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    1. this research sheds much-needed light on the complex relation-ship between sexual identity and sexual behavior

      author also discusses the difference between sexual identity and sexual behavior

    2. Members did not initially join the community to practice polyamor

      author investigates how new community members of the egalitarian intentional community came to terms with the possibility of consensual nonmonogamy. author examines the process of new community members identifying and understanding hegemonic ideologies and western socializations that intentional communities combat

    3. People who move to an intentional community go through a period of major cognitive and emotional readjustment as they question formerly held beliefs and forge new social understandings

      the same can be said about people exploring their untapped sexuality

    4. ome community members used the label of polyamory as a cover for casual sex

      contrary to popular belief, polyamory is not about sex

    5. overcome their jealous feelings

      overcoming jealously leads to self-liberation and enhanced emotional health and stronger relationships

    6. socially constructe

      jealousy as a social construct

    7. community members to challenge their dominant cultural socialization and resolve jealous feeling

      intentional communities challenge how we are socialized to think about traditional relationships

    8. Members mainly identified as white and middle-class, as in past research in similar communities

      egalitarian intentional communities are white spaces

    9. I used participant observation, content analysis, and in-depth interviews to investigate two egalitarian intentional communities from 2006 to 2007

      author conducted a two-year study of an intentional community that practiced polyamory, using participant observation and comprehensive interviews as their preferred methods of research.

    10. Feminism and the tenets of polyamory overlap significantly in that both connect monogamy and patriarchal ownership of women, and both empha-size women’s sexual agency and liberation

      feminism and polyamory both challenge the patriarchy and emphasize the woman's free sexual movement

    11. Discourse on polyamory in the 1990s emerged at the intersection of several progressive social movements, including several “waves” of feminism chal-lenging institutionalized heterosexual monogamy as the dominant relation-ship mode

      A discussion of polyamory requires a discussion of feminism.

    12. These social constructs of gender affect the differences in value men and women place on monogamy

      author points out how social constructs create different experiences of monogamy for men and women

    13. Dominant cultural scripts suggest that weddings, a celebration of lifelong monogamy, should be the “happiest day” of people’s lives

      no pressure... and is it really the happiest day of most of our lives? As a highly individualistic species, why is there are pressure to have the same hallmark experiences?

    14. beliefs that marriage represents a normal part of the life course and that people are naturally monogamous serve to reproduce monogamy as a hegemonic discourse and practice

      marriage is billed as a requirement in western society

    15. establish polyamory as a feminist discourse

      author argues polyamory's inextricable link to feminism

    16. how monog-amy maintains its position as a dominant ideology

      author investigates how monogamy upholds its status within the dominant discourse

    1. ife; it is not a metaphor for other things we want to do to improve our soc

      this is a very good point that I often overlook as well


    1. Science is in conflict with narratives, yet whenever science goes outside of making denotative statements, it legitimates the rules of its own language games through a discourse called philosophy.

      Science is considered a philosophy. It is defined as a way of knowing the world based on the belief that natural, predictable causes that can be revealed by empirical evidence. So philosophy goes hand in hand as it generated science to pretty much give higher thought and influences science by bringing attention to all it is weak at while surrounding it with question.

    2. Thus, Lyotard calls for giving the public free access to memory and data banks.

      I think Lyotard is saying that knowledge should be accessed by all people. Knowledge should not be limited to specific groups. There should be no rules are restrictions to the beauty of what knowledge brings.

    3. Knowledge is more than a set of denotative statements, but also competence (know-how), “knowing how to live,” “how to listen,” etc., and it conforms to consensus of a social circle of “knowers.”

      Knowledge is more than just a set of rules or guidelines that we are taught to believe knowledge is what helps us grow and succeed in living and problem solving.

    4. Knowledge is no longer an end in itself

      You never stop learning, knowledge is infinite. In the context of higher education, once you graduate, that is not the of your path to knowledge. You can never stop learning.

    5. language games free us from the two modern representational models

      Language games seem more as a restriction because there are so many different language games for different social bonds/ ideas. It doesn't make sense that it free's us I think it limits us.

    6. subject is changed from the people or humanity to the “speculative spirit,” which makes the “game of legitimation” philosophical.

      Knowledge is not related to its usefulness, but instead to its spirit. This spirit refers to a certain position in the Encyclopedia that is accounted by speculative discourse. And with spirit comes philosophy because you're now thinking of knowledge as a single unit or something set in stone, but instead at an every changing spirit that needs to be studied deeper.

    7. “Legitimation is the process by which a legislator dealing with scientific discourse is authorized to prescribe the stated conditions…determining whether a statement is to be included in that discourse for consideration by the scientific community.”

      The meaning of knowledge is specified by arguing forces of power, authority, and government. The author draws an equivalent between the process of legitimation in politics and in science, they both need power figure or lawgiver to specify if a statement is acceptable to enter the round of dialogue for consideration.

