussions, and their main purpose is to pass the time for fun by manipulating other people's emotional responses. This behavior allows them to feel an extraordinary sense of control and accomplishment in their ordinary daily lives, even though this accomplishment is built on the troubles of others.

    1. Is It Funny or Offensive? Comedian Impersonates FBI on Twitter, Makes MLK Assassination Joke. January 2020. URL: https://isitfunnyoroffensive.com/comedian-impersonates-fbi-on-twitter-makes-mlk-assassination-joke/ (visited on 2023-12-05).

      It's pretty common to use satire to get the attention but certain things people joke about doesn't follow principles and ethics.

    2. Is It Funny or Offensive? Comedian Impersonates FBI on Twitter, Makes MLK Assassination Joke. January 2020. URL: https://isitfunnyoroffensive.com/comedian-impersonates-fbi-on-twitter-makes-mlk-assassination-joke/ (visited on 2023-12-05).

      While satire has long been used as a tool for social commentary and criticism, it is crucial that creators remain sensitive to the historical context and potential impact on affected communities. The impersonation of an FBI agent to make a joke about such a pivotal and grave event as the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. seems to disregard the profound implications and could be seen as tasteless by those who understand the deep resonance of MLK's legacy.

    3. Concern troll. October 2023. Page Version ID: 76467190. URL: https://en.wiktionary.org/w/index.php?title=concern_troll&oldid=76467190 (visited on 2023-12-05).

      This is my first time hearing about this term. It seems like it is a more subtle form of trolling, aiming to be immersed and pretend to be in the community. They then "sow seeds of doubt" in order to try to act like they are thinking for the benefit of the community but actually aim to spread uneasiness.

    4. Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. November 2023. Page Version ID: 1186577416. URL: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Assassination_of_Martin_Luther_King_Jr.&oldid=1186577416#Alleged_government_involvement (visited on 2023-12-05).

      Martin Luther King Jr., a prominent civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, was assassinated on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee. James Earl Ray, arrested for the crime, later attempted unsuccessfully to retract his guilty plea and died in prison in 1998. Conspiracy theories about government involvement persist, supported by the King family, who won a symbolic lawsuit in 1999 against alleged conspirator Loyd Jowers. King's nonviolent approach significantly shaped the civil rights movement, marking his lasting impact on American society.

    5. Kaitlyn Tiffany. 'My Little Pony' Fans Are Ready to Admit They Have a Nazi Problem. The Atlantic, June 2020. URL: https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2020/06/my-little-pony-nazi-4chan-black-lives-matter/613348/ (visited on 2023-12-05).

      This sourced discussion the Nazi problem behind "my little pony". It discussed the Nazis problem come in when it’s edgy and provocative to be an adult obsessed with cartoon ponies. My Little Pony fans primarily express their enthusiasm for the show by sharing their own cartoon drawings of the main characters, which they usually upload to the image boards.

    6. Is It Funny or Offensive? Comedian Impersonates FBI on Twitter, Makes MLK Assassination Joke. January 2020. URL: https://isitfunnyoroffensive.com/comedian-impersonates-fbi-on-twitter-makes-mlk-assassination-joke/ (visited on 2023-12-05).

      I think such people have no sense of morality. They have no sense of boundaries when it comes to serious things. They may want attention, but they ignore social principles and social order. This is the wrong guide for many teenagers on the Internet.

    7. Brayden Olson. Forever Alone Involuntary Flashmob. Vice, May 2011. URL: https://www.vice.com/en/article/wdyyny/forever-alone-involuntary-flashmob (visited on 2023-12-05).

      This article discusses the formation and events that occurred during the Forever Alone Involuntary Flashmob at Times Square. The flashmob was organized by the online anonymous forum 4chan, where single men were lured to the location to meet women for dates. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case; these men found themselves alone and mocked by a cut-out of the "Forever Alone" meme character, and captured on CCTV cameras. Though the men didn't take it badly, it really makes you question why pranks such as these make up so much entertainment, even though they can harm the pride of those who are involved.

