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    1. which usually begins with a grain of truth making it all the more plausible as it gets circulated. In fact, its usage gained greater traction

      i. What do you understand what fake news is?

      ii. How was the term used?

    1. Es muy importante aclarar que con la realización del proceso de Revenido no se eliminan los efectos del Temple, solo se modifican, ya que se consigue disminuir la dureza y tensiones internas para lograr de ésta manera aumentar la tenacidad.

      El revenido es un tratamiento térmico a baja temperatura que se realiza normalmente después de un proceso de temple, con el propósito de alcanzar la proporción de dureza y resistencia deseada.

    1. One major dynamic of advantage and disadvan-tage that especially affects early childhood practice is that of the “visibility” or “invisibility” of certain kinds of people and cultures in a program. Too many early childhood materials focus on children and families who resemble the stereotypes of American culture

      Anti Bias education has a multitude of components to it, but I believe that as a whole it is making sure that not only does everyone have the opportunity to have a seat at the table and share their perspective. Along with this anti bias education is about being aware of how to make sure everyone feels comfortable in themselves so everyone is able to learn and grow.

    2. The heart of anti-bias work is a vision of a world in which all children are able to blossom, and each child’s particular abilities and gifts are able to flour-ish

      This is similar into social justice teaching in terms of making sure that the end goal is that all children have the ability to achieve their fullest potential. Going to down the list of what an anti bias classroom look like, there is mentioning of making sure every student's experience is equal , that they have access to be an active participant in education, and most importantly that they and their families feel included and safe.

    3. We know children need to feel safe and secure in all their many identities, feel pride in their families, and feel at home in their early childhood programs.

      Anti bias education and social justice in education are similar because they embrace the difference of individuals while trying to make these differences fair for those individuals when it comes to providing each child what they need to reach their full academic potential.

    4. Books that accurately and positively depict children from low-income or rural families are few in number. While there are increasing numbers of authentic and respectful books about children of color, they do not yet cover all of America’s many ethnic groups and cultures.

      This reminds me of one of the things that teaching tolerance teachers do: make content relevant to the demographic in their class. Although this is important, it is also important to not to do this all the time when planning a unit. When appropriate and possible, this can help students to see themselves in what they are learning to make it more meaningful.

    5. teachers intervene with immediate and follow-up activities to counter the cumulative, hurtful effects of these messages.

      I love this idea of anti bias education: to respect differences among individuals. However I can only imagine how hard it will be to do as a teacher; to intervene after every negative encounter or comment that sends a negative message to a child.

    1. El templado continúa hasta quese obtienen50oC en el núcleo, tras lo cual inicia inme-diatamente el revenido

      Los procesos de temple se utilizan para impartir determinadas propiedades mecánicas a un componente, con el fin de que resulte apto para el uso.

    1. Oʻahu, in particular, is among the areas most affected by extinctions and biological invasions in the world (12)

      In a 2010 Hawaii statewide assessment of forest conditions and trends, a map illustrated that major vegetation types for multiple islands , especially O'au, experienced severe changes before the arrival of humans in comparison to present day.

    1. In the banking concept of education, knowledge is a gift bestowed by those who consider themselves knowledgeable upon those whom they consider to know nothing. Projecting an absolute ignorance onto others, a characteristic of the ideology of oppression, negates education and knowledge as processes of inquiry

      Banking method

    2. Education thus becomes an act of depositing, in which the students are the depositories and the teacher is the depositor. Instead of communicating, the teacher issues communiques and makes deposits which the students patiently receive, memorize, and repeat. This is the “banking” concept of education,

      "Banking method" of education

    3. Oppression — overwhelming control — is necrophilic; it is nourished by love of death, not life. The banking concept of education, which serves the interests of oppression, is also necrophilic.


    4. “Problem-posing” education, responding to the essence of consciousness — intentionality — rejects communiques and embodies communication. It epitomizes the special characteristic of consciousness: being conscious of not only as intent on objects but as turned in upon itself in a Jasperian “split” — consciousness as consciousness of consciousness.

      Problem posing education

    1. Moylan asserts that, in More’s time, imaginary utopian spaces were projected onto the geographi­cal landscapes being explored by European colonizers, and offered models of perfect state, economic, and social structures.

      Is this something that happens in our modern world today? If so is it being done geographically or even digitally?

    2. Kermode proposes that apocalyptic fictions are a necessity of the human psyche, signaling “our deep need for intelligible ends.

      I find this really line really interesting. I feel like apocalyptic fictions may be the only genre that addresses the question humans ask of "what happens after we die?" In apocalyptic fiction this "end" exists while characters are still living which makes the reality even more terrifying

    1. which state objects can be mutated.