    8. Rather than grand narratives, little narratives

      Lyotard explains little narratives are the "quintessential form of imagination." It is the place where dialogue can occur and work off other people to process information and come to a conclusion. It follows the adage two heads are better than one. When two people are in agreement and are exclusively working together for the sake of knowledge to come to the most probable right answer. As mentioned in previous chapters those that control the power, and therefore money, control what is being studied and can lead to directed conclusions due to bias and their own motives. Small dialogues are best when they are free from bias and control and are easily legitimized.

    9. The modern offers two options: functional whole or divided in two.

      Lyotartd is very convinced of his views being right. It was this or that and no in between with him. He also tries to connect to his audience by bringing an alternative modern method.

    10. Science knowledge and narrative knowledge do not possess the basis to judge each other’s validity

      Science, and narrative knowledge are different, therefore they can not be judged by each other because they have different valid reasons on why they are correct.

    11. In short, traditional narratives are “legitimated by the simple fact that they do what they do.”

      A narrative becomes legitimized just by being the narrator. The information is transfered to the listener who then gains the knowledge. Meter and repetition, as well as following the culture's rules, allow it to acceptable.

    12. Thus, the process of delegitimation was fueled by the demand for legitimation itself, and universities lost their function as speculative legitimation and emphasized the need for teachers, not researchers. There is also an intrinsic erosion in the narrative of emancipation, but it differs from that of the speculative discourse; when science plays its own language game, it is incapable of others, such as prescriptions, and cannot legitimate itself. In postmodernity, there is a recognition of multiple language games and a sense of “splintering,” and nobody can speak all the distinct discourses, and no universal metalanguage can join them.

      Delegitimization is still present in today's society; especially in politics. For example, presidential candidates are always trying to delegitimize claims against them and legitimize their claim in order to persuade people to vote for them.

    13. Preliminary question need to answer before discussing knowledge in highly developed society: what representational model of society are we using?

      Lyotard is basically stating that to understand the essence of knowledge in modern society we must also understand how our society works.

    14. 12.

      Just a little extra side note, I believe that the duty of modern education is to not only teach students necessary information but to teach students how to quickly adapt to an ever-changing world where information may be obsolete overnight and how to continually themselvs in a diverse society.

    1. "sacred reveals absolute reality and at the same time makes orientation possible; hence it founds the world in the sense that it fixes limits and establishes the order of the world.

      Purely marking this because it is a good quote, and explains religion as well humanity's need for the illusion of understanding.

    2. world is ordered and not chaotic.

      I can 100% relate to this as a musician and (surprisingly to some) a creature of habit in certain respects. Before a performance I must always go through certain rituals -- some of them do help, and some of them are purely for my own peace of mind and to appease the control freak that lurks beneath the surface.

    1. Knowledge management is one of the most recent trends to have affected the field of instruc- tio

      I think I need to know more about knowledge management.

    2. nother factor that affected the field during the 1990s was the growing interest in construc- tivism, a collection of similar views (labeled, by some, as a theory) of learning and instruction that gained increasing popularity throughout the decade. The instructional principles associ- ated with constructivism include requiring learners to (a) solve complex and realistic prob- lems; (b) work together to solve those problems; (c) examine the problems from multiple perspec- tives; (d) take ownership of the learning process (rather than being passive recipients of instruc- tion); and (e) become aware of their own role in the knowledge construction proce

      This learning theory is so much different than behaviorism. Behaviorism is mostly about how a teacher teaches, constructivism is more about how learners are responsible for their own learning.

    3. A factor that did have a major effect on instructional design practices in the 1980s was the increasing interest in the use of microcom- puters for instructional purposes.

      In the 1980s, I wonder if educators and psychologists realized how much influence computer technology would have on instructional design.

    4. the United States military adopted an instruc- tional design mod

      It seems like most of the time these models and techniques have been used mostly by the military before they are used widely in education.

    5. ystems approach. In 1954, B.F. Ski

      behaviorism - learning theory

    6. d by

      Gagne is important to learning theory

    7. he field of instructional design and technol

      how instructional design becomes a field of practice

    1. Will the impact of media on instruction be greater in the future than it has been in the p

      Yes, I think it will.

    2. Many reasons ha

      okay - here's the answer to my earlier question

    3. By the mid-1960s, much of the interest in using television for instructional purposes had abate

      Why did people lose interest?

    4. 1920s and 1930s, a number of text- books on the topic of visual instruction were written

      the beginning of using this to teach?

    5. instructional media has been defined as the physical means via which instruction is pre- sented to learne

      Good definition of instructional media, which was used before instructional design.

    6. he first school museum was opened in St. Louis in 19

      wow - this has been around a long time

    7. (a) design, (b) development, (c) utilization or implementation, (d) management, and (e) evalua- tion, often associated with the field; and adds a sixth category, (f) analy

      These can be used when writing the definition in a paper

    1. which seems To lie before us like a land of dreams, So various, so beautiful, so new, Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light, Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain; And we are here as on a darkling plain Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight, Where ignorant armies clash by night.