    1. following learning styles for more than one person at a time

      the meaning of this is not so clear to me

    1. His next-to-latest book is Pandemia & Other Poems (2021), which features work written just before and during the first year of COVID-19 — composed, he says, in order to heal, during a period when some people couldn’t write and some people couldn’t do anything else.

      what has he been up to since then?

    2. “Poetry,” he recalls, “was all written by dead people, as far as I could tell.”

      poetry, is in fact alive and ever-changing.

    1. Practical jokes / pranks

      I remember watching pranks when I was younger on YouTube, they were very popular back then and actually funny. Nowadays most pranks are not as funny and fake.

    1. either way, it’s ok

      be more clear what is being said here, e.g. that whether you are enjoying procedural or relying on declarative, it's all part of the learning process

    2. That said

      I wonder if we should include a paragraph here about the fact that it is still debated whether declarative knowledge can actually become procedural, or whether these systems are developed in parallel.

    3. ples of declarative and procedural knowledge,

      can there be a way to tell the reader which of the 3 is which kind, to help them confirm?

    4. rules.

      ...which you had to explicitly learn at some point. I'm actually wondering if this could also be considered procedural if it was learned through massive reading exposure. I could ask Volya, our faculty member who is an expert on this.

    5. rs.

      The 'yore' question is not allowing me to put any choices in the box.

    6. Do you feel like a master of grammar now? You may not be able to explain to someone the order of adjectives in English, but due to lifelong exposure, you know these rules procedurally

      I wonder if this should be moved up to be right after the H5P, to help the reader understand how the exercise was about procedural knowledge. Also I think it should include that word order was not something that was ever taught explicitly to us.

    7. ore than

      about typical English word order?

    8. The exercises will becom

      Instead of 'correct' in the H5P below, could it be 'most typical'? I'm also thinking just 5 max would be enough? They are funny indeed. Did you make them up?

    9. Ta

      On the other hand? This sentence was confusing for me at first because it was a sudden switch back to procedural

    10. Well, one

      Ideally this would be two smaller paragraphs somehow

    11. one major part of the total knowledge in our brain,

      I think we should rephrase this, unless you have seen it talked about this way as 'parts'. How is it talked about in the sources?

    12. loganfisher

      We will need to decide how to show specific authorship of sections. In other books I have seen this done at the end of the chapter, but it could be done at the front too.

    1. ncoura


    2. students are not taught critical literacy to resolve these issues to prevent the cyclic instability the United States has f

      where does he say this?

    3. relates the poli

      where? textual support

    4. speech addresses college's role in shaping students outside of the classroom

      where? refer to specific textual examples. this needs to be more grounded in his speech.

    5. orri


    6. t Morris


    7. Louisianna


    1. There is no distinction between woman and Girl online. We must throw out any binary thinking. Online, we are all Girls. Girl exists as a condition rather than a fixed gender or age. “Girl” is a valuable marketing term in the same way that “authenticity” is. It is performed, refined, but never able to be perfected—hoisted upon us and impossible to embody.

      this kind of "ackshually I rise above the tension you've identified" is shit basis for any kind of political change

    1. student-to-instructor relationship is often viewed through the lens of authority, where the instructor wields the sense of power over the spread of knowledge.

      where in Shor? Morse? your issue/group/event? this sounds like Freire but you do not discuss him. this page needs a lot of attention

    2. The power dynamics

      you do not have enough Shor on this page to support these readings of CWRU. This page should be about Shor, CL and a specific critical concept. These can be invoked and referred to in other conversations, but need to be very clearly stated and referred to here.

    3. Shor believes we have the power to redefine ourselves and society through our words and actions.

      where does he say this?

    4. e of critical literacy in challenging the power dynamics between the students and their teachers, and hopes for an approach to education that appeals to the student.

      citation. ALSO consider using Shor's own words to support this claim.

    5. Ira Shor

      start with Shor then bring in Morse. OR do Shor here and bring Morse in on the Morse page.

