1. Last 7 days
    1. Cargenie Award - 2001 - every 2 years - Philanthrophy - Aziz Premji Godrej

    2. Eklavya Schools : in Integrated Tribal Development Agency or where ST > 50% of the population

    3. Sahitya Akademi [Minsitry of CULTURE] Awards :

      1. Honorary Fellowship [HIGHEST]
      2. Anand Fellowship
      3. Premachand Fellowship

      also gives yuva puruskar

    4. National Council of Senior Citizens is headed by MINISTER OF SOCIAL JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENT.

      • made to implement 1999 policy.

    6. National Trust is STATUTORY BODY under Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

      • It created Inclusive India Initiative : Inclusive Education, Employment and community life.
    7. 1st State to make act related to Social Boycott Act : MAHARASHTRA + Fast track within 6 months

    8. Rajesh Sharma vs State of UP : family welfare committee in each district with 3 members for Dowry related issues.

      • Family welfare committee by district legal service authority (It complaint genuine) --> then to POLICE.
    9. Malaria Elimination by 2030

    1. hidden unemployed

      The problem with using UR as a measure of a countries economic health. Underemployment, parts of the labour force are required to work part-time or are over-qualified for their job

    1. Classes allow us to create a custom type of object -- that is, an object with its own behaviors and its own ways of storing data.

      Introduction of Classes 类允许我们创建一个自定义类型的对象 - 也就是说,一个对象具有自己的行为和自己的存储数据的方式。

    2. Packages provide for accessing variables within multiple files.


    3. A package is a directory of files that work together as a Python application or library module.

      Introduction python packages


    1. read and stream the file 4kB at the time, avoiding loading the entire file into memory at once.

      unlike send_data, which requires all the data to be available in the memory.

    2. the block returns the password

      here username is 'lifo' and password is 'world'

    1. But the fact that a great deal of learning even now seems to happen casually and as a by-product of some other activity defined as work or leisure does not mean that planned learning does not benefit from planned instruction and that both do not stand in need of improvement.

      Exactly. How can CLMooc and DS106 help us to improve formal learning

    2. although faster if their parents pay attention to them

      This is important, though. It's not that there is no role for a teacher even in casual learning.

    1. When you think of a concrete object, you think wordlessly, and then, if you want to describe the thing you have been visualizing you probably hunt about until you find the exact words that seem to fit. When you think of something abstract, you are more inclined to use words from the start, and unless you make a conscious effort to prevent it, the existing dialect will come rushing in and do the job for you, at the expense of blurring or even changing your meaning.

      Concrete words are more direct in our thoughts and we use words to describe it in the best sense we can. Wth abstract words, we lose vision on what our true purpose is and the meaning is changed of the overall sentence.

    2. A writer uses abstract words because his thoughts are cloudy; the habit of using them clouds his thoughts still further; he may end by concealing his meaning not only from his readers but also from himself.

      This to me is very interesting because it really explains that what the author's mind directly reflects on his writing. Writers must be clear and concise and use concrete words to draw attention to the essay.

    3. Student papers are often unreadable not only because their grammar is bad and their sentences incomplete, but also because they are way, way too abstract

      "Not only because their grammar is bad and their sentences incomplete" really shows how much the author of this source looks down on the writing of this generation. Haltman says that ideas should be concrete and physical no abstract.

    4. "Ideas are what matter," Bernadette said confidently. "Getting them to define and handle ideas is what's important, not things."

      This relates to Haltmans text because he stresses the importance of your ideas. Ideas is what's important and getting the grasp on ideas is whats the key point.

    5. This is very similar to Haltmans primary text by saying our ideas should be concrete and physical. We should be able to grasp our ideas and see it vividly

    6. many students show up in a freshman comp class believing they can't write, and their opinion is valid. They don't realize that it's because they lack certain skills that were common among college freshmen 40 years ago.

      Many things in our education have changed over the past few decades. The quality of writing and skills have declined and it shows by the results and the confidence of today's students.

    1. Create a note by selecting some text and clicking the button

      Important note

    1. Any ray of light moves in the “stationary” system of co-ordinates with the determined velocity c, whether the ray be emitted by a stationary or by a moving body.

