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  1. Nov 2022
    1. Even after his death, articles he had written appeared in the CTC Gazette (CTC = Cyclists' Touring Club), such as the description of a wheel with balloon tires and small gears in July 1930, which is considered the first mountain bike or its forerunner. [13] [2] [14]

      Vernon Blake, in a posthumous article in the CTC Gazette from July 1930, wrote a description of a bicycle with balloon tires and small gears, which is now considered the first mountain bike.

  2. Nov 2020
    1. The beauty of the bicycle infrastructure network in Copenhagen is the uniform design of the infrastructure. There are, by and large, four types of infrastructure - all represented in this graphic. Based on the speed limit for cars, you select the appropriate style of infrastructure and off you go.
      • 10-30 kph (under 18 mph): no separation necessary
      • 30-50 kph (18-31 mph): painted bike lanes to the right of the parking lane
      • 50-70 kph (31-43 mph): curb-separated bike lanes to the right of the parking lane
      • 70+ kph (over 43 mph): full median-separated bike lanes
  3. Sep 2018
  4. Apr 2017