    1. Housing problems have existed since the 1970s and continue to linger into the 2020s, with more issues arising each year. Our campus has lost its' scope on the little problems, hopefully those don't lead to bigger one

      ? how does this relate to any of your previous ideas here? integrate this more directly.

    2. head on and describes the problems on campus and on other campuses without blurring details, while not blaming the students for their participation, but blaming the United States for their involvement. He also demonstrates the idea to prioritize inclusivity in order to challenge the past’s power structures and create something new and for the sake of the future students of American colleges and

      refer to the text to make these points.

    3. rust is the most valuable ass

      what does he say? refer to his actual words as you build on this point.

    4. es.


    5. ce."

      citation needed.

    6. ritical literacy

      what is this? define it before you build on it.

    7. higher


    8. pictured abov

      there is no media on the page. revise and include a line

    1. The office has als

      new idea, new paragraph. this is buried as you have it. these pages still need organization and focus

    2. Students have many necessary payments to make. Examples include financial aid, rent, groceries, books, tuition, etc. Some of the pay periods can also weirdly line up. For example, one pay period is a week after winter break. The paycheck would be sent out closer to four weeks into the semester. This makes it hard for students to

      put earlier as it starts to define the problem.

    3. lloc

      describe the problem before you get into solution territory. This is the page where you need to describe what is at play with your chosen issue/group/event.

    4. s.


    5. campus jobs availabl

      available campus jobs

    1. itical literacy

      what is this? you have yet to define or describe it.

    2. This

      what? name it.

    3. This idea shows another issue with banking teaching. Teaching students that the world does not change and that there are no flaws within the professor's thinking will rock the students' world when they explore adulthood post-college

      what do you mean? connect to Freire AND Morse.

    4. issue with America and the need to change

      again, show this before you make claims about it.

    5. According to Freire, “implicit in the banking concept is the assumption of a dichotomy between human beings and the world: a person is living merely in the world, not with the world or with others; the individual is a spectator, not re-creator” ( Freire, page 3). Paulo Freire describes the issue with ‘banking teaching’ when the professor knows everything and is teaching their knowledge. The issue is that the students feel they are less than the professor and are to follow society's rules.

      directly connect this to Morse. it is out of place here (and unasked for in this page so Freire needs even more contextualization).

    6. mor

      than who? expand this description of debate and academic freedoms.

    7. Morse believes college students have many more opportunities and ways to challenge everyone

      use his words to make this point. at the very least, include a citation of hwere you are paraphrasing this from.

    1. funded outlet for expression

      state earlier and work from here as you define your discourse community and its problems you will engage in.

    2. paper 1 page 1 m

      fix your media link

    3. Without club events, a college's community would appear bland and inaccurate.

      why? what do they bring that is so important? state this THEN how it is vital.

    1. Overall change and the lack of it can both be good and bad. This is due to a multitude of reasons from bad outside influences such as school rules, to personal experiences. And these changes can be minor things, to major things such as the teaching system which affects all of the younger generations which can cause devastating effects on the future

      cut and replace with specific ideas rooted in specifci textual ideas from Freire.

    2. ple of bad change

      but how is this change at all? confusing. revise.

    3. how

      where? how? relevance to your immediate point?

    4. The quote from Frei

      revise quote set ups to reflect quote content. try what we have been taught this term.

    5. change in the teaching styl

      these are not historical observations as much as they are proposals for change. revise framing.

    6. hod is the “banking” concept which requires the teacher to just deposit the information they know and have been told to the kids and have them remember it. On the other hand the newer concept or “problem-posing” education which has the students take the initiative and have them ask questions about the topic as the basis to teach a clas

      citations needed for paraphrased material.

    7. ow there is a difference in how the school system teaches the older system which is the standard in most places and the newer system which is better but harder to implement

      where does he say this? I think your rendering of Freire's contexts is wrong.

    8. book

      we didn't read the whole book. and at least refer to it by its name if you want ti invoke where the Baking Method section came from.

    9. etween good and bad change,

      this needs to be revised for precision and accuracy, the paradigm of good/bad here does little to develop or explain an claim.