      Translation: The speed of light is special. It is the same for all observers-- whether they are moving or not.

    2. the quantity to be a universal constant—the velocity of light in empty space.

    3. certain imaginary physical experiments

      Einstein makes the thought experiment famous. Since he speaks German, people will also commonly refer to these as Gedankenexperiment -- which is just the German for "thought experiment".

    4. the following relations are universally valid

      If you have been taking the Hakim classes since the beginning, you may think this sounds familiar. This is very close to one of Euclid's axioms. Today we call it Transitive Property of Equality. It says that if A = B and B = C, then A = C.

    5. the two clocks synchronize if

    6. Let a ray of light start at the “A time” from A towards B, let it at the “B time” be reflected at B in the direction of A, and arrive again at A at the “A time” .

    7. a common “time” for A and B, for the latter cannot be defined at all unless we establish by definition that the “time” required by light to travel from A to B equals the “time” it requires to travel from B to A.

      He hasn't yet explained why we can't talk about a common time unless we do this. We have to work through this thought experiment to see why he says that we can't.

    8. an observer at A can determine the time values of events in the immediate proximity of A

      Observer A knows what time things are happening as long as they are nearby. Why just when they are nearby? He's going to get to that.

    9. If we wish to describe the motion of a material point, we give the values of its co-ordinates as functions of the time.

      Translation: If the point is moving (maybe it is the fly in Descartes' room), then if you want to know where the point is, you need to know two things: (1) What is the function that we can input time and get out the coordinates for this thing? And, (2) What time is it right now?

      Let's say this always stays at y = 0 and z = 2. But, x = t. AND the current t = 3. Then, we can see that the point has moved to a new spot.

    10. time values determined by an observer stationed together with the watch at the origin of the co-ordinates

      We will use a clock on the wall. The clock tells us what time it is in our "stationary" frame of reference.

    11. simultaneous events

      Pay attention to his italics. Simultaneous is about to be redefined!

    12. a material point is at rest relatively to this system of co-ordinates, its position can be defined

      Translation: We can plot a point in that "stationary" coordinate system.

    13. system of co-ordinates

      Just the normal 3-d world you have spent your whole life living in. We're pretending with Einstein that it is stationary. Do you think this means he also invented ironic quotation marks?

    1. I want to tell her that she looks like an angel, like she's breaking through a cloud

      I've noticed a theme of the color white in this story. The writer explained at the beginning how her mother did not want her to be tanned because it was frowned upon in their heritage and that being pale and white was preferred. She then described her mother's cheeks as pure and white. Then continued to use the color white for the food they cooked. Here she talks about angels and clouds which are both white and pure. She relates her mother to an angel to seem as a symbol of purity and light. The color white in this story is consistently related to things good.

    2. I sit in class all day thinking about what I will cook when I get home

      What's interesting here is the transition from the beginning of the story and the writer's thoughts on cooking. In the beginning she seemed almost as if cooking was a bother and she just wanted to go play outside with her friends and be in that "Barbie" stage as she called it. Yet here, she describes cooking as her sense of "escape" from school. Cooking seems as though it is her and her mother's way of bonding and that her mother really wants her to appreciate it as much as she does.

    3. I try to ignore my mother mumbling behind me

      The writer seems as though she is disregarding her mother in general so far in the story. Her mother seems like she does not want the writer (her daughter) to enjoy being an "American" kid as much as the writer wants to and would rather her daughter respect her heritage more.

    4.  She is watching me. I feel her there, nodding with my every move.

      This sentence conveys a lot of vividness and imagery regarding how the character, the girl, is feeling as she is folding the empanadas. The fact that her mother is watching her closely goes to show that she really wishes for her daughter to grow up like her. Perhaps the mother when she was a child had to do the same and wanted to pass it on to her own child.

    5. "Don't let yourself get uling, anak." Uling, the Filipino word for charcoal, is the color she's afraid my skin will turn. To prevent this, she has decided that this summer will be spent in the kitchen learn­ing to cook.

