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  1. Aug 2022
    1. in biblical citations, instead of Luke, chap. XV, ver.19, write Luke 16:19

      Is this an indication of the shift of biblical quotations into what is now modern form?



  2. Apr 2022
    1. he Dominican concordance, in using Stephen Langton’s numbering of 1203, made it standard. Verse numbering was first introduced in printed edi-tions of the Bible in the sixteenth century.121

      Through its use, the Dominican concordance of 1247 helped to standardize Stephen Langton's 1203 verse numbering system for the Bible. A more standardized version wasn't seen in printed versions until later in the sixteenth century.

      link to https://hypothes.is/a/XF3kMLabEeyVPmOqIwBrDg

    2. Various divisions of the Bible into chapters appeared between 1190 and 1230; Smalley (1952), 222–24. The Dominican concordance made Langton’s chapter numbering standard; see Rouse and Rouse (1974b), 10. Verse numbering in the Bible was first used by Sante Pagnini (1470–1541) in an edition of Lyon, 1528; see Engammare (2002). But the numbering in the edition of Robert Estienne, 1551, was most influen-tial, diffused in the Geneva Bible of 1560; see Armstrong (1986).
  3. Nov 2021
    1. His baseball glove has the reference for the Bible verse Philippians 4:13 on it, and Hughes has the entire verse ("I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.") tattooed on his left arm.

      I haven't seen Phil Hughes inscribe Bible verses with his autograph.

    1. Rivera's pitching glove was inscribed "Phil. 4:13", in reference to the Bible verse Philippians 4:13 ("I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me").

      Mario Rivera has a very nice autograph, but I haven't ever seen it with a Bible verse inscription.

    1. He has the Bible verse Colossians 3:23 inscribed in his baseball glove.

      It appears he does not inscribe Colossians 3:23 with his autograph.

    1. James has many tattoos, including a partial sleeve on his left arm. The bible verse Psalms 119:105 is tattooed on his forearm. The verse reads, "Thy Word Is a Lamp Unto My Feet and Light Unto My Path."

      But it doesn't appear he inscribes Psalm 119:105 on any of his autographs.

    1. On the strap of his left batting glove, Francoeur has the phrase "Joshua 1:9" written, referencing the Bible verse.

      It appears that he doesn't inscribe Joshua 1:9 on his autographs.

  4. Oct 2021
  5. Jan 2017
    1. It matters not how strait the gate,       How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate,       I am the captain of my soul.

      This poem is written with deliberate craft — it is a fixed verse, rather than a free verse. What evidence of such deliberation can you find? What state of mind does it reveal of the speaker's?

    1. In the Petrarchan sonnet, the sections are broken up into an octave (first eight lines) and a sestet (final six lines). In the Shakespearean sonnet, there are three quatrains (four-line stanzas or sections) and then a couplet. In both types, a volta marks the transition to the final section.

      Here are some terms that you need to learn. "Octave", "Sestet", "quatrain", "couplet", "volta".

    2. The form was adopted and enthusiastically embraced by the English in the Elizabethan period, most notably by Shakespeare, who gave it the structure we commonly think of today: 14 lines of rhymed iambic pentameter.

      This is a key feature of sonnets: remember this.

  6. Oct 2013
    1. Prose, then, is to be rhythmical, but not metrical, or it will become not prose but verse.

      Prose vs. verse.