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  1. Jan 2016
    1. Raj: No, Paul, because this “here,” as you put it, three-dimensionally, isn’t present in space, either, but in the conscious experience of being conscious. In that sense, the answer is yes, because the Place is Awareness, not the sense of space that form seems to suggest—and when I say “form,” I mean visibility and tangibility. The conscious experience of an idea.
    2. Again, Paul, you cannot know ahead of time what this means, and so you are going to have to trust as you take my hand by joining with me Here at Home.
    3. So, when you feel the need for order, when the conceptual orderlinesses of your experience are dissolving, know that order will be achieved—not by virtue of reestablishing the order in the dream, but—by virtue of connecting with me, thus bringing your point of attention to that Place where You Are, truly, and that Place only where your capacity to experience truly is present and available, in which the absence of order and its potential threat to your sense of your well being gets swallowed up in unchangeable, absolute Order or Harmony, where there is no experience of threat or potential for threat. I will repeat this as many times as I have to.