      This is very interesting as the Asian culture for beauty is known for individuals to carry the notion of the "white skin" standard. Many individuals of Asian descent obsess over the notion that an individual with "white skin" correlates to beauty. The reason why her mother is scared of her to turn "dark" is an exact example of this beauty standard that most Asians have.

    1. idemiolog

      acknowledges the crisis!!!!! and provides data :') from the CDC- reputable?!

    2. Heroin-assisted treatment

      interesting they brought up the controversial topic of treatment for people who are addicted--- in European countries who prioritize their people, has shown to be cost effective

    3. 118A>G variant

      maybe it's because I have no idea what there terms are, and even if I read the descriptions it seems like a complicated topic, but I feel like the curators of this page threw in a bunch of definitions from the medical textbooks or encyclopedias they used. For wiki, this is actually impressive, but for people who are looking for a quick and easy explanation might be thrown off.

    4. Mechanis

      breaks down the key factors behind the opioid disorder

    5. igns and symptom

      this information seems to be more for readers who are seeking to self-diagnose themselves and want a quick and easy list to see if they fit in or if someone they know might fit

    6. .

      use > increased tolerance > withdrawal > addiction/dependence

    7. Opioid use disorder is a medical condition characterized by a problematic pattern of opioid use that causes clinically significant impairment or distress

      defines term, phrases it as a disorder

    1. I finally want to express how much easier both my waking and my sleeping hours would be if there were one book in existence that would tell me something specific about my life. One book based in Black feminist and Black lesbian experience, fiction or non-fiction. Just one work to reflect the reality that I and the Black women whom I love are trying to create. When such a book exists then each of us will not only know better how to live, but how to dream.
    2. who write and live on this soil.


    3. I want to encourage in white women, as a first step, a sane accountability to all the women


    4. Being out, particularly out in print, is the final renunciation of any claim to the crums of "tolerance" that non-threatening "ladylike" Black women are sometimes fed
    5. they found in each other's eyes the intimacy they were looking for.

      this is beautiful, and i'm not sure i've ever been this touched by a excerpt of literature before. i just... wow. <3

    6. Nel imagines a "fiery prince" who never quite arrives while Sula gallops like a prince "on a gray
    7. both of Toni Morrison's novels, The Bluest Eye and Sula

      ^wow, this feels so old now, haha. Song of Solomon was I believed published that same year.

    1. Be smart about killing and moving; if there is a closed fold, act on the entire fold.

      This is very good

    2. Don't let me close Projecst that have incomplete tasks.
    3. Show an empty line between trees if it is there.

      This does not appear to work as hoped

    4. Turn on org-indent by default, this makes text indent to the level of its org-mode heading. Looks great paired with the hidden leading stars below.

      I think I hate indented bullets though I want to hide the leading stars but I also want to hide the extra index for successive levels...

    5. (global-set-key (kbd "C-c c") 'org-capture)
    6. (define-key org-mode-map (kbd "<f9> t") 'bh/insert-inactive-timestamp)

      I added: (define-key org-mode-map (kbd "<f8> t") 'insert-active-timestamp) as well as: (define-key org-mode-map (kbd "<f8> T") 'toggle-insert-active-timestamp)

      I haven't tested it yet We'll see

    1. The United States of America has a duty to human nature to protect these people struggling within its borders.

      It's true this sentence is a bit too profound, make it less dramatic and more all-encompassing of your essay.

    2. when finding safe housing, a stable job, or even medical attention

      Maybe try to include a sentence about English before this sentence.

    3. lie


    4. legislation

      immigration legislation

    5. They


    6. centering


    7. is that

      is when

    8. When she felt pain in her chest, she treated it with pain relief tablets. There was no “community clinic where she might have seen a doctor with no questions asked; no one in her suburban family had heard that such things exist” (49). Maluki lost her ability to walk without severe pain. Finally, she was brought to the hospital after losing consciousness. She underwent two surgeries that could have been prevented if she were cared for earlier.

      Try to use present tense. Like a story.

    9. born American

      born Americans

    10. American right

      Maybe add something about how these services should be given to anyone living in this country because they are central to welfare and health.