      These lines deal with the poem's theme of perception versus reality. The speaker describes a "calm" (1) sea, a "tranquil bay" (5), and "sweet...night air" (6). These images all seem charming and serene but instead upon closer recognition, this place is indicative of the world's insincerity and coldness. The speaker calls upon his love to "listen" (9) to experience the true reality of this place. In these lines this theme of perception vs. reality is highlighted more thoroughly as Arnold's speaker mentions this world "which seems" (30) beautifully promising but is really not. The poem addresses the notion that awareness often leads to pain. The poem concludes with an image of "ignorant armies" (36) clashing by night. This could be an allusion to war. The fact that these armies are ignorant implies a lack of awareness at the violence and bloodshed they are perpetuating. Arnold's speaker, unlike these ignorant armies, is aware of the polemic aspects of his society and calls upon his love to reach this awareness as well because it is painful, but necessary.

    1. But let the storm rage on! Let the fresh wreaths be shed! For the Roncesvalles’ field is won,— There slumber England’s dead. 

      Without having further context, it seems as if Hemans is adapting a militaristic and "patriotic" voice who expresses an insensitivity towards the lives lost in war. This voice calls for the storm to "rage on" and alludes to the "Roncesvalles' field" being won. This voice is enthusiastic and appears to be pleased with the fact that England won this battle in Spain. However, Hemans creates an image a field that is not triumphant and glorious but instead a burial ground where "England's dead" slumber. Hemans' phrase "England's dead" could perhaps be an attempt to hold the nation-state accountable for the death of these soldiers. These men are "England's" and the nation did not protect their lives but instead made them die under the guise of patriotism and expansionism.

    1. "There's no question this is a hard-power budget," Mulvaney also said Wednesday. "It is not a soft-power budget. This is a hard-power budget. And that was done intentionally."

      I have mixed feeling about this new budget. On 1 hand America is facing North Korea who now has acquired Nuclear capabilities, but these cuts in environmental protection is very bad.

    2. Alongside Defense, the agencies for which the White House proposes spending increases are almost entirely military- and national security-related. The Department of Homeland Security would see a hike in funding of 6.8 percent, as would the Department of Veterans Affairs (5.9 percent) and the National Nuclear Security Administration (11.3 percent).

      1. Military related department will be receiving greater funding by the government. This is due to the rising threat of North Korea and conflicts in South China sea.

    3. The budget says that slash in funding is necessary "to ease the burden of unnecessary Federal regulations that impose significant costs for workers and consumers without justifiable environmental benefits."

      1. The environment program and foreign aid would take the biggest hit by this new budget. Also other government sectors like the health institute would get a decrease in funding

    1. our findings suggest that the overexploitation of spawning aggregations can fundamentally alter the natural predator-prey equilibrium, limiting foraging options for reef sharks within aggregation sites.

      The inverted biomass pyramid is a good thing, but the fish spawning aggregations play an important role in whether or not this stays a good thing.

      • D.N.B.

    2. We evaluated shark residency in the pass using acoustic telemetry

      This was used to determine if the sharks were regularly leaving the pass to forage.

      • D.N.B.

    3. Bioenergetics models

      Bioenergetics is a field in biochemistry and cell biology that concerns energy flow through living systems. This bioenergetics model is showing how much energy sharks require.

      • D.N.B.

    1. Personally, I cannot really relate to this, but I have seen it work for some of my friends that come from different ethnic backgrounds. For example, I have noticed most of my Brazilian teammates tend to connect better than with others. The same is true for my other teammates that are native Spanish speakers, even if their families do not come from the same countries, they connect well with each other because of their common language.

    1. Ad hoc polymorphism: when a function denotes different and potentially heterogeneous implementations depending on a limited range of individually specified types and combinations. Ad hoc polymorphism is supported in many languages using function overloading. Parametric polymorphism: when code is written without mention of any specific type and thus can be used transparently with any number of new types. In the object-oriented programming community, this is often known as generics or generic programming. In the functional programming community, this is often shortened to polymorphism. Subtyping (also called subtype polymorphism or inclusion polymorphism): when a name denotes instances of many different classes related by some common superclass.[3] In the object-oriented programming community, this is often referred to as simply Inheritance.

      个人认为 这里其实 ad hoc 和 subtype 是有相近之处的 都是一样东西 比如 function 或者 object, 我们使用不同的角度去看 比如 不同 parameter 和 type 可以得到(部分)不同(也可能相同)的实现. (其实对于 object 应该是相同?) 这里倾向于去利用一个东西 as a user

      而 parametric polymorphism (generic/template) 这是在接受一个对象 (as an implementer) 时候 对于该对象的类型不限定, 而是使用固定的手段去操作

      as a user: 限定名字 不限定操作方法 as an implementer: 限定操作方法 不限定名字

    1. Does Farmer simply cure people in Haiti because he gets joy out of it, because he feel obligated because of the U.S.'s actions or because he would feel guilty if he did not help?