    1. change can both be a good thing and a bad thing through the stagnation of the school system

      imprecise and irrelevant description. revise for precision and clarity.

    2. win

      where does it show this? why is this relevant? to what idea in this page?

    3. other quote from Robert Morse’s speech shows t

      replace with content to set up what you will discuss. we all know this si a quote from the speech. but we don't know what it is saying and what it is speaking to.

    4. n cause bad chang


    5. ba

      "different" and "bad" do not convey anything to your reader. different from what to what? bad in comparison to what? again, this is VERY VAGUE and such imprecision is problematic as you are trying to make a point about Morse and his perception of the role of universities.

    6. enge”.

      citation needed here and throughout.

    7. ve to be taken for example the Vietnam war and its effects/change in the culture in the US especially the school system

      what was teh change? and how do these connect? start with Morse (specific passages) then do this explaining. right now you are asking your reader to follow your line of thought with no textual places to grab on to.

    8. growing talle


    9. good thing

      vague. revise.

    10. Tempest and Trust

      incorrect name and formatting. fix.

    11. within you like growing taller to large changes such as moving

      odd collection of examples. revise for relevance?

    1. bout the autho

      We will be introducing everyone in the front matter, right?

    2. ok!

      because you are reading it individually?

    3. ognitivist learning can look like language puzzles, scripted dialogues, and mor

      I think I made a comment on this in Word - the learning is not the same as the materials, so a bit of rephrasing is needed. '... can look like the solving of language puzzles, the analysis of scripted dialogues, or the application of your past knowledge to new material...

    4. rns.

      is this image supposed to be moving here? It's not doing it for me.

    1. In support of the protesters, K-pop fans swarmed the app and uploaded as many K-pop videos as they could eventually leading to the app crashing and becoming unusable, and thus protecting the protesters from this attempt at Police surveillance.

      This illustrates how powerful "Stan" / fanbase culture can be in coordinated action on social media. Celebrities have a lot of power in their platforms and what or who they endorse. They can affect political campaigns, stocks, and sway opinions.

    1. The maintenance and housekeeping staff are a pivotal role on this campus as they are essential staff who ensure the students are living in safe and clean residence halls. These staff members are overwhelmed with tasks due to the deteriorating conditions of these buildings. The first-year students at Case Western Reserve University are making one of the biggest and most important transitions of their life

      this problem and the players in it needs to be describedmore directly.

    2. h a new roommate. Yet, they have to live in these deteriorating and unclean dorms du

      how do these relate? explain more fully.

    3. This

      name it for transition purposes.

    4. iscourse community

      too large and unable to work with. facet down and make relevant and manageable.

    1. the world is [crying] out for a new stance” and Morse is demonstrating

      where does he demonstrate this? and what does he say? this passage should be in the beginning and the rest of the page should be referring to specific textual passages that support your assertion about his intentions.

    2. create an unbiased perspective

      where? again, specific textual support is needed

    3. utilizing language that questions the current social construct.

      such as?

    4. hout the speech, Mo


    5. egins to anima


    6. the challenges that the higher education system and American society currently experiences compared to the previous era of excellence.

      paraphrase pf specific passage? cite.

    7. loss of trust and credibility within the system emphasizes the necessity for a new vision of higher education within society

      where do you see this? you MUST refer to specific passages inMorse to support these reads of his speech.

    8. his type of media

      fix your media inclusion here.

    1. Ira Shor in his article where critical literacy is seen through the differences between looking intooneself and observing outwards.

      citation and textual reference needed for this to be a relevant reference.

    2. self-responsibility discussed by AdrienneRich, where individuals are advised to refuse letting outside opinions impact the way they think,speak and act. In this scenario, our country acts as the “individual” that cares too much aboutexternal events that overshadow internal difficulties.

      refer to specific Rich passage

    3. discrepancies between the university’s area of interest compared to that of the US governmentthrough an analysis of biases that lead to shifts of the power dynamics in critical literacy.

      citation for a paraphrase. this is not what he has fully done

    4. in response t

      sort of. this is not fully detailed but assumed that this is the environment he is speaking about.