    11. day(41)


    12. When he first

      Maybe find a way to fit the present tense in somehow.

    13. excessive

      excessively long

    14. don’t

      contraction in quotes?

    15. education valuable

      education or valuable

    16. now


    17. Basic necessities are difficult to reach for those unfamiliar with their environment and its native language

      Include something about housing in this sentence.

    18. support her family financially


    19. Irais Flores fled Mexico with a plan

      ...with a plan to support her family by caring for children or cleaning homes...

    20. Now

      Repetition of now.

    21. weren’t

      Make sure it is okay to use contractions in quotes.

    22. story


    23. immigrants


    24. and stable

      and a stable job

    25. Structural barriers place immigrants at a disadvantage when assimilating into American life for reasons such as the English requirement and the difficulty in finding safe housing, work, and American services

      Structural barriers such as the English requirement and... You can't list these as reasons when they are the structural barriers.

    26. should thus be assisted

      Maybe add one more sentence about why the advocates mentioned above are correct in the debate.

    27. debate on immigration policies

      controversial debate on this topic.

    28. undocumented immigrants


    1. The turn towards intersectionality has also made feminists uncomfortable with thinking in terms of false consciousness: that’s to say, with the idea that women often act against their own interests, even when they take themselves to be doing what they wanted to do. The important thing now is to take women at their word. If a woman says she enjoys working in porn, or being paid to have sex with men, or engaging in rape fantasies, or wearing stilettos – and even that she doesn’t just enjoy these things but finds them emancipatory, part of her feminist praxis – then we are required, as feminists, to trust her.

      yes but don't trust the patriarchy's self-serving exploitative aesthetics and ethics.

    1. MaximumMean Discrepancy (MMD)

      MMD is given as the distance metric between \(P\) and \(\hat{P}\). MMD requires a feature mapping and uses gaussian kernel here.

      Here is a post on MMD: stats.stackexchange MMD

    2. Theideal score, to be minimized, is the distance between the jointdistributionPassociated with the ground truth FCM, andthe joint distributionbPdefined by the estimated(^G;^f;E)

      Score for these models given by the distance between the true joint distribution P and \(\hat{P}\). But what is distance?

    3. compact suppor

      A function has compact support if it is zero outside of a compact set. A subset of Euclidean space is called compact if it is closed and bounded.

      Basically we're saying there are functions f_i for deriving variable X_i from their parents.

    4. causal Markov

      all d-separations imply conditional independences in the observational distribution.

    5. causal sufficiency

      causal sufficiency = no unobserved confounders.

    6. skeleton

      skeleton is the undirected version of a directed graph.

    7. Causal generative neural networks - Use neural networks to as factors in functional causal model.

    1. In the Coding for All project,25 Scratch developers and designers are building new entry points into the Scratch community that target common interests of girls and students of color. The Scratch team is creating Microworlds that include a subset of programming blocks and prepopulated graphics and images to support a diverse set of hobbies and interests, such as clothing and fashion or hip-hop dance. In addition, partnerships with libraries and community-based organizations ensure that low-er-income youth are engaging with these new resources and are offered new pathways into the onlin

      While this is an interesting innovation, that aligns student interests with certain uses of technology, I think that it may also have drawbacks. Yes, I can see how these hobbies and interests can be intrinsically motivation. At the same time,they may lack educational value. What I mean by this notion is that these interests may not fully exercise the skills student WILL NEED later, particularly in higher education.

    2. powerful learning experiences result when students have the opportunity to connect their interests, identities, and home experienc-es to school and other learning settings.

      And this is not necessarily a function of the technology, BUT the learners themselves.

    3. because of the distance between the culture and experience of developers, learners, and their families.

      I agree with this point. Indeed, there is a always a cultural context to learning-in particular HOW a learner "learns". I think that developers are not inclined to take courses in cross-cultural psychology. As such, they can likely be devoid of any conception culture-learner associations.

    4. he path to technology-driven reform is full of obstacles.

      Again, as suggested by some of Warschauer's examples.

    5. learning technologies

      Should the technologies be called "leaning technologies"?

