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  1. Aug 2019
    1. Angiosperms

      flowering plants, constitute the majority of seed plants. They include broadleaved trees (such as maple, oak, and elm), vegetables (such as potatoes, lettuce, and carrots), grasses, and plants known for the beauty of their flowers

    2. vascular plants

      Plants that have tissues that conduct food and water and have seeds.

  2. Jan 2019
    1. Packages frequently have sponsors, interested in promoting their careers. Sponsorship is more than merely advocacy, in- volving such tangible activities as speech making, interviews with jour- nalists, advertising, article and pamphlet writing, and the filing of legal briefs to promote a preferred package

      Sponsor activities: speech making, interviews with journalists, article and pamphlet writing, etc to promote a specific package, usually based off of some collective agenda. Sponsors could be organizations, political parties, activists, companies, etc and often employ PR specialists.



  3. Nov 2018
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  5. May 2017
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    1. annuity

      "A yearly payment of a certain sum of money granted to one for life, years, or in fee, chargeable upon the person of the grantor" (Edwin W. Koff, The Early History of the Annuity, pg. 226).

  7. Feb 2017
  8. Nov 2013
    1. Rhetoric should demonstrate the embellishment of speech first in tropes and figures, second in dignified delivery

      Divides it into separate categories, makes rhetoric very specific and almost trivial