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    1. https://web.archive.org/web/20230309111559/https://www.d4d.net/news/ai-and-the-state-of-open-data/

      Tim Davies looks at the bridge between #opendata and #AI. Should go throug the chapter in version 1 of the State of Open Data too. Note: while Tim acknowledges some of the EU data strategy developments (e.g. the dataspaces) it doesn't mention others (e.g. data altruistic non-profit entities) which may fit the call for instutions better. Data space aren't an institution, but a common market

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    1. Ils sont également communicables à toute personne qui en fait la demande, auprès de l’autorité administrative compétente
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    1. 数据要素流通服务平台建设方案构想


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    1. Abstract: karena anda perlu memberi contoh untuk publik di indonesia, maka sepertinya dalam abstrak perlu disisipkan kata kunci "open source solution" atau "python" dan "open data".

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    1. Recommandation 18Le Défenseur des droits recommande à l’État, avec la collaboration des pouvoirs publics locaux, d’élaborer une base de données des établissements et services sociaux et médico-sociaux destinés aux enfants, précisant les publics pris en charge, les moyens mis à disposition, les capacités d’accueil, ainsi que la procédure à suivre pour une prise de contact. Il recommande à l’État de garantir la mise à jour régulière de la base de données ainsi que son accessibilité à tous les professionnels du secteur social et médico-social
    2. Améliorer la connaissance des violencesà l’égard des enfantsRecommandation 1Le Défenseur des droits insiste sur la nécessité de disposer de données scientifiquement fiables et exploitables concernant les violences commises à l’encontre des enfants, ces dernières devant servir de base à la définition et l’évaluation des politiques publiques. Il recommande aux pouvoirs publics, conformément aux préconisations du Comité des droits de l’enfant, d’élaborer une base de données nationale recensant tous les cas de violences à l’égard des enfants, et son exploitation régulière et pluridisciplinaire
    1. Ensuite, les obligations de transparence à l’égard des tiers restent, quand elles existent, insuffisantes comme l’a rappelé le Conseil constitutionnel dans sa décision du 3 avril 2020 relative à Parcoursup31. Il faudrait prévoir que les tiers, et non les seuls destinataires des décisions individuelles, puissent accéder aux critères utilisés par l’algorithme pour les mettre en capacité de repérer d’éventuels biais.
  22. Apr 2020
    1. To understand the High Line’s effect on surrounding property prices, we analysed publicly available valuation data from NYC’s Department of Finance, and cross-referenced it with property sales data for blocks and individual plots (a detailed methodology is available 👉 here). This meant we could track how the values of surrounding properties have changed since the High Line’s arrival.What’s interesting is that if we group the properties in bands roughly one kilometre wide from the High Line you start to see that between 2007 (when construction started) and 2018 (when the data ends), properties closer to the High Line experienced a greater value increase on average than those further away. So the mean property value uplift for houses within 1km of the High Line was actually 92% more than the Manhattan mean. Or to put it another way — if you owned an apartment in that 1km, you earned on average about $67,000 a year from the uplift alone. 🤑

    1. This page documents our efforts to track political advertising and produce an ad transparency report for the 2019 European Parliament Election.We attempted to download a copy of the political ads on a daily basis using the Facebook Ad Library API and the Google Ad Library, starting on March 29 and May 11 respectively, when the two companies released their political ads archive. We provide this data collection log, so that external researchers, journalists, analysts, and readers may examine our methods and assess the data presented in our reports.Facebook Ad Library APIScroll down Facebook provides an Application Programmable Interface ("API") to authorized users who may search for ads in their archive. However, due to the inconsistent state of the Facebook Ad Library API, our methods to scan and discover ads must be adapted on a daily and sometimes hourly basis — to deal with design limitations, data issues, and numerous software bugs in the Facebook Ad Library API.Despite our best efforts to help Facebook debug their system, the majority of the issues were not resolved. The API delivered incomplete data on most days from its release through May 16, when Facebook fixed a critical bug. The API was broken again from May 18 through May 26, the last day of the elections.We regret we do not have reliable or predictable instructions on how to retrieve political ads from Facebook. Visit the methods page for our default crawler settings and a list of suggested workarounds for known bugs, or scroll down to see our log.In general, we encountered three categories of issues with the Facebook Ad Library API. First, software programming errors that cripple a user's ability to complete even a single search including the following bugs:

      Classic example of transparency hobbled by non-bulk access and poor coding. Contrast with Google who just provided straight up bulk access.

      Also reflects FB's lack of technical prowess: they are craigslist x 10. No technical quality: just the perfect monopoly platform able to hoover up cents on massive volume.

  23. Feb 2019
    1. des agents publics qui ont lu la politique de contribution aux logiciels libres et savent qu’ils ont le droit d’apporter des modifications à un code public sur leur temps de travail. Mais tout cela reste encore trop virtuel et appelle à être vraiment appliqué. Il faut donc davantage structurer l’ouverture et faire le pari réel du retour sur investissement.

      sur leur temps de travail !

    2. la loi pour une République numérique a également prévu que le code source détenu par une administration constitue un document administratif communicable

      théorique ?

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    1. The public TfL data (or 'open data') released here is for open data users to use in their own software and services.
  26. Jun 2017
    1. Annotations on LN Community Crime Map application for municipal crime mapping. In use currently by SCMPD.

  27. Mar 2017
    1. Posta elettronica certificata (PEC): opendata@cert.comune.palermo.it

      Inserirei anche un email "regolare", solo la PEC è una barriera

  28. Mar 2016
    1. Open data

      Sadly, there may not be much work on opening up data in Higher Education. For instance, there was only one panel at last year’s international Open Data Conference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUtQBC4SqTU

      Looking at the interoperability of competency profiles, been wondering if it could be enhanced through use of Linked Open Data.

  29. Jan 2016