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  1. Oct 2015
    1. RAJ: There is no other way. Mind you, the key word there is “willingness,” The emphasis is not meant to be placed on the collapse of everything around you. PAUL: Does this mean that the unfoldment cannot be harmonious? RAJ: No it does not. But, you are not going to see that harmony of it when your attention is focused on the appearance. You see, Paul, all of you is always present, and all of you is always functioning. This means there is nothing that exists that can be added to you. What you are doing is already done. What you are learning, you already Know. You are in the process of simply beginning to experience what has always been true of you and as You.

      The journey requires the willingness to allow things to be as they are - without resistance, even when it means drastic change.

      Not that it will happen but the willingness to let that happen is to allow a greater wisdom to guide your life rather than insisting that I must do it - especially when the going gets scary.