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  1. Apr 2022
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    1. The statutemakes agency evidence-building plans, known as LearningAgendas, foundational to building a culture of evidencegeneration and use.
    1. The audit found that the CIO has limited insight into each Sector’s entire data holdings given a decentralized model, and lack of centralized guidance, standard definitions, and corporate data management system. CMSS representatives acknowledged that the NRCan Data Inventory is not a complete listing of NRCan datasets; however, it was found that it serves as a good starting point in identifying datasets held within the Department. However, per TBS guidance, a complete departmental inventory should include a list of all datasets even if they are identified as not eligible for release.
  3. Feb 2022
    1. Linked Data bezieht sich dabei auf die technische Aufbereitung der Daten, so dass eine Verknüpfung (Linking) der Daten möglich ist. Das dabei zum Einsatz kommende Datenmodell ist RDF, das ursprünglich für das Semantic Web entwickelt wurde.
    1. bbil-dung 2.8 zeigt einen Überblick über die sogenannte „Linking Open Data Cloud“




  4. Dec 2021
    1. AIMOS. (2021, November 30). How can we connect #metascience to established #science fields? Find out at this afternoon’s session at #aimos2021 Remco Heesen @fallonmody Felipe Romeo will discuss. Come join us. #OpenScience #OpenData #reproducibility https://t.co/dEW2MkGNpx [Tweet]. @aimos_inc. https://twitter.com/aimos_inc/status/1465485732206850054

  5. Nov 2021
    1. "The Guide to Social Science Data Preparation and Archiving is aimed at those engaged in the cycle of research, from applying for a research grant, through the data collection phase, and ultimately to preparation of the data for deposit in a public archive: " from tweet

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    1. Ray, E. L., Wattanachit, N., Niemi, J., Kanji, A. H., House, K., Cramer, E. Y., Bracher, J., Zheng, A., Yamana, T. K., Xiong, X., Woody, S., Wang, Y., Wang, L., Walraven, R. L., Tomar, V., Sherratt, K., Sheldon, D., Reiner, R. C., Prakash, B. A., … Consortium, C.-19 F. H. (2020). Ensemble Forecasts of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the U.S. MedRxiv, 2020.08.19.20177493. https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.08.19.20177493

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    1. The goal of the W3C Semantic Web Education and Outreach group's Linking Open Data community project is to extend the Web with a data commons by publishing various open datasets as RDF on the Web and by setting RDF links between data items from different data sources.
    2. The above diagram shows which Linking Open Data datasets are connected, as of August 2014.
    1. it buys, receives, sells, or shares the personal information of 50,000 or more consumers annually for the business’ commercial purposes. Since IP addresses fall under what is considered personal data — and “commercial purposes” simply means to advance commercial or economic interests — it is likely that any website with at least 50k unique visits per year from California falls within this scope.
  19. Apr 2020
    1. They are proof that our openness about our data formats means that you do not have to fear data lock-in.
    2. It’s this third way that we avoid lock-in that is relevant to today’s topic. Our data format design is specified well enough so that people with no connection to AgileBits can write software to be able to handle it.
    3. The second way we avoid locking you into 1Password is through the ability to export data to a more neutral format. Not all versions are yet where we want them to be with respect to export, and we’re working on that. But there is usually some path, if not always a simple click away, to export your 1Password data.
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    1. Methodology The classic OSINT methodology you will find everywhere is strait-forward: Define requirements: What are you looking for? Retrieve data Analyze the information gathered Pivoting & Reporting: Either define new requirements by pivoting on data just gathered or end the investigation and write the report.

      Etienne's blog! Amazing resource for OSINT; particularly focused on technical attacks.

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  29. www.archivogeneral.gov.co www.archivogeneral.gov.co
    1. Normalización de las entradas descriptivas: Personas, Lugares, Instituciones (utilización de Linked Open Data (LOD) cuando sea posible.

      ¿Qué sistema de organización de conocimiento se los posibilita? ¿Qué están usando para enlazar datos y en qué formato?

  30. Aug 2018
    1. City Data Exchange is a public-private partnership that explores the possibilities of data exchange. The project investigates the purchase, sale and sharing of a wide variety of data types between different types of users in the city - citizens, public institutions and private companies. The project is a collaboration between the City of Copenhagen, the Capital Region, CLEAN and Hitachi. The idea behind the cooperation is to create a data hub that supports innovation, and which improves the quality of life in the Copenhagen area. The project aims at establishing a marketplace for data owned by both public authorities and private companies. In this way, the project aims to enable large, small and medium-sized enterprises, start-up companies, universities and the public sector to collaborate by consolidating several sources of information. So far, the project has conducted several experiments aimed at organizational and technical setup of a computer market. The technical part of this can be seen on the platform developed by Hitachi, citydataexchange.com .