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  1. Dec 2017
    1. Improving myself, everyday

      Digital identity is sparsely identified. Would include social media in analysis of digital identity. What was shown mostly just shows understanding of how to operate the basics of Wordpress. Good start to domain. Would be good to have landing content for the home page. Also, play with the theme to make it more visually engaging!

    1. Official Website

      Good PDF embed! Would also suggest having some content on your homepage. LinkedIn connection is good, I get the impression that employment is an important aspect of digital identity. Domain operates mainly like a resume.

  2. Oct 2017
  3. Jan 2017
    1. but many of her friends thought she had been murdered.

      She fought against such immense discrimination, could the verdict of suicide be wrong? Could this have been some kind of erasure?

    2. Like many transgender activists, Rivera was ruthlessly excluded by feminists.

      Even marginalized groups can erase each other.

    3. that it was drag queens and trans people who began the whole sea change in the legitimising of gay identity

      This is often overlooked when discussing gay rights. When gay marriage was legalized in the US, many believed that we were done, however we still need to fight for transgender rights. The battled often have more than one fight to win.

    4. Forty-nine queer people dead, many of them Latinx, queer people of colour, their sexuality and race erased in an instant.

      Reason this article was written, and of course why I am now reading it.

    5. We can’t see you, therefore you don’t exist.

      Repetition of the main support for her argument. Wonderful.

    6. this beautiful, helpful emerging language for articulating the experience of not fitting within the binaries of man and woman, gay and straight

      This is why media exposure is important. Although Kaitlin Jenner doesn't have the best track record after coming out, she changed the way media erased queer transgender people. By giving transgender people a voice in the media, we can reach others who are confused and scared, and help them find their way.

    7. the choking sense of needing to speak and hide at the same time.

      Our human instinctis to protect those we care for, so wanting to defend their mother and their lives is only natural. However, the sense of self-preservation is also a strong human trait and in many instances this instinct also works with the protecting instinct and we choose to stay silent. Allowing those who discriminate to say their piece while we bite our tongues.

    8. Get back in the closet: that’s the feeling. We can’t see you, therefore you don’t exist.

      We see this with problems in other minorities. This mentality is a privilege, because those who believe this have never had to justify their lives. By tying this directly to the "closet" that queer people must hide in, the author does not erase the problems of other discriminated people. This is an amazing start to this article.

  4. Oct 2016
  5. thecoverpage.pushpullfork.com thecoverpage.pushpullfork.com
    1. I think the point in this activity was that you can change the view point of any quote if it is posted with a different picture. It can take any quote even a serious toned quote and turn it into something with humor.

      I like that idea, the ability to change anything something serious in to humor for fun is actually pretty cool. Makes you loose it up something and get distractive from the world.

    2. I also think that even though Family guy is supposed to be a sitcom based cartoon there is also a very science fiction element to it.

      True, comedy and science fiction define Family Guy. Which at lot of individuals enjoy to watch and get entertain at of it. Nice work on your assignment.

  6. Sep 2016
    1. What does it mean to “own” a digital good – a domain name or otherwise?

      Digital ownership is very important in this day and age because our digital lives will become our main lives in a short period of time. Digital goods will become as good as physical goods.

    1. digital citizenship

      This is something that will become more and more important in the future because our lives will become increasingly digital. To educate us from the start is to create a positive environment and smarter citizens in the future.

    2. And then — contrary to what happens at most schools, where a student’s work exists only inside a learning management system and cannot be accessed once the semester is over — the domain and all its content are the student’s to take with them. It is, after all, their education, their intellectual development, their work.

      This in comparison to the webpage that exists through a umwblogs site that hosts my webcomic I did last semester is great. I know that the comic I spent so much time on will disappear after I leave and that it is not hosted on a permanent domain. If I am able to create something permanent it will leave a lasting impression on how I view the institution that helped me achieve it.

  7. Aug 2013
    1. Roe has standing to sue; the Does and Hallford do not. Pp. 123-129.

      TEsting with Dan, Jake, and Peter.