      What does define whether the state can be "burned" or not? predicate don't define state burn rule?

    2. Predicate ABI¶

      Unsure how this is compares to ABI generated from writing the predicate contract

    3. State Objects¶

      Need to resolve whether state objects have an Id. Conceptually, they definitely do, but in practice we only deal with ranges of them as specified by state updates. I'm fine calling the thing without an Id just a state, but it's somehow less descriptive.

    1. Adoption drama May 23 - June 9, 2019 5.3 miles north Annie and Peter get surprising news from the adoption agency as they await an African child in The Call, a “politically-charged and tack-sharp” drama at The Bathhouse Theater. Ticket deal $14 to $17
    2. Ticket deal $14 to $17


    3. The Bathhouse Theater


    4. May 23 - June 9, 2019


    5. Adoption drama


    6. Mind games May 23 - 25, 2019 (8 p.m.) 4.2 miles NW Watch mentalist David Parr “explores the outskirts of the human imagination: folklore and fairy tales, poltergeists and psychic powers” at Hale’s Ales Palladium Theater in Ballard. Ticket deal $13 (VIP $35)
    7. Ticket deal $13 (VIP $35)


    8. Hale’s Ales Palladium Theater in Ballard


    9. 8 p.m.


    10. May 23 - 25, 2019


    11. Mind games


    12. Glass-school tours May 22 - 26, 2019 53 miles north Watch hot glass demonstrations, meet the artists, take a tour of the campus founded by Dale Chihuly, and shop for glass art at the Pilchuck Glass School Spring Tours in Stanwood. Buy tickets online.
    13. Stanwood


    14. May 22 - 26, 2019


    15. Glass-school tours


    16. Seattle film festival May 21 - June 9, 2019 multiple locations Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) is billed as America’s largest film festival. Join top directors, actors, and critics who attend festival premieres and screenings by buying a single ticket or a pass.
    17. multiple locations


    18. May 21 - June 9, 2019


    19. Seattle film festival


    1. It seems to me that the Digital Humanities has an ever changing broad definition that is hard to explain to cover all corners of this field. What I've understood from this site specifically, is that DH is a field concerned with the presenting of documents, artifacts, and materials (simply, the knowledge) gathered throughout history in ways that build connections and provides context using the medium of technology.

    2. A collection of primary sources related to the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, accompanied by teaching materials and interpretive essays.

      What a helpful resource! Not only is this a highly valuable record of history, it has other materials and essays to supplement that knowledge

    1. humanities scholars have collaborated with computer scientists to build tools to facilitate these essential functions of the humanities in new ways.

      I believe that the collaboration between subjects is necessary to understand ideas and theories in a more holistic way. To successfully write a scientific journal on a new medical accomplishment one must understand how to use language, grammar, and vocabulary. To paint a world renowned artwork masterpiece, one must understand the mathematics of symmetry, spacing, and measurements. It seems only natural to me that the humanities partner with all disciplines to convey its topics and research, and computer science is one such discipline that makes the humanities more applicable and accessible by researchers and public alike.

    1. petrels

      petrels-any of numerous seabirds

    2. . Lavers 2015

      writer year

    3. this remote island has the highest density of trash ever reported in nature.

      I wonder why this island in particular has collected so much trash

    4. Paradise lost to pollution

    1. certainly looks like they'll get it.

      The motion was quite as expected. I give myself a reasonable chance of making it through the MfD. While they appear to claim it's open and shut, there is a legal theory that is untested, and resolving it for this case may require discovery, hence they could renew the claim (for summary judgment) if discovery fails to find adequate evidence. The standard for a motion to dismiss are very, very high. There really must be no possible case. Because a significant point of law may be involved, previously untested, this won't necessarily be over even if they prevail on the motion.

      the cases cited in the memorandum are irrelevant to the claim I have made, because the WMF is the publisher of the defamation. One of the cases actually distinguished between the libel published on the site, by user provided content, and dismissed with prejudice on that, and statements by the WMF itself, dismissing without prejudice on that (i.e,. allowing an amended complaint.)

      I'm not dead yet.

    2. Dismiss for Failure to State a Claim

      They did not claim improper jurisdiction, so they have waived that claim, if I'm correct.

    3. Abd incarcerated?

      Inmates don't have post office boxes in the town where the prison is located. How could they pick up their mail? Vigilant has half a brain, the back part.