    1. I'll start out by saying "I'm trying to write the opening paragraph of this paper", and then I'll notice the word 'trying', and I'll introspect a bit and rephrase a bit and I'll eventually figure out that I was doing was "sitting in front of a screen holding the subject of the paper in my head waiting for my gut to figure out what to write" or something along those lines. With that description given, it's much easier for me to say "aha, my gut doesn't know what to write first; I'll make an outline on a whiteboard or some other place that feels non-committal."

      This is amazing writing advice

    2. unless I had been interrupted so many times that I was beginning to doubt my ability to complete the task

      This made me laugh ^.^

    1. Medicare

      according to google Medicare is a single-payer, national social insurance program administered by the U.S. federal government since 1966.

  2. ebooks.adelaide.edu.au ebooks.adelaide.edu.au
    1. “That I would not, upon any account, intentionally offend Madame Duval; but that I have weighty, nay unanswerable reasons for detaining her grand-daughter at present in England; the principal of which is, that it was the earnest desire of one to whose will she owes implicit duty. Madame Duval may be assured, that she meets with the utmost attention and tenderness; that her education, however short of my wishes, almost exceeds my abilities; and I flatter myself, when the time arrives that she shall pay her duty to her grand-mother, Madame Duval will find no reason to be dissatisfied with what has been done for her.”

      Mr. Villars rejects Madame Duval's request to want to see her grand daughter, whom after her mothers death, has been in his care. He tells Lady Howard to assure her that her granddaughter is well taken care of. with the way Lady Howard described Madame Duval, can we really blame Mr. Villars for his decision?

    1. Nutrients stimulate microbial processing of POC, which results in increased losses of CO2 to the atmosphere

      William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science are studying oysters to see if they could be used to reduce nitrogen levels.

      Read more in the Williamsburg Yorktown Daily: https://wydaily.com/2017/11/05/study-suggests-oysters-offer-hot-spot-for-reducing-nutrient-pollution-tek/

    2. particulate organic C (POC)

      Particulate organic carbon is a source of carbon for the ocean obtained from living organisms and detritus; it is larger compared to dissolved organic carbon.

    3. Algal production increases

      An increase in nutrients in nearby river has led to an increase in the levels of algae in these rivers, some of these which are toxic to people.

      Read more in nwi.com: http://www.nwitimes.com/business/toxic-algae-once-a-nuisance-now-a-severe-nationwide-threat/article_2b1decfa-43c9-5d80-bf64-173e51a95248.html

    4. inland waters

      These are permanent bodies of waters found interior to the coastal waters. These bodies include rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

    5. Nutrient pollution

      Nutient pollution is affecting the production of fisheries in the ocean by creating dead zones in the ocean where there are low levels of oxygen.

      Read more in the Iowa Public Radio: http://iowapublicradio.org/post/farmers-sea-say-livelihood-dying-midwest-ag-pollution#stream/0

    6. co-limitation

      Co-limitation is the limiting of growth caused by two factors, both must be present in a set ratio to have an effect.

      There is further visualization in figure 2, where the co-limitation of nitrogen and phosphorus are presented.

  3. docs.wixstatic.com docs.wixstatic.com
    1. ??

      Definir tiempo

    2. ??

      ¿Cuál figura?

    3. ??

      Tiempo estimado

    4. ??

      Introducir el tiempo estimado

    5. CantidadArtículosNúmero de inventari

      Poner en la tabla el material con el numero de inventario que se necesitará

    6. Figura 14.

      Tratar de que la descripción aparezca en la hoja

    7. 1. ???

      Agregar cuestionario

    8. ??

      definir tiempo

    9. ??

      Definir tiempo

    10. Por último

      Signo de puntuación

    11. ??

      Definir tiempo

    12. ??

      Definir tiempo

    13. Cuestionario1. ¿???

      Agregar cuestionario

    14. Cuestionario1. ¿????

      Falta agregar cuestionario.

    15. ??

      ¿Qué figura?

    16. Alturas

      Alturas de que?

    17. Material.

      Material para realizar la practica...?

    18. ??

