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    1. Why interactive explanations? I find that I learn best when combining the language side of my brain (reading, formulas) with the visual side of my brain (illustrations, interaction). I want to learn not only by reading something or watching something, but by playing with it. I’m mostly focused on small, self-contained articles, but I’m also interested in interactive textbooks.
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    1. Εγγραφές και συμμετοχή στο https://hello.crowdapps.net/citytalk-kalamata

      Recorded video of the event: https://hello.crowdapps.net/live/

    2. Ο Δρ. Βασίλης Πουλόπουλος, Επίκουρος Καθηγητής Πανεπιστημίου Πελοποννήσου, Αναπληρωτής Διευθυντής Εργαστηρίου Γνώσης και Αβεβαιότητας (ΓΑΒ LAB), με τη θεματική: «Μεγάλα Δεδομένα και Πολιτισμός: Ο δρόμος για ένα μέλλον που ήδη ζούμε»

      Aspriring though loosely-coupled to smart-city presentation.

      • interesting takeway: smart-city means "resilient".
    3. Ο κ. Νάσος Μάκιος, Περιβαλλοντικός Διευθυντής της Μεσσηνιακής εταιρείας ΚΛΗΜΗΣ και μεταπτυχιακός φοιτητής τμήματος Βιοοικονομίας, Κυκλικής Οικονομίας και Βιώσιμης Ανάπτυξης, με τη θεματική «Η κυκλική οικονομία στις έξυπνες πόλεις»

      Insightful in general, not related to Kalamata

    4. Ο κ. Θάνος Παράσχος, Entrepreneur, Συνιδρυτής Συλλόγου Νεανικής Επιχειρηματικότητας με τη θεματική: «Ευκαιρίες για επιχειρηματίες τεχνολογίας μέσω του Greek Startup Universe»

      Listed people to know for startups.

    5. Ο κ. Γρηγόρης Ζωντανός, Serial Entrepreneur, με τη θεματική: «Πρακτικά παραδείγματα του Work from anywhere»

      Informative presentation for working in remotely.

    6. Ο κ. Γιάννης Πάζιος, Γεωγράφος και Αναπληρωτής Γενικού Διευθυντή του αγροτικού συνεταιρισμού Ένωση Μεσσηνίας, με τη θεματική: «Η ψηφιακή μετάβαση του πρωτογενούς τομέα και η συμβολή́ της ως παράγοντα τοπικής ανάπτυξης»

      Informative & interesting efforts to work with rural people in Kalamata.

    1. You can find a list of applications using this gem in this repository: https://github.com/m-Peter/nested-form-examples . All the examples are implemented in before/after pairs. The before is using the accepts_nested_attributes_for, while the after uses this gem to achieve the same functionality.
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    1. Essentially, officials want Congress to require all services that enable communications

      Hi Fed Wiki Folks. Here's a note.

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    1. Source code at:

      This example appears to use client-side data, so it doesn't demonstrate server-side row models at all.

      How did they color the monthly breakdown cells?

              cellClassRules: {
                  'good-score': 'typeof x === "number" && x > 50000',
                  'bad-score': 'typeof x === "number" && x < 10000'
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    1. civics with interest and thoroughness.

      Here's a charming attempt to teach civics with interest:


    2. to help safegyard the food, clothing and hygienic welfare of pupils

      I'm reminded of some of Theodore Roosevelt's reforms around food and drugs:

    3. secure tenure of office

      Teacher tenure (interestingly, here called "tenure of office") is still far from a settled matter. From the Phi Delta Kappan in 2018:

      "Originally enacted to protect against potential evils in state and local employment systems, such as nepotism, arbitrary dismissal, and political favoritism, tenure has become a common expectation of teacher employment. State teacher tenure laws are not a job guarantee but rather protection against arbitrary or politically motivated maltreatment. But is tenure on the way out?"

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    1. The emergence of liberal democracies is associated with ideals of liberty and equality that may seem self-evident and irreversible. But these ideals are far more fragile than we believe. Their success in the 20th century depended on unique technological conditions that may prove ephemeral.

      Info to rmb.

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    1. Practically speaking, there are several more junctures where Europeans can influence their elected leaders on this issue.


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      Esto es solo una prueba de como funciona. Podemos seleccionar textos e indicar los cambios a solicitar.

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    1. Watch the Video Request Quote

      Can we get a third button where customers can ask for a demo.

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    1. Roe has standing to sue; the Does and Hallford do not. Pp. 123-129.

      TEsting with Dan, Jake, and Peter.