    4. Exhibit Bauer v. Glatzer Order,

      https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Bauer_v._Glatzer_et_al./Second_Amended_Complaint Yes, this is a section 230 immunity ruling, but Lomax v WMF is about the Foundations own statements. Note, from the ruling:

      1. To the extent that Plaintiffs' claims in the Second Amended Complaint alleged liability premised upon "statements made" by Wikimedia (Thirty First Count, Paragraph 5), this dismissal is without prejudice and with leave to amend.
    5. Exhibit Wikimedia Terms of Use,

      the terms of use are irrelevant to this case, though, of course, the WMF will claim they are immunized by them

    6. good and holy Muslim

      Well, as a knowledgeable Muslim who found he enjoyed spending time with prisoners, and especially Muslims, who generally had high dignity, I had a lot of fun. I actually got to spend the night in San Quentin once, in the "Muslim chapel" with inmates. The only difference, really, was that they wore blue (regular population) or orange (transient), and I could walk in or out whenever I wanted. One of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I had a PO box at San Quentin because there were bomb threats from "jihadi" fanatics, and I was there several times a week. But no bombs ever arrived.

    7. the cross-examination.

      We would use medieval torture methods, appropropriate for a witch-smeller. We would read his posts to him and ask him to confirm or deny that this was him. and ask him what he is so pissed about? Does he believe in evil and is he fighting it by trying to kill it with insults?

    1. local networks (such as your home WiFi)

      this is something I hadn't thought to explore before

    2. because the creative expression is something so personal.

      I feel like this explanation is unnecessarily blurry -- there are good "not just the feels" reasons for wanting ownership of the data...

    1. we expected the intervention to be particularly beneficial for women tending to endorse the gender stereotype.

      Secondary Hypothesis: The effect of the values affirmation intervention will be greater for women who more strongly endorse the gender stereotype.

    2. We predicted a reduced gender gap in performance for women who completed the values affirmation.

      Main hypothesis: Women who completed values affirmation would have a smaller gender gap than women who did not complete values affirmation.

    3. the Force and Motion Conceptual Evaluation (FMCE)

      A secondary outcome measure was student scores on the Force and Motion Conceptual Evaluation. Because this test is administered throughout the country, the authors can compare their findings to the normal results for the population.

    4. in-class exams

      The main way the author's assessed student performance was to compare scores on multiple choice exams. These scores are referred to as the main outcome measure.

    5. Students in the control group selected their least important values from the same list and wrote why these values might be important to other people.

      Students in the control group spent time writing about a value that was not important to their identity. This ensures that any difference between the values affirmation group and the control group is due to the act of self-reflection and affirmation, and not simply a result of general writing.

    6. As part of an online survey typically given in the course (week 2), students also indicated their endorsement of the stereotype that men perform better than women in physics.

      Level of endorsement of the stereotype that men perform better than women in physics is a moderating variable. Its value influences how much the values affirmation intervention affects course performance.

    7. The values-affirmation intervention used in this study involves writing about personally important values (such as friends and family). The writing exercise is brief (10 to 15 min) and is unrelated to the subject matter of the course.

      The key variable in this experiment is whether a student experiences the values affirmation intervention. In the values affirmation intervention, students briefly write about a value they find personally important.

    8. attempts to reduce identity threat in authentic classroom contexts have been limited

      One of the key features of this study is that it takes places in an authentic college classroom, rather than being an artificial, one-time laboratory experiment.

    9. In this randomized double-blind study

      The author's used a double blind study design, meaning that neither the students nor the Teaching Assistants working with the students knew the purpose of the study, or to which group each student was assigned. Double blind studies are meant to reduce unintentional bias on the part of the participant or the researcher, interpreting the data.

    10. We tested whether values affirmation would reduce the gender achievement gap in a 15-week introductory physics course for STEM majors.

      The authors tested whether using a values affirmation intervention in their college physics course could reduce the performance gap between male and female students.


      Dear R2L,

      Here is the article "Matters of Participation: Notes on the Study of Dignity and Learning." My highest hopes for the piece are not only that it gets published, but that it play a role in furthering our goal: creating a human rights instrument that other people can use to argue for a more just educational experience.

      You can read it however you like. Critique to your heart's delight.

      Here's one way that I think it may be helpful: Pretend you are not part of R2L. Read it as an argument for joining R2L. Does it make sense? Could you one day come to call this YOUR argument?



  2. tomcritchlow.com tomcritchlow.com
    1. A record of what I'm up to at the moment Inspired by Derek Sivers

      Thanks for showing this /now page thing. I'm going to integrate that on my page, too.

    1. I don’t think it’ll replace disqus for now but it’s fun to experiment with it.

      As you built you blog with Jekyll I would like to recommend an open source alternative to Disqus. It's called Isso. I use it with my blog based on Hugo.