      Definir el tiempo estimado

    19. ??

      ¿Cuántos minutos?

    20. ??

      ¿Qué tabla?

    21. ??

      ¿Qué figura?

    22. ??

      ¿Qué figura?

    23. ??

      ¿Qué figura?

    24. Materia

      Material para?

    1. open licensing to share their education and research resources?

      There research would honestly become more widely known if it was free to the public. That was, instead of having a small group of students/other researchers who pay a lot of money for the book be the only ones who see it. It would be a wide rage of people for all over that get to see your work.

    2. Open teaching provides individuals who might otherwise never have the opportunity to experience postsecondary learning a free and open chance to participate.

      With this kind of progress it will be interesting to see how education has changed and how interdisciplinary studies have evolved into the school systems. I have hope for the education of my future children.

    3. Faculty are also responding by voting to support “open access policies” at their universities (see http://roarmap.eprints.org), which typically grant the university the rights necessary to archive and make articles written by faculty freely and openly available on the Internet.

      Which is brilliant and what we are using in class. I also think it'a an amazing idea to have student submissions every couple of years. It can give student confidence in there abilities. Plus, also inform future newbies to interdisciplinary studies.

    4. Many feel that this represents a scholarly publishing status quo that is completely out of balance and that the researcher should control the reproduction and distribution rights to his or her work.

      Seems only fair.

    5. Why should we be required to pay a second time for the thing we’ve already paid for? Or worse—if every school district in your state pays to license the curriculum, you’ve now paid for it 250 times.5

      Greed, greed, and more greed. Money is the root of all evil they say. Yet, if it came down to it we would never give up an opportunity to make money in this economy. I wouldn't. Are government is made into a dog eat dog kinda world. I guess is the small changes that are the victories. I vote for FREE TUITION AND FREE TEXTBOOKS FOR ALL!

    6. Through these grants, state or federal governments commission the creation of these resources using taxpayer dollars. In other words, when the National Science Foundation gives a grant to a university to produce a pre-engineering curriculum, you and I have already paid for it.

      Wow, never really thought of it this way, mostly because I didn't really know where textbooks came from. This rages me.

    7. Open educational resources provide an immediate, proven way to make education significantly more affordable and accessible for students.

      It's the greed to make money off vulnerable college students. I get that people want to make money off of their research in but like this chapter said in the beginning; knowledge is sharing and the people who wrote these books are not good educators when they are charging $200 a book!!

    1. "If rebellion usually implies breaking off from the bonds of a system and moving in a new direction, even if it involves a certain destructiveness, in Wong's film there is no way of breaking off from the series. All affective binds are double binds that inhibit movement, and so destructiveness gets largely internalized" (Abbas, 51)

    2. "Genre is still important, but it is used in a risky way: to raise expectations that are not fulfilled." Abbas 50

    3. "Not only is there no glorification of rebellion and action, there is very little of either rebellion or action to be seen in the film at all" (Abbas, 50)


    1. Lincoln’s Formative Years in New Salem, Illinois (1831–1837)

      organized in chronological order with headings

    2. Another side of Lincoln’s complex personality was a deeply reflective, almost brooding, quality that sometimes descended into serious depression.

      element: information about the person's personality

    3. Lincoln, Abraham (12 February 1809–15 April 1865), sixteenth president of the United States, was born in Hardin County,

      element: chronological order of birth, adulthood, and death

    1. 374Unit 3 Model Essay

      Key for teachers to model essay and give students an example.

    2. DraftingDecide

      This is a very important stage in the writing process as it is where students can put things down on paper and figure things out for their essay.

    3. Prewriting

      Stage 1

    4. Biographical Essay

      I like how you included a lesson on narrative wiring for a biographical essay.

    1. If you knew Prudence, YOU could get the dog!!!

    2. Does LW have the correct name and phone number? Hopefully it's a simple mix-up of asking the wrong person to pick up said dog.