    1. resources which would have been better allocated to maintaining the older dorms, which a majority of the students live in, are directed else whe

      how does this relate to the problem at hand? this problem has yet to be fully detailed (and needs to be)

    2. otes his dissati

      where? annotate or highlight the lengthy passage OR include a quote bubble or excerpt

    3. oom and board rates, there is great dissatisfaction in the current maintenance system

      how does cost relate to satisfaction here?

    1. He proposes a divergence in thetraditional power structure as a response to the societal climate. He says that student voices areessential in their education and betterment of society

      lead with this? and use textual evidence (spefici textual evidence) to show.

    2. This shows

      where? and avoid making claims about "society" as these cannot be wholly supported...ever.

    3. He promotes students tospeak out and analyze American culture.

      where? again, refer to specific textual places to support your read of his speech.

    4. m.”

      citation needed. here and throughout

    5. notes

      where? refer to SPECIFIC textual passage

    6. animate the critical literacy concep

      okay. but what is this concept of power and language in relation to CL? this should be established first? or could be linked to your CL page (eventually).

    7. Ro


    1. ng

      I have read the first chapter through and really enjoyed it! Robert also glanced at it and said it looks very cool. There are some good suggestions for some relatively small content additions/revisions from Cameron so far, and I think we'll need to streamline the writing style/voice a bit more.

    1. URLs + HTTP + HTML = webURLs + HTTP + RSS = PodcastsURLs + HTTP + JSON = REST APIsURLs + P2P + HTML = Web3

      Very interesting diagram

    1. our future.

      Abhay was going to edit one of these answers a bit more to make it more clearly extrinsic

    2. Motivation drives the world,

      I like this! :) Side note: somehow this highlight is blue but I don't know why

    3. The ‘if you don’t get this done right now, I’ll…’ type of motivation is called extrinsic motivat

      this might imply that extrinsic motivation is just from threats? How about including a positive example at the beginning of this paragraph, like '...ranging from 'because I said so' to 'because it will help you succeed later' (or something like that). then put 'The focus on external reasons for doing something is called extrinsic...'

    4. You pro

      Since this is the last section of this chapter, should this be signaled in some way?

    1. Autoregressive language models offer a tempting new angle on this problem, because they’re trained specifically to predict how a given text will continue


    1. s Kelvin Smith Library is dedicated to serving its students, in 2015, three teams of students made proposals to redesign the library as part of a competition (“A space for students”). The first-place winners surveyed 119 students and found that students wanted more access to whiteboards and ergonomic chairs (“A space for students”). Arnold Hirshon, university librarian stated, “It’s remarkable that from the first day of classes—before the first day of classes—this building is already highly, highly occupied every hour” (“A space for students”). Hirshon also recalled that five years ago [2010], KSL was underused (“A space for students”)

      there are a lot of external voices here but you are n ot mediating them very well. include yourself and explain how these relate to your larger scope.

    2. udents submitted a redesign proposal of KSL first floorScalar URLhttps://scalar.case.edu/chen-scalar-book/media/2015-ksl-redesign-plan (version 1)Source URLhttps://cwru-ksl-scalar.s3.amazonaws.com/chen-scalar-book/media/ksl2015redesignplan.jpeg (image/JPEG)dcterms:title2015 KSL Redesign Plandcterms:descriptionStudents submitted a redesign proposal of KSL first floorView asRDF-XML, RDF-JSON, or HTMLEach new class of students brings different needs and wants from Kelvin Smith Library. Compared to the past, the library is heavily utilized today. This combined with the trend of increasing class size may bring upon different needs than those of the past. As shown in the article, KSL is open to change and can adapt to meet the needs of its users.

      can you annotate this proposal and discuss the changes and how they relate to your scope?

    1. he problem-posing method of education strengthens critical literacy as students become the master of their own education and catalyze their own growt

      how does it strengthen CL?

    2. the true nature of society a

      how do educational practices connect to these societal practices and divisions? this needs to be considered and explained.