    1. “I don’t much like Mexicans either

      This kind of made me laugh. (I'm Mexican)

    2. We had no history, no shared memories, nothing other than a piece of paper that said we shared the same mother

      It is hard to stay connected with people who you dont know and who you find no similarities with or memories.

    3. That’s okay though— I’m really good at pretending; I’ve had a lot of practice. I’ve pretended for nearly four decades that I truly feel comfortable living in a country filled with people who often despise people like her and me, Indians.

      This really hit me. I feel like many people tend to forget that even though indians began to be "accepted", there is still prejudice in the back of the mind and hearts of many. For an adopted child to have to grow with white parents, live in a white society and still not be treated like one, must be hard.

    4. truly happ

      i feel like a mother is always going to be happy to see her child. No matter what could have happened between them, i think that a mothers love is infinite.

    5. chosen her children over alcohol.

      This is so sad. I know many people, including family and friends, who have chosen to continue with their addictions instead of listening to their families and seeking help. In that process many of them have lost everything. It just makes me feel very sad to know that all of this could have been prevented if they would have gotten help earlier.

    6. What kind of books would she have in common with me, a college graduate?

      I understand that to her it might be very surprising that they are VERY different, but it is starting to upset me that she is comparing herself to her mother. How obvious does it have to be for her to realize that they are VERY different.

    7. Blood might be thicker than water, but it’s thinner than time. How could we possibly bridge almost three decades, where I am but a fragmented memory, and she has been effectively erased, by my parents, by the system

      It is so sad to know that there are many more stories out there were this is also occuring. to have everything you know taken away, and having to start a new life where everything is different. Now that must be hard. But what must be harder is going back to what you did know and not know it anymore.

    8. I was the long- lost daughter that he and his family were forced to hear about

      i think that this is why. he was so upset because she hadnt visited him and because after so many years they were destined to meet.

    9. She is devastatingly beautiful. She is Vic at fourteen

      I think maybe this caught her eye because seeing her mother at an older age, smoking and drinking has changed her. Maybe it is nice to her, to see her mother be young and similar to her in a way. Maybe she feels a connection to that.

    10. but I am uncomfortable with this cultural requirement.

      It is so crazy even for me to think that there are cultures out there who dont require you to knock. The fact of going up to someones house and entering it without a warning is very different and unique. In this point, i do understand why she feels uncomftorable.

    11. her face crumple with shame

      This makes me feel so sad. To know that a mother feels shame for something that occurred a very long time ago and was possibly not even up to her, is something horrible.

    12. How could I talk to this woman who’d given birth to me but allowed social workers to take me and ignored a court date to keep me?

      I feel like she is quick to judge. She doesnt know if there could have been a problem and that is the reason that she did not attend the court date to keep her. She clearly does not want to be there and i sense it is a mixture of resentment and disgust

    13. but cringe

      from the way on which diction is used i can tell that she does not like being compared because she thinks that she is better. Maybe that is why she hadnt gone back since she had been taken away. The way in which she seems uncomftorable make me believe that she doesnt enjoy being there

    14. It was evident she enjoyed this part of the ritual.

      Was she against the smoking? it seems to me that she does not like the fact that the women is smoking and in a way is condemning her for it. Does she think she is better in a way?

    15. only one who had not returned.

      Why hadnt she returned? Did she not like being indian? Was it hard to cope with? or was it that she didnt want to go back because she had now adapted to the life of those who had adopted her?

    16. blood sister

      why does she refer to her sister and her mother as "blood" related? Has she not had a connection with them? Why not just mother and sister? Why does she have to "blood"?

    17. She looks so Indian,

      How does she look "so indian"? Was it the way in which she was dressed or was it the color of her skin? I always wonder what makes a person look a certain race.

    18. Her fear explains the number of beer cans that surround us, vestiges of distress

      this definitely encompasses the high rates of drinking among indians, the amount of pain they have gone through and poverty.

    19. I know we share the same pain, she and I.

      this is very powerful in that it show the real life pain that was experienced throughout the community by indians because of this.

    20. he was surrounded by tall pines,

      The way the author describes the situation, makes it seem so real. She creates a very good illistration of the emotions as well as the scenery.

    1. If these letters please, the dead has the merit; if they displease, I shall submit to the censure of having offered an unacceptable entertainment to the public.