    3. A: No. Absolutely not. You are merely casually friendly with these people, and the only reason you would mention this to Sue would be because you believed that watching gay porn—which you assume Matt is watching by himself as a secret from her, despite not mentioning any evidence that supports this belief—is a sign that he’s about to leave her for a man. You are more than a few steps ahead of yourself! Invest in a bedroom fan or white noise machine and do not concern yourself with the pornography your neighbors watch.

      Why are we assuming the porn watcher is male??

    4. So, why are we assuming the porn watcher is male??

    1. Instead of graduating with a comprehensive understanding of a single discipline like anthropology or economics, they graduate with a smattering of knowledge, spread across many fields.

      Isn't that what life is anyway? A whole bunch of information an knowledge gets thrown at you all the time and its up to you to decipher what it means. Either way, you will always have a scattered box of info in your brain. Does that mean we are not still intellectuals if we didn't dedicate 10,000 hours to studying a single subject?

    1. The Alcázar withstood a 70-day siege during the Spanish Civil War that once again resulted in its destruction.

      This is another example of Burke's "censorship". The website mentions the siege on Alcazar, but fails to mention that it was a Nationalist victory or that Fransico Franco's arrival was what ended the siege.

    1. "All three films refute a unitary narrative space through non-chronological editing and... reframing of tense and layers of performance (Mood), subverting 'progressive' linear character objectives (Days), and all three films employ refrains of music that folds 'unitary' time-space" (Crompton, 55)

    2. "...given there is no direct plot continuity between the films and the two Li-zhens have quite different personas, it is more appropriate to view the films as alternate iterations, two materializations among many possibilities--a refrain in fact" (Crompton, 54)

    3. "Yuddy is further displaced as a central character by the intersecting narratives between Su Li-zhen and the Policeman, and Zeb and Mimi. Yuddy is utterly replaced in the final moments of the film when a brand new character appears (Tony Leung) slicking back his hair in the mirror, almost identical in manner and persona to Yuddy" (Crompton, 54)

    4. "Mood [takes]... it to the extreme, relentlessly repeating romantic disunion to epic effect, while never providing indication that if they got it together things would be swell. If they became lovers this whirlpool would only continue--as it does in Days" (Crompton, 54)

    5. "Avoiding counterproductive attempts to rupture the naturalization of historicist narratives through a wholesale shock aesthetic, traditionally directed at commercialized genres, these films disrupt problematic cultural narratives through their reiteration of genre itself. That is to say, these films are avant-garde in their considerable shifts in film form in context with the dominant commercial genres they engage" (Crompton, 54)


    1. slightly to keep up with her group chats


    2. impasse

      a situation in which no progress is possible, especially because of disagreement; a deadlock.

    3. omnipresence

      he state of being widespread or constantly encountered.

    4. But the experience brought into clear focus the deep nature of the problem of distraction in college classrooms in the 21st century.

      i agree. Distraction in the classroom is a main focus

    5. haranguing

      lecture (someone) at length in an aggressive and critical manner.

    1. our consolidated results for the year were significantly below our expectations

      brutally honest

  4. teama.cutwebdev.com teama.cutwebdev.com
    1. Θα μπορούσατε να διαμορφώσετε αλλιώς το κεντρικό σας περιεχόμενο. Εκμεταλλευτείτε τον χώρο σας και δώστε μια συνοχή, καθοδηγάτε τον χρήστη στην πληροφορία που θέλετε να δώσετε. Πολύ σωστά δώσατε στην αρχή επεξηγηματικό μήνυμα για το τι πρέπε να κάνω, όμως δυσκολεύτηκα να καταλάβω από που επιλέγω/προσθέτω το παιδί. Οπότε θα μπορούσατε να δώσετε έμφαση στο dropdown list σας είτε με την τοποθέτηση του είτε με άλλα στοιχεία που να το επιδεικνύουν. Στο επόμενο βήμα (με τα διάφορα checkboxes) δεν ήξερα ακριβώς τι να κάνω, δεν μας δώσατε κάποιου είδους οδηγίες. Πολύ καλή προσπάθεια με πάντοτε πολλά περιθώρια βελτίωσης :)

    1. Python and Visual Studio are unchanged. We should review the CMake version number.

      We should also confirm if the restriction on CMake 3.4.3+ has been removed.