      When doing the morally correct thing is against the law, which thing should you do?

    2. “WhothefuckareyoutotellmewhatIcando?

      power of medice farmer has over soldiers.

    3. OpheliafrettedabouthiminCange.Hewassoangryhemightdoanything,shethought.WhatifasoldiercameintoZanmiLasanteandtriedtoarrestoneofhispatients?“Oh,God.”

      shows ophela's fear, and how deep Farmer is

    1. such as title, abstract or keywords

      Again this means that this search is basically missing most of the articles. They are not looking at any papers that do not specifically cite one of the papers that established the cell line, so anything that cites a paper that cited the main one is missing.

    2. This list holds 451 cell lines

      This was only true when the list came out, this is now over 700 cell lines which will likely increase these estimates substantially! I wish they would given the accessed date for this number!

    1. Citations:

      Would you use citations in a letter to parents?

    2. More specifically,

      Do you need this phrase?

    3. eorge Pullma

      Does your audience know this person?

    4. ruining the child’s creativity and imagination

      The image ruins creativity?

    5. widely known character

      But she's widely known outside of storybooks. Reading isn't necessary to know Cinderella, right? I'm not following you...

    6. The image falsely suggests that there is a lack of literacy in children

      So you're arguing against the cause itself? Or the advertisement?

    7. is an unnecessary call to action

      you're arguing literacy is not a problem?

    1. You can write more general notes here

    2. Such a proposal, if implemented, would expand the department’s secretive social media–monitoring capacities. And as the Department of Homeland Security moves toward grabbing more social-media data from foreigners, such information may be increasingly interpreted and emotionally characterized by sophisticated data-mining programs.

      Interesting section

    1. “I am glad to see that you have money,” said Henry, “you are thereby wellqualified for your mission.

      Most slaves believed that God and faith was the most important thing to have when planning on escaping, here Henry believes it's money which is also very rational as well.

    2.  “Andy,” said Henry, “let us have a word of prayer first!”

      Is his faith back with God?

    3. with suchfeelings as only an intelligent slave could realize.

      this pretty much shows the difference between an old slave and a new one. An older slave would never think of going against their master.

    4. Placed in positions the most favorable towitness the pleasures enjoyed by others, the tendency is only to augment theirown wretchedness

      During Mardi Gras many of the African Americans were allowed freedom for the event. The steamers on the other hand were just forced to watch the excitement and enjoyment of everyone while they were still doing slave work.

    5. “I am glad to see that you have money,” said Henry, “you are thereby wellqualified for your mission.

      On many accounts Henry tell the slaves that having money will make their escape easier. It seems as if he believes money is an important factor in their journey to getting freedom.

    6. Sampson and his wife were both pious people, believing much in theProvidence of God, he, as he said, having recently had it “shown to” him—meaning a presentiment—that a messenger would come to him and reveal theplan of deliverance

      Henry seemed to have been the messenger sent from God that Sampson and his wife had envisioned. It almost seems as if Henry will be their savior.

    7. I once did believe in religion, but now Ihave no confidence in it. My faith has been wrecked on the stony hearts

      This is pretty straight forward on how he feels about religion. It shows that he doesn't believe in it anymore. He doesn't believe because his faith has been shattered by bad things that have happened to him during slavery.

    8. “Religion!” replied Henry rebukingly. “That's always the cry with blackpeople. Tell me nothing about religion when the very man who hands you thebread at communion has sold your daughter away from you!

      Henry doesn't like religion because it is taught by masters, slave owners and people that sell slaves and tear apart families.

    9. Before Henry left they insisted upon, and anointed him a priest of the orderof High Conjurors, and amusing enough it was to him who consented tosatisfy the aged devotees of a time-honored superstition among them. Theirsupreme executive body called the “Head” consists in number of seven agedmen, noted for their superior experience and wisdom. Their place of officialmeeting must be entirely secluded, either in the forest, a gully, secluded hut,an underground room, or a cave.

      He is playing into their superstitions and religious beliefs in order to gain their trust.

    10. “Don't tell me about religion! What's religion to me? My wife is sold awayfrom me by a man who is one of the leading members of the very church towhich both she and I belong! Put my trust in the Lord! I have done so all mylife nearly, and of what use is it to me? My wife is sold from me just the sameas if I didn't.

      This shows that Henry doesn't depend on religion. He thinks that God really hasn't been there for him because of what happened to his wife.

    11. The “Head” seemed, by the unlimited power givenhim, to place greater reliance in the efforts of Henry for their deliverance thanin their own seven heads together.  “Go, my son,” said they, “an' may God A'mighty hole up yo' han's an' grantus speedy 'liverence!