      Disclaims response from public either way

    1. A pure function is a specific kind of value-producing function that not only has no side effects but also doesn’t rely on side effects from other code

      Function Purity

    2. People think that computer science is the art of geniuses but the actual reality is the opposite, just many people doing things that build on each other, like a wall of mini stones. Donald Knuth

      Elegantly Put

    1. OTTAWA – The federal Liberal government plans to spend $4.5 billion over the next five years to try to narrow the socio-economic gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people – part of a plan to keep reconciliation at the forefront of this fall’s campaign narrative.Speaking to reporters, Finance Minister Bill Morneau stressed the Liberals have been committed to reconciliation from the beginning of their mandate. Story continues below jQuery(".story-ad-read-more a").click(function() { jQuery("html, body").animate({ scrollTop: jQuery("#div-gpt-gnca-ads-6872-300250-2").offset().top + jQuery("#div-gpt-gnca-ads-6872-300250-2").height() }, "fast"); return false; }); “It is a continuation of what we’ve been doing since Day 1,” Morneau said. “It is driven by the fact that we know in this country, we need to get this right. We’ve got a lot of work to do and we are going to stay on it.”

      Interesting thoughts on indigenous services

    1. Plasma

      Note to readers from Consensys: this will be filled later, for now assume the background reading we sent over communicates roughly the same thing :)

    1. annotation ability on top of PDFs you host online using our PDF.js + Hypothesis project to add a viewer to your site or

      this is my comment

    1. Elas também esperam entrar para uma universidade e temem que suas opiniões politicamente incorretas possam prejudicá-las.

      "Opiniões politicamente incorretas" Sério que é tratado dessa forma? Acho que esse é justamente o pensamento CORRETO!!!

    1. Bestiality has a new status in this cycle of marriage exchange.


    2. The main trouble with cyborgs, of course, is that they are the illegitimate offspring of militarism and patriarchal capitalism, not to mention state socialism.

      cyborgs are a by-product of the tech corporate industry that is dominated by males, yet the cyborgs do not need a males help from that point -- which i assume is the ironic part of this

    3. It is also an effort to contribute to socialist-feminist culture and theory in a postmodemist, non-naturalist mode and in the utopian tradition of imagining a world without gender, which is perhaps a world without genesis, but maybe also a world without end.

      wants to bridge the social realities of cybernetic tradition in order to appeal to the non-gendered attitudes of the socialist-feminist culture.

    4. ontology

      the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being

    5. chimeras

      mixture of different genetic tissues to form a new type of being

    6. I am making an argument for the cyborg as a fiction mapping our social and bodily reality and as an imaginative resource suggesting some very fruitful couplings.

      While our understanding of what a cyborg is can be mainly found through fiction, our reality is mainly just pseudo-cyborg products that influence our way of life

    7. IRONIC

      how is it ironic?

  3. professordanongrades.files.wordpress.com professordanongrades.files.wordpress.com
    1. Weknowthesoundofthefreewaybetterthanwedorivers,thehowlofdistanttrainsbetterthanwolfhowls,weknowthesmellofgasandfreshlywetconcreteandburnedrubberbetterthanwedothesmellofcedarorsageorevenfrybread—whichisn’ttraditional

      I love this quote

    2. TheyusedtocallussidewalkIndians.

      people still call others racist names on the street.

    3. upwithstoriesaboutmassacres.

      This makes me think that do we as a human race really learn from history? like i grew learning about all the massacres and shootings and think to myself "have we moved past that barbaric ideals we held onto in history?"

    1. ? I firmly believe that a universal basic income is the most effective answer to the dilemma of advancing robotization.


    1. employers,

      By this he means "corporations" Would be curious what tax rates for small employers have been and what changes UCP might be making to that.

    2. Imposing them in the midst of the steepest recession in a generation led to the worst economic record of any Alberta government since the Great Depression

      I have a feeling this is a straight up lie. Would like to dive into some stats on this.

    1. I handed back paragraphs at three different times: once with grades and feedback, once with grades only, and once with feedback only. At each time, I asked students to look over their work and then I took the work away. I gave them a sticky note and asked them to comment on their evaluation. Only when I gave them their work with feedback and no grades, could students explain or demonstrate their next steps in the writing process.

      This echoes some fairly well-known studies, but it seems too clean. That kind of study was designed and it didn't report so simple a result. While I so strongly agree with most of the sentiments here, I worry about overstating our case. Cheerleading isn't what's called for.

    2. The reality is, when one invests in the descriptive feedback, students use the feedback and learning goes up.

      Says who?

    3. A gradeless pedagogy means buying into the ideal that gradeless assessments lead to a learning mindset instead of a grade’s mindset.


    1. evertheless,Onewriterweurueyouto“0asfaraspossibleinansweringsuchexplainstheseriousnessofquestions.

      Pushing yourself to ask more questions will help you understand what to write and how to make the reader care about my writing.

    1. This shows a gap in our campaign strategy. We should consider how to accommodate this.

    2. But if Labor cannot find a way to rebuild networks – real networks – within the communities it seeks to represent and reconnect and find ways to preselect candidates other than insiders, it faces years in the wilderness.