    1. The racial bias, profiling, etc. against blacks that we hear about and witness today would not cease to exist, even if blacks were given reparations

      I suspect that Coates imagines/hopes that the process of deciding to implement reparations would do much to bring down these barriers--reparations would therefore have a moral effects as much as a monetary one. Paradoxically that sort of means that, if they were implemented, they would be that much less necessary.

    2. a permanent answer to the economic disparity between blacks and whites

      Does he intend it as this? As you suggest above, it is at least partly a matter of moral atonement.

    3. [taxpayers today]…have no culpability for those past crimes and little, if any, of the benefit.

      Though that may also have been true of reparations paid to interned Japanese-Americans.

    1. Remove the Session Log-ID and Wacom Tablet Support lines. Leave the Security/Stability because we have a fix coming that fits that description.

    1. the country was founded on the submission of the black race

      A pretty broad claim!

    2. The Fight for Black Humanity: Comparing the Civil Rights and Black Lives Matter Movement

      You don't need to repeat the title here, too.

    1. The following is a suggested list of points to share with students regarding the potential impact/consequences of opting out of using an eText:

      This list so negatively impacts the student's learning opportunities that opting out really isn't an option. Instead of "inclusive access" this looks more like "required access" or "required purchase" or "coerced purchase."

    1. Guys, Θα συμφωνήσω με τα όσα είπε η Μαρία εφόσον ούτε και εγώ έχω καταλάβει τι πρέπει να κάνω και ποιος ο σκοπός αυτής της σελίδας. Κατά την διάρκεια της διάδρασης μου, φαίνεται σε πολλά σημεία ότι είναι "broken", όπως στα checkboxes και στα hover links/buttons σας που δεν οδηγούν πουθενά. Όσον αφορά UI, πολύ καλή προσπάθεια, δώστε ακόμα λίγη σημασία στις γραμματοσειρές να υπάρχει συνοχή, στο alignment και στα μεγέθη. Δηλαδή χάνεται λίγο η ιεραρχία και η αρχιτεκτονική της πληροφορίας. Ενημερώστε μας εαν θέλετε κάποιο feedback όταν θα έχετε κάτι πιο ολοκληρωμένο.

    2. Contactinfo@mysite.com Call T: 123-456-7890 F: 123-456-7890 Visit500 Terry Francois StreetSan Francisco, CA 94158 2018 by Cyprus University Of Technology

      Τακτοποιήστε λίγο το footer, αποστάσεις, μεγέθη εικονιδίων, γραμματοσειρές.

    3. 1 2 3

      Αυτά είναι checkboxes; Συμφωνώ με την Μαρία έχουν κάποια δυσλευτουργία, όταν τα πατάς χάνονται ή δεν γίνεται κάποιο action.

    1. Τα input fields σας είναι πολυ μικρά και δυσκολεύει την αναγνωσιμότητα κυρίως στο email που συνήθως έχουν πιο πολλούς χαρακτήρες.

    1. they are imagining a world that’s completely leveled, in which hierarchy has been dissolved. They’re imagining a world that’s fundamentally without politics.

      they may have imagined this but it certainly isnt the case anymore - everywhere on the internet is full of politics and hierarchy

  5. teame.cutwebdev.com teame.cutwebdev.com
    1. To "login" κουμπί σε μένα φαίνεται μισό με αποτέλεσμα να μην διαβάζεται καθόλου το text.

    1. The bigger a platform gets, the harder it is to maintain a particular sense of style. By opening the platform, Pieratt had tried to “convert from a human-driven community into a machine,” he explains. “When we lost the exclusivity, people didn’t really care anymore.” Svpply’s innate sense of uniqueness didn’t survive: “If everyone’s editing Vogue, it wouldn’t be Vogue.”

      This suggests that Big and Open will never be a Commons, as there is no shared sense of uniqueness, identity, commonality. there's just a big open space.

    1. social mission — to make the world more open and connected.

      I don't think that Zuckerberg ever realized how bit Facebook could actually get. Sure he had aspirations for the future and wanted it to get popular, but I don't think he ever realized just how big.