      This just re-emphasizes the comparison between Henry and Moses. It is interesting to see him compared to such a religious figure when he is so anti-Christianity.

    12.  “Arm of the Lord, awake! Renew my faith, confirm my hope, perfect me inlove. Give strength, give courage, guide and protect my pathway, and directme in my course!” Springing to his feet as if a weight had fallen from him, hestood up a new man.

      After our class discussion earlier in the week involving the difference between praying to the "Lord," and the "Divine," it seems even more important that he has suddenly decided to start praying in this way.

    13. By Ailcey; she give me the stone, an' I give it to Andy, an' we both sent oneapiece back. Didn't you git 'em?

      Passing stones, A way that slaves passed messages to one another, to share important infromation.

    14. though he was aware he could read and writ

      Knowing that he could read and write shows that he was an advanced slave because most slaves couldn't read or write.

    15. it is useless for me to stand here and have the same gospelpreached into my ears by you

      Basically, I think he is saying how could he worship the same God that all of his masters have worshiped when God has allowed them to treat them the way that they do.

    16. “Arm of the Lord, awake! Renew my faith, confirm my hope, perfect me inlove. Give strength, give courage, guide and protect my pathway, and directme in my course!” Springing to his feet as if a weight had fallen from him, hestood up a new man.

      It is interesting to see him praying and asking the Lord for help, after denouncing Christianity earlier in the novel.

    1. When preparing to respond to a FOIA request, employees must provide all responsive communications pertaining to university business to the unit processing the request, regardless of where the document or account is stored

      what is a responsive communication? A message that they responded to in writing somehow?

    2. As a result of Executive Order 15-09, those employees required to file a Statement of Economic Interests form must also file a Supplemental Statement of Economic Interests form with the EEC

      why can't the EEC just get this info from the Statement of Economic Interests or at least have the SEI form go to both the Office of the Secretary of State AND the EEC?

    1. Fitting a square peg into a round hole - data wrangling experiences from the coalface


    1. First, we must help teach the teachers.


    2. In 1999 74 percent of full-time students worked while attending college, and nearly half of them worked at least 25 hours a week.

      Compare that to now...working 10 hours a week on top of a full course load is stress on top of stress

    3. Because many high schools don’t do their jobs, 53 percent of college students, including those who attend community colleges, require remedial courses.

      This is sad to me

    4. And when people do not know how to question deeply, to separate fact from fiction, and to give coherence and meaning to life, they can feel a deeply unsettling emptiness in their lives. Sometimes that vacuum is filled by esoteric ideas, cults, and extremist programs

      Do we know ourselves if we never question deeply? I feel like the best way to get to know your true self is to ask questions, and not little questions. Ask yourself questions like what is the meaning of your own life? Who controls it?

    5. Colleges are becoming academic superstores, vast collections of courses, stacked up like sinks and lumber for do-it-yourselfers to try to assemble on their own into a meaningful whole.

      Really accurate. If you have a good advisor, you are lucky and they help you with deciding classes and what is best for you. College isn't about the learning, it is about passing the class to get the degree

    6. But a major failure of our higher-education system is that it has largely come to serve as a job-readiness program. Instead of helping students learn and grow as individuals, find meaning in their lives, or understand their role in society, college has become a chaotic maze where students try to pick up something useful as they search for the exit: the degree needed to obtain decent employment.

      Couldn't agree more with this. In the program I was previously in, it was all about doing what you could to pass the class and prepare for exactly what the job wanted you to do. It was never about building yourself.

    1. endolymphatic sac and duct (EES)

      this is interesting!

    2. Keiji Honda Sung Huhn Kim

      Don't believe these guys!

    3. sac. The width of this

      This is a test in the demo.

    1. Students resist non-lecture approaches-Students resist non-lecturing approaches because active learning alternatives provide a sharp contrast to the very familiar passive listening role to which they have become accustomed. With explicit instruction in how to actively participate and learn in less-traditional modes, students soon come to favor new approaches.An excellent text entitled “Helping Students Learn in a Learner-Centered Environment: A Guide to Facilitating Learning in Higher Education(Doyle, 2008), offers many helpfulsuggestions and ideas

      I find this to be true for most faculty--students resist.

