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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Australia's Cyber Security Strategy: $1.66 billion dollar cyber security package = AFP gets $88 million; $66 million to critical infrastructure organisations to assess their networks for vulnerabilities; ASD $1.35 billion (over a decade) to recruit 500 officers.

      Reasons Dutton gives for package:

      • child exploitation
      • criminals scamming, ransomware
      • foreign governments taking health data and potential attacks to critical infrastructure

      What is defined as critical infrastructure is expanded and subject to obligations to improve their defences.

      Supporting cyber resilience of SMEs through information, training, and services to make them more secure.

  2. Dec 2019
    1. В 2017 году количество устройств, подключенных к «интернету вещей», выросло до 8,4 миллиарда. Консалтинговое агентство Forrester прогнозирует, что к концу года более полумиллиона из них взломают. В Университете Иннополис уточняют, что в третьем квартале 2017 года в городской инфраструктуре стали фиксировать на 30 % больше случаев угрозы информационной безопасности. При этом каждый пятый из них оказался критичным. 
  3. Dec 2016
  4. Dec 2015
    1. "It makes zero sense to lock up this information forever," said Jeremiah Grossman, who founded cybersecurity firm WhiteHat Security. "Certainly there are past breaches that the public should know about, is entitled to know about, and that others can learn from."

      I used to think the most fanciful thing about the movie "War Games" was not the A.I., but the defense computer connected to a public network. But if industrial control systems can be reached by the Internet or other public lines -- then maybe the government is that stupid.