      The Greens do not build networks in my experience other than within environmental groups. Sound critique.

    3. Labor’s derogatory use of terms like “the top end of town” (Bill Shorten) or “the leafy northern suburbs” (used by former NSW opposition leader Michael Daley) go over like a lead balloon because many voters in Sydney aspire to both these things.

      Is this also a disconnect with a Union Narrative of 'workers being exploited' and with this new economy are we all not choosing to be our own boss? We choose how to exploit ourselves?

    4. Talented true believers from the “real world” only rise to be candidates in unwinnable seats, to act as placeholders for the ALP brand. They are people like Tim Murray, a finance executive who contested the seat of Wentworth, and Dean Harris, who runs his own market research agency, who stood in Warringah. There is no path for these people in the party.

      Does this match the Greens as well? - Lets look at the priority seats in Victoria through LinkedIn

      1) Janet Rice (Founding AGV member) was re-elected to the Senate leading an all women team. 2) Adam Bandt was returned to the seat of Melbourne.


      3) Macnamara - Steph Hodgins-May was a Staffer for the Greens (amongst other roles) before being a candidate three times. Greens member 4) Wills - Adam Pullford - Former Staffer (amongst other roles) - presume a Greens member 5) Cooper - David Risstrom - Former employee in 2004 for 15 months.Presume a greens member but no other roles. 6) Kooyong - Julien Burnside - No prior Greens history.

      Conclusion - there seems to be some match with staffers being given support but there are also other options being accepted.

    5. The Liberals pick people with deep roots in the community, or who have life experiences that voters in that electorate will relate to. Labor picks candidates who have served the party either as staffers or with unions, or who have a life-long Labor pedigree.

      This seems right to me, but I am unsure. Does the same happen to the Greens? Is this a Greens truth as well?

    6. That army went to work in the community. They held kitchen table discussions (literally) with friends and acquaintances; they pushed messages out on their social media feeds. Their aim was to convince their networks that Steggall was the real deal, and provided a viable way for voters to vent their deep concern about climate change and the direction of the Liberal party.

      Greens speak at the door, and have an awkward space shared at the front of someone's house. There is no engagement within the shared space of the resident. This turns it into a binary environment. A practice is to tell doorknockers not to enter the house. I did once, and was trapped admiring a retiree's collection of VicRail tea towels from the late 1950's lovingly collected by an illiterate trainways worker. That is not a reason to NOT enter a home to engage with the residents. There may be an insurance reason.

    1. Connect multiple, disconnected

      Connect multiple, disconnected external and internal data sets

    1. Animals, particularly livestock like sheep and cattle, produce methane, a greenhouse gas. When livestock are grazed at a large scale, as in Australia, the amount of methane produced is a big contributor to global warming. Some fertilisers that farmers use also release nitrous oxide, which is another greenhouse gas. Australian farming contributes 16% of our total greenhouse gas emissions.

      That is a bad issue that increases greenhouse gases

    2. When we burn fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas to create electricity or power our cars, we release CO2 pollution into the atmosphere.

      To reduce pollution atmosphere , we should drive less mails or use electric cars .

    1. While more traditional therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy lack tumor specificity targeting all replicating cells, and other immunotherapies have limited scope by relying on the presence of a specific ligand/receptor, oncolytic viruses are postulated to be both specific to neoplastic cells and have an expansive immunostimulatory latitude. The

      Chemo and Radiation lack specificity in targetting cancerous cells, instead targeting a large scope or rapidly dividing cells.

      Immunotherapies are limited to the presence of ligand and receptors for activation.

      Oncolytic viruses are specific to neoplastic (cancerous, specific) cells and have a large amount of immunostimulatory range----> can activate tumor immunity, stimulate immune system......

    1. к 


    2. об угро­зах, которые

      в таком виде выходит, что блю тим получает угрозы

    3. т.п.


    4. успешно­го

      не "успешно"?

    5. ,

      убрать запятую

    1. l, and diagram of Cubic Close Packed structure that it results in. Note each row has neighbors shifted from the Cartesian coordinate of their plan, and as you move up the lattice there is an


    1. CO2 survives in the atmosphere for a long time—up to many centuries—so its heat-trapping effects are compounded over time. Of the many heat-trapping gases, CO2 puts us at the greatest risk of irreversible changes if it continues to accumulate unabated in the atmosphere—as it is likely to do if the global economy remains dependent on fossil fuels for its energy needs. To put this in perspective, the carbon we put in the atmosphere today will literally determine not only our climate future but that of future generations as well.