    1. hese writers limit polyamory’s revol-utionary potential by primarily addressing the concerns of white,middle-class, college-educated individuals and fail to meaningfully collab-orate with others around common goals

      author critical of writers of polyamory texts in that they mainly cater to a white audience

    2. insights into relationships are general and universal in nature and canhelp you interact more effectively with all people in your life

      similar to Sheff's argument that serial monogamists can also take a page out of a polyamorist's book

    3. impacts on their legal, economic, health and parental rights

      In america, family structure determines access to legal rights

    4. Using these frameworks to explore the language and stories shared bythe authors of the 12 texts published about polyamory between 1992 and2004, I will further explore the limitations of the texts as well as theirimplications

      part of author's purpose

    5. olyamorists also offer a short-sighted, isolationist alternative thatserves to further solidify privileges for a few rather than realize animproved reality for many

      doubtful of polyamory's liberation bandwidth

    6. why one partnership should be inexplicably linked to so manylegal and social benefits and restrictions

      heterosexual monogamy is the only union with unlimited acknowledgement and access to state benefits

    1. More information on shark movements and relative abundance in different management zones is needed to understand the extent to which marine reserves benefit Caribbean reef sharks and reef sharks in general.

      Here is the author's gap that they wish to fill.


    2. A recent survey of recreational SCUBA divers in the Caribbean found that shark sightings are quite rare, except for some places that have shark conservation regulations or large marine reserves in place

      You can talk about what some of these regulations are. Look at the authors source for this sentence.


    3. site-fidelity is high enough to drive the observations of increased shark abundance in these areas, even though large juveniles and adults are vulnerable to fishing as they move between management zones

      what is site fidelity?

      Also summarize this idea a bit.


    4. spatial abundance pattern

      what is this?


    5. temporal monitoring studies

      what is this?


    6. Sharks are currently experiencing intense fishing pressure worldwide, largely due to the Asian shark fin trade

      I would definitely discuss the problems that shark populations are facing.


    7. However, can marine reserves also benefit large, roving reef predators that are potentially mobile throughout their life?

      This is the goal of the paper. Though there might not be a clear hypothesis stated, this should be an annotation of yours.


    8. Marine reserves

      what is a marine reserve?


    1. This is a situation faced by many women, by some of you here today

      What A strong minded woman

    1. How often do traditional ‘assignments’ misrepresent student interests, passion, and rigor?

      all the time....

    2. If no one wants to read the hastily constructed blog post for a class participation grade, then what is the purpose of making it public?

      Half the time I feel like I am posting about things that I don't even have interest in with my classes. The teachers assign something, and its not like other people read it. You present it once, and then no one ever looks at it again.

    3. they are the subjects of their learning, not the objects of education technology software.

      I wish more people recognized this

    1. Many students simply want to know what their professors want and how to give that to them.

      This relates to how I feel in almost all of my classes ever taken. You read the syllabus and get the work done to pass the class.

    2. Students would frame, curate, share, and direct their own “engagement streams” throughout the learning environment.4

      I love that the student has the power in this idea. We dictate our own lives.

    3. As part of the first-year orientation, each student would pick a domain name. Over the course of the first year, in a set of lab seminars facilitated by instructional technologists, librarians, and faculty advisors from across the curriculum, students would build out their digital presences in an environment made of the medium of the web itself.

      This is such a smart idea. I wish that my school had something like this during freshman orientation. After four years of school, I would have loved to have my own domain to continue to add my work too.

    4. Environments are not passive wrappings but active processes.

      Agreed. Your environment around you is constantly changing. I believe that it's all a part of the process

    1. I've accidentally closed the dialog by clicking on the backdrop and lost all of my form information.

    2. Does this request include any customer information? 

      There is only one option, "No". Not sure if this is because this is a demo.

    3. Julia.Sa@capitalone.com

      This email address should be a link.

    1. And if a student owns their own domain, as she moves from grade to grade and from school to school, all that information – their learning portfolio – can travel with them.

      This is SO important. One of the best points made in this article. Many people continue their education and want to carry the things that they have learned with them. This is the best way to keep all of your hard work.

    1. and that the Constitution leaves them this right, in the confidence that they will not abuse it....

      I am a little confused with this section. Isn't this suggesting that the power of taxing the people as well as their property essential in the existence our government? Since the only security over this is in the government structure itself. I think I am just over looking this.

    1. effect on the composition of the work force of the most highly developed countries and constitutes the major bottleneck for the developing countries

      Knowledge is something that is affecting our every day life. Knowledge has impacted the jobs that are today and the people that are able to work at those jobs. More developed countries have more information than less developed countries.

    1. tropical tree genus, Protium (Burseraceae)

      link to pictures of the plant


    2. In order to study the evolutionary processes involved in habitat specialization and the role of insect herbivores, an ideal study system would include recently derived sister species, or diverging lineages undergoing incipient speciation in different habitats.

      You need to mention that this is the goal of the paper.


    3. A long-standing hypothesis has linked escalation in plant defense that allows escape from insect herbivores to range expansion and speciation (Ehrlich and Raven 1964). Such escalation can include increases in the diversity of defense strategy (novel defense types), increases in the total amount of defense investment, or both (Agrawal et al. 2009). Range expansion, or merely an imperfect match between the distribution of plants and their natural enemies, may confront plants with different herbivore assemblages and/or variation in habitat resources across their range (Thompson 2005, Züst et al. 2012). This variation, in turn, may accelerate the evolution of differing defense strategies across habitats. Alternatively, natural enemies may not be major selective agents driving habitat specialization. In this case, we would predict that there would be few qualitative and quantitative defense differences between habitats, especially when diverging lineages of host plants occur in close proximity and also experience some gene flow across the habitat boundary.