    3. Pablo


    4. one learns to recognize and resolve societal issues

      is this the only connection between education and CL? what would Freire say to this connection?

    1. Colleges are not isolated systems and have a role and responsibility to the American people.

      nicely said.

    2. , but ultimately actio

      make new sentence for clarity and impact.

    3. how society functions to al

      avoid moving abck out to intangible spaces like "society" (too large to make serious claims about). keep faceting down from Morse and college campuses. how are these spaces connected to these social spaces? and how do they differ from them?

    4. President Morse describes colleges as “radical enterprises” for the way that students “question, debate, change, criticize, and challenge” (3). Morse recognizes the importance of college campuses as areas for the development and discussion of new ideas.


    5. he actions of college student

      which were? put this earlier in the paragraph and let the description of the contexts fill in after teh description of the speech and its intentions.

    6. political and social climate of the world.

      seemingly in response to the political and social climate...

    7. - Robert Warren Morse

      include the speech title. and center the quote

    1. What do you think is the best way to deal with trolling?

      I believe in most situations, the "don't feed the troll" rule is the most common and effective way for individuals to protect themselves on the internet from the trollers. However, in terms of dealing with trolling in a larger aspect and regulating trolling, it takes the social platforms' effort to create a more complete policy.

    1. The WebAssembly System Interface (WASI) is a group of standard API specifications for software compiled to the W3C WebAssembly (Wasm) standard. WASI is designed to provide a secure standard interface for applications that can be compiled to Wasm from any language, and that may run anywhere—from browsers to clouds to embedded devices.

      WebAssembly System Interface (WASI)



    1. sets an example of how critical literacy should work.

      explain further.

    2. change is taking place and progress is being made

      how are change and progress related in your paradigm?

    3. n".

      citation needed

    4. due to human nature

      how does this "human nature" relate to equality and active participation in one's community and culture?

    5. his

      what? name it for transition purposes.

    6. This change is oftentimes difficult to bring about due to one of its inherent qualities.

      use as topic sentence for the next paragraph.

    7. This change is ultimately what allows communities and peoples to progress in a positive wa


    8. practical effect

      what do you mean by this?

    9. critical literacy could be expressed through change

      more explanation about how these concepts animate and shape the larger idea of CL. AND why are you choosing change here?

    10. notice, question, and sometimes suspend the historically constructed conventions that are present in various discourse communitie

      who can (or will) you connect this to?

    1. running non-web native languages like Python, Java, or R in the browser via WASI?

      running Java in the browser

    2. Thanks to Chrome’s PWA functionality, installing StackBlitz is as simple as a single click. Milliseconds later you have a desktop IDE you can launch from your dock.

      PWA rocks

    3. With StackBlitz you can keep working, without an internet connection, regardless of whether you’re on a train, in a plane, or backseat uber-ing in the rain

      Offline first

      local first

    4. Run servers. In your browser.

      Run servers in your browser!!!!

    5. Legacy online IDEs run your entire dev environment on a remote server

      not on a remote server

    6. Setting up local environments is a huge buzzkill


    7. All code execution happens inside the browser’s security sandbox, not on remote VMs or local binaries.

      All running in the browser not on remote WMs

    8. Faster than your local environment. Builds complete up to 20% faster and package installs complete >= 5x faster than yarn/npm.

      faster then your local environemnt

    9. You want it to be a mini operating system

      back to the future: NultIcs was not an operating system

    1. VIAF: The Virtual International Authority File is an OCLC-run database that contains structured records–called “name authority files”–for individual authors and creators. We used VIAF to gather information on authors whose novels were included on the list, including their birth and death dates, nationalities, genders, and occupations.

      It would be cool to link to Toni Morrison's actual VIAF record

    1. not over-relying on their other languages, they can force their brain to make connections faster. Consequently, their ability to communicate increases rapidly in a short period of tim

      this could be phrased to still feel consistent with the embracing of translanguaging earlier. e.g. 'Although translanguaging is a natural part of language use, a learner might choose to...'