      All given, that gave some crucial information a bout global warming

    1. о «трех владыках материализма» – это «владыка формы», «владыка речи» и «владыка ума»
    2. Понятие «владыки формы» подразумевает невротическое стремление к физическим удобствам, безопасности и удовольствию.
    3. понятие «владыки формы» не относится к созданным вами физически комфортным и безопасным жизненным ситуациям самим по себе. Оно, скорее, связано с невротической, чрезмерной озабоченностью, которая побуждает нас создавать все это, пытаться подчинить себе природу. Эго стремится обезопасить и занять себя. Поэтому мы привязываемся к своим удовольствиям, к своей собственности; поэтому мы боимся перемен или форсируем перемены, стараемся создать для себя гнездо или игровую площадку.
    4. Просветление постоянно потому, что мы не произвели его, а только открыли

      Что здесь значит «не произвели»?

    5. вопрос не в том, чтобы построить это состояние пробужденного ума, а скорее в том, чтобы сжечь те заблуждения, которые его скрывают. В процессе сжигания этих заблуждений мы обнаруживаем просветление

      Via negativa.

    1. A stronger greenhouse effect will warm the oceans and partially melt glaciers and other ice, increasing sea level. Ocean water also will expand if it warms, contributing further to sea level rise.

      consequences of strong greenhouse

    2. On Earth, human activities are changing the natural greenhouse

      Here, human activities lead to climate change

    3. Water vapor. The most abundant greenhouse gas, but importantly, it acts as a feedback to the climate.

      It is one of some main factors to cause global warming

    1. Assuming that we can determine that we are dealing with the same document

      This can be (nearly always) determined using "Matt's Rule of Text" which is as follows: "Any 8 to 10 word string uniquely identifies a document". Yep, mind-boggling, I know.

      Here's an example (for this page): https://www.google.com/search?q=%22Assuming%20that%20we%20can%20determine%20that%20we%20are%22

      Another example for this page: https://www.google.com/search?q=%22this%20fast%20and%20straightforward%20method%20will%20find%20a%22

      And for completeness, one more: https://www.google.com/search?q=%22This%20is%20an%20old%20problem,%20and%20over%20the%22

      Note that the last example returns two results. The second result does not include the quoted ",". The first result is (nearly always) the source document.

      This algorithm has some very important ramifications, I feel. Its use here, in this type of application (e.g. documents returning a 404 could be passed to Google for reattachment of annotations) and another pressing one, determining the source of fake news. There are other uses clearly.

      Please share with those who care. Thank me later. :)

      ASIDE: I "discovered" this algorithm in 2003 during my work with PurpleSlurple and QuIP.

    1. whip through the inner parts of their orbits

      ...where they are also heated up by the sun and become visible.

    2. According to Kepler’s second law, therefore, they spend most of their time far from the Sun, moving very slowly

      Important concept. They loiter out by their aphelion, but when they get in close to perihelion, they are really moving fast. So visible comets are only visible for weeks, if that.

    3. Both asteroids and comets are believed to be small chunks of material left over from the formation process of the solar system.

      Unlike the surface rocks most places on Earth. E.g., the Florida limestone bedrock which, in its oldest layers, is about 35 million years, less than 1% of the age of the solar system.

    4. Otherwise the pre-telescopic observations of Brahe would not have been sufficient for Kepler to deduce that its orbit had the shape of an ellipse rather than a circle.

      This is the part that always astounds me, that Kepler spotted this small amount of eccentricity!

    5. 5 kilometers per second

      "only" 11,000 mph!

    6. 48 kilometers per second

      about 107,000 mph!!

    7. The average orbital data for the planets

      I usually use NASA's Planetary Fact Sheet. All sorts of neat data.

    8. perigee and apogee

      Similar to aphelion and perihelion but relative to Earth. You hear the guys at Mission Control in Houston talk about perigee and apogee. E.g., the ISS right now has perigee of 408 km altitude, apogee of 410 km altitude.

    9. Two points in any orbit in our solar system have been given special names.

      Important vocabulary terms: aphelion and perihelion.

    10. Halley

      Not labeled well, but compare to the Mini-Lecture A in YouTube.

    1. Не пытайся обменивать свое время на деньги. Меняй его на фан, профессиональный рост и самореализацию. Прямая конвертация труда в деньги обычно происходит по не самому выгодному курсу. Гораздо эффективнее вкладывать эти часы в обучение тому чего ты раньше делать не умел, и в будущем продавать уже эти умения по сильно большему ценнику.
    1. Под иллюзией continuous improvement скрывается хаотичное движение неуправляемой частицы с глубоко скрытым экзистенциальным кризисом. И на векторы этого движения влияет бесконечность разных факторов: настроение, меняющиеся краткосрочные приоритеты, возможность быстрых маленьких побед.
    1. The line between writing and talking has also been blurred, and we can imagine that the line between talking and thinking will be, too, at some point.