      This is an important paragraph with no annotations. You guys need to summarize the ideas here. If you need help, contact me.


    4. herbivore to circumvent or detoxify defenses

      give an example here. Look at the monarch butterfly caterpillar on its milkweed host for instance. how do they protect themselves from being killed by the plants toxins?


    5. physical and chemical defenses

      define some of these. What are some physical and chemical defenses of plants?


    6. But little is known about the mechanisms underlying the evolution of habitat specialization and the extent to which herbivores contribute to phenotypic divergence during the speciation process

      Although your paper doesn't have a clear hypothesis, the authors have a clear goal. This is the goal of the paper, to fill this gap in knowledge. You should write that here.


    7. Herbivores play an important role in habitat specialization because they can magnify the differences in resource availability across habitats

      elaborate a little here by reading the sources that the author is citing here. how do herbivores magnify the differences in resource availability across habitats?


    1. Less than 250kcal per meal (c. 400g)

      not clear

    2. Eating healthy ain't always easy It doesn't mean you have to eat like shit

      Would say differently

    3. not clear

    1. "license"






      A license used within a service providing OER. The values are taken from the controlled vocabulary at https://oerworldmap.org/assets/json/licenses.json.

      Use cases

    2. "dateModified"


      Modification data




      Time stamp for the moment the latest modification of the entry was published.

      Use cases

      Every entry has information on the last modification date.

    3. "startDate"


      Start date




      The date – following ISO 8601 – when the service was launched.

      Use cases

      A list of services launched before 2015: https://oerworldmap.org/resource/?q=about.startDate%3A%3C2015&filter.about.%40type=Service


    4. "@id"






      The ID of the described resource. OER World Map uses URN UUIDs for identifying resources as specified in RDF 4122. The URL for the associated entry is https://oerworldmap.org/resource/{id}

      Use cases

      You can state identity between OER World Map resources and the same resource on other platforms using sameAs.


      Every resource has an id.

    5. "name"






      The name of the resource described

      Use cases

      Search resources by name


      Every resource needs to have a name.

    6. "member"






      An organization affiliated with the service


    7. "@type" : "WebPage"






      The type of all entries in the OER World Map is "WebPage".


      Every entry has the type "WebPage".

    8. "provider"






      The provider of a service. This can be an organization or a person.

      Use cases

    9. "@id" : "https://oerworldmap.org/assets/json/sectors.json#general"


      Each controlled value has a URL as ID that points to the whole controlled vocabulary it is part of.

    10. "@type" : "Concept"


      Values from controlled vocabularies all have the @typeConcept`.

    11. "@context"


      JSON-LD context (@context)




      @context is a JSON-LD keyword, specifying the JSON-LD context document. It primarily includes a mapping of JSON keys to RDF properties. Based on the JSON-LD context one can convert the data to different RDF serializations from the JSON provided.


      The JSON-LD is linked in every entry.

      Use cases
      • This example entry can be converted – for example using the RDF-Translator – to different RDF serializations: N3, N-Triples, RDF/XML.

    12. "primarySector"


      Primaryy sector




      The primary sector of education a resource is focused on. Values come from the sectors value list.

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      Get a list of OER online services focused on higher education: https://oerworldmap.org/resource/?q=about.primarySector.%40id%3A%22https%3A%2F%2Foerworldmap.org%2Fassets%2Fjson%2Fsectors.json%23higherEd%22&filter.about.%40type=Service


    13. "@language"




      The @language key is always used together with the @value key. It indicates the language of the content.

    14. "@value"




      The @value key is always used together with the @language key. It contains the content of a possibly multilingual field while @language indicates the language of the content.

    15. "description"






      A short description text for the resource.


    16. "@type"


      Resource type




      The type of the resource described. Currently, the OER World Map supports these types:

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      • Filter by type (click on the links above or use filters at oerworldmap.org).

      Every resource has a type.

    17. "documentation"


      API Documentation




      A link to the API documentation


    18. "serviceUrl"






      The URL of the Web site or API.

      Use cases

    1. Gene expression is context-dependent

      Context dependent=environmentally decided

    2. Calcium and endocrine signals (Fig. 10) as well as the stem cell/mitogenic factors (Fig. 17) are rarely studied at these stages

      A time consuming process, yet the results are never guaranteed to have any value.

    1. "dateCreated"


      Date of creation




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      Every entry has a creation date.

    2. "contributor"


      Latest contributor




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      Every entry has this information.

    1. edges as people and my nodes would be the connections between them. I

      I think you have this backwards; nodes are people connections are between them.