    2. hey love

      'usually love' I suggest this change because of the very good point above about how some people become polyglots because they are essentially forced to.

    3. study

      let's say 'acquire' here because some polyglots have not learned through studying

    1. rows correspond to irreducible representations

      Why is the number of rows not infinite?

      Also do these representations have to be faithful? seems like they don't because the trivial representation is a row of the table.

    1. this

      what? name it.

    2. basic literacy

      what is this? again, a formal definitionw ill allow you to focus in on what you deem is important from teh concept. ALSO what is your critical concept? That should be the basis for your page.

    3. anyone

      you are skipping over a major part of CL--awareness. many of the hierarchical power dynamics that CL can move one from are invisible and difficult to see. AGAIN, start with a set definition.

    4. questioning for the sake of making an active citizenr

      choose a specific passage. and cite it. what is an active citizenry? and how does this relate to literacy? to CL?

    5. In doing this students are able to build an environment of self questioning and when they eventually graduate and begin to enter larger groups and older cultural spaces they can change the functions, beliefs, and core values by examining them as individuals rather than as members inside a group unable to self examin

      this needs to be broken up and explained more specifically and directly.

    6. The use of writing to examine the standing of oneself results in an act of critical literacy

      what do you mean here? this line of thought suggests you do not fully understand the facets of CL.

    7. The point of critical literacy is essentially to enable people to see how they stand and to use their abilities of literacy to then be able to change or speak about their position

      says who? ground this in Shor.

    8. this student


    9. one's own standing within groups that are within a larger cultural context

      this should be a formal definition from Shor or one of the authors. You are missing an opportunity to start with firm definitions and details.

    10. this


    11. C

      where is your Robert Morse page?

    1. msn.com/en-us/weather/forecast/in-Lake-Worth,FL?loc=eyJsIjoiTGFrZSBXb3J0aCIsInIiOiJGbG9yaWRhIiwiYyI6IlVuaXRlZCBTdGF0ZXMiLCJpIjoiVVMiLCJnIjoiZW4tdXMiLCJ4IjotODAuMDc2OTI3MTg1MDU4NiwieSI6MjYuNjIzNjc0MzkyNzAwMTk1fQ%3D%3D&weadegreetype=F&ocid=msedgdhp&cvid=e4758db4a9e04ead837ad92acd1e2351&content=TeaserUVIndex_wxnwtsuv22 "Sunny")[‎80‎


      ](https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/forecast/in-Lake-Worth,FL?loc=eyJsIjoiTGFrZSBXb3J0aCIsInIiOiJGbG9yaWRhIiwiYyI6IlVuaXRlZCBTdGF0ZXMiLCJpIjoiVVMiLCJnIjoiZW4tdXMiLCJ4IjotODAuMDc2OTI3MTg1MDU4NiwieSI6MjYuNjIzNjc0MzkyNzAwMTk1fQ%3D%3D&weadegreetype=F&ocid=msedgdhp&cvid=e4758db4a9e04ead837ad92acd1e2351&content=TeaserUVIndex_wxnwtsuv22 "80°F")

      High UV. Reduce time in the sun.

      • Hourly
      • Daily

      - [

      2 PM
      ![](https://assets.msn.com/weathermapdata/1/static/weather/Icons/taskbar_v10/NoColor_Card/waterDrop.svg) ‎0%‎
    1. eLife assessment

      The manuscript looks at how dysregulated purine metabolism in mutants for the Aprt gene impacts survival, motor and sleep behavior in the fruit fly. Interestingly, although several deficits arise from dopaminergic neurons, dopamine levels are increased in Aprt mutants. Instead the biochemical change responsible for Aprt mutant neurobehavioural phenotypes appears to be a reduction in levels of adenosine. This valuable study suggests that Drosophila Aprt mutants may serve as a model for understanding Lesch-Nyhan Disease (LND), caused by mutations in the human HPRT1 gene, and may also potentially serve as a model to screen for drugs for the neurobehavioural deficits observed in LND. The strength of evidence is solid.