      I agree with this. Sometimes when we talk on the phone, we will write our own ideas on paper to better present our views. In addition, when we sometimes talk to our friends about our own problems, we finally come up with a solution to the problem.

    2. . We live in a transparent age, and yet there is much of value that happens in the opaque quarters of our own ambivalent minds, seen by no one else, and seen by us only after a long period of concentration and looking.

      In such an era of high-transparency, many people have unselfishly shared the philosophies they have personally experienced with those young people who have just entered the society. However, young people can't understand the true meaning unless they have experienced the tempering of life.

    3. When I think about Salinger in his later years—literally half of his life—I feel exasperated by this withholding and the elevation of silence into the highest virtue.

      The author may feel exasperated because he did not understand the details of Salinger's life. But this is exactly where Salinger's wisdom lies, leaving behind the infinite imagination of future generations.

    4. Who is the appraiser of one’s own unpublished, or even unwritten, work?

      Could it be that if the author posts something on Twitter, would he change his work to rely on Twitter's comments? I don't think so. The right to grasp and modify the work should always be in the hands of the author.

    5. You could say it imbues writing with a sense of performance, though writing has always involved performance in the sense of performance anxiety.

      Indeed, writing is always anxious. But I think that writing Twitter can greatly alleviate or even eliminate this anxiety in writing. Because this is different from a private personal diary, when you post to the public, you are active. Therefore, the anxiety of writing in this positive state of mind will naturally decrease.

    6. That is why so many Salinger fans feel that their relationship with his books, especially to “Catcher in the Rye,” is like an intimacy shared.

      It turns out that the secret process of creation can produce a more private work, allowing readers to have a direct dialogue with the author. This is really amazing, it is a great result of the author's intentional writing.

    7. Perhaps you jot it down in a note before it vanishes, so that you can mull it over in the future.

      A very good statement, some people send some social status not to show others, but to remind themselves. Or in the future they can look at what they are like now.

    1. parabola, and hyperbola

      There are objects that pass through the solar system on parabolic and hyperbolic orbits, such as the mysterious A/2017 U1 'Oumuamua (YouTube of its trajectory)

    1. We've detected unusual activity from your computer network

      How deal with this?

    1. Slide

      Attached is my application for the Scientific Community Manager opportunity.

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    2. Annotation body

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    1. flexible TBD based on student input AND by appointment

      This is mike kenney. I really appreciate flexible hours. I think it is helpful especially in an online class. I find that when teachers are responsive to emails it is really helpful!

    1. And unless these old brittle structures are willing to make the necessary changes, the result will be social spillage‹protests, disturbances, apathy, dropouts, a lack of financial support from the community, and a voting with the feet as parents take their children elsewhere to private schools.

      Hasn't this already happen, but with charter schools instead of private

    2. This is not to imply that all cultural contributions are of equal value and social worth, or that all should be tolerated. Some cultural practices are better than others for the overall betterment of society. These cultural expressions and contributions that differ from those of the dominant group insociety are usually only acknowledged when there is an economic market for them, such as music for African American, native Indian dances for tourism or Mexican cuisine. When the business sector wants our money, the advertising industry pictures people ofcolor in a positive light

      This how the system of capitalism is built. The oppressed class is appreciated only when they can make a profit for the upper class.

    3. Respect and recognition are not the same

      They are when you don't get either. -Malique Mitchell

    1. evolve with the development of new ways to communicate online (e.g., Twitter), practitioners will continue to find new ways to adapt how they communicate in order to project themselves as being “real”

      And the definition will continue to evolve as technology affords new ways to connect and project oneself as real - i.e. Zoom and synchronous connecting.

    2. They argued that a user’s personal perceptions of presence mattered more than the medium capabilities.

      CRITICAL shift. A focus on perception of social presence. But I'd posit that Garrison et al looked at behavior of the communicator as the catalyst to the perception of the receiver (i.e. HOW communication was delivered/crafted - and this leads into COI) Teaching presence as the planning and social presence as the driver with the ultimate goal of cognitive presence.

    3. people perceive some communication mediums as having a higher degree of social presence

      Perception of communicators as higher or lower degree of presence (attributed to MEDIUM)


    1. Children who said they saw a body at the bottom of a pool alerted a lifeguard, but they were initially dismissed because the 21-year-old lifeguard “believed that they were pranking him and did not think anything of it

      It is crucial to watch over the pool and be attentive at all times because as a lifeguard, the patrons' safety is in your hands and you have a big job.