    1. In organizations designed tobe more polyphonic through more inclusive governance and representation,there would be less need for illegitimate means of resistance

      did Clegg not just say that all forms of resistance were illegimate?

    1. identify as female in one group, and those that identify as male in the other.

      Are these males playing as females and females playing as females in each of these groups?

    1. The top panel of Figure 5.3

      what top panel? where? 5.3? it doesn't take em anywhere or show me and graph

    1. "@context"


      JSON-LD context (@context)


      @context is a JSON-LD keyword, specifying the JSON-LD context document. It primarily includes a mapping of JSON keys to RDF properties. Based on the JSON-LD context one can convert the data to different RDF serializations from the JSON provided.


      The JSON-LD is linked in every entry.

      Use cases

    1. Trump blindsides advisers with promised opioid plan Officials are scrambling to produce an emergency declaration by next week.

    1. The Boomtown That Shouldn’t Exist Cape Coral was built on total lies. One big storm could wipe it off the map. Oh, and it’s also the fastest-growing city in the United States.

    1. in positions to directly influence K–16 education

      What might be the research, practise gaps they discover and how these gaps may inspire them to advance the development of the field?

    2. but the occupation reported as having the largest number of former master’s students was kindergarten–Grade 12 (K–12) teacher. These results demonstrate that master’s degree graduates in learning sciences have the potential to influence practice in a diverse range of applied settings.

      Considering that 31% of master graduates are in the K-12 teachers or educational leaders and administrators, it would be interesting to see what would happen if they implement the learning theories into their classrooms and schools.

    1. posts photos of historic sites to Flickr.com

      Instance at the Telegram of the submitted photo supposedly of a Uboat off the coast from WWII that turned out to be a shot taken of a film set that someone found unlabeled in their basement and thought was connected to the attack on Bell Island.

    1. ollowingly,a second cluster contains the Citation Betweenness Centrality and Pagerank measures that rely on thegraph-properties of the citation network.

      It seems like the network based, either citation or usage based, are clustering more strongly than the rest.

    1. using the style tag and writing the CSS inside it or by using the link tag to link to a style sheet. Either of these tags go in the head portion of your HTML. 

      How to include CSS in a page/site. Goes in the Head

      1. Use <style> tag or</li> <li>Use <link> tag that points to a style sheet.</li> </ol> </style>

    2. One of those themes was reusability. You could describe a style once in CSS and reuse it across multiple elements or even multiple web pages. 0:31Another of those themes was maintainability. Being able to efficiently change your web page in response to changing design requirements. 

      Why CSS

      1. Reusability
      2. Maintainability

    1. because I am more destructible than some other men, I must seek all the more to derive some advantage from what has a destructive effect on me … I must accept it in advance as indispensable material, without which my most inward being cannot ever entirely present itself. I must assimilate it, to arrange it … as shadows to my light … as subordinate tones among which the tone of my soul springs out all the more livingly

      Here the writer trying to say before he write a poem he should assimilate all the destructible habits. He must derive all the good habits which make his soul living,because a poem is like a painting. A poet and a painter does the almost the same thing, they give messages to the society with their work. That's why when they start to create something for the society they should have a soul which is honest and living.

    1. there appeared unto her a thing somewhat bigger than a mouse, of a brown color, when she lived at Titsmarsh in the county of Northampton, she being in bed and asleep, which nipped her on the breast and awakened her, then it told her that it must have part of her soul: she prayed then to God, and it left her at that time, and the said informant heard the said Anne further say, that about five or six days after, the same mouse appeared again to her with another much like the former, it being a little less than the former, and had a white belly. Then the mouse that came first said, we must abide with you and suck your blood.

      This looks like schizophrenia. She seems to be describing delusions and hallucinations. The delusions and hallucinations of many people with schizophrenia involve dark and scary themes like this.

    2. But it is a miracle that a dead man should come to life

      He is probably referring to Jesus. One of his miracles is the resurrection.

    3. Rule III. The qualities of bodies which admit neither intension nor remission of degrees and which are found to belong to all bodies within the reach of our experiments are to be esteemed the universal qualities of all bodies whatsoever.

      It is with thought that we assume that physics and chemistry are universal. We can watch a distant part of our galaxy and use the science we learned here to what we see there, even though we'll never be able to actually go there. In this way, we can learn a lot about places that we can't visit.

    4. Clarke said to this informant, I do not believe you are a witch, for I never saw you at our meetings: who answered, that perhaps their meetings were at several places, and so fell out and parted.

      Since this entire report is based on what an informant said, it could all be lies.

    5. method, order, and process

      Without method, order, and process, science isn't really science.

    6. which are of no use in themselves, but simply serve to discover causes

      But discovering causes is a huge focus in science. What causes disease? What causes a tiny cell to turn into a baby? What causes the sky to be blue? What causes hurricanes? What causes the creation of a star? What causes cancer?