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  1. Dec 2021
    1. As Thailand is ranked as the third most favored country in the world for medical and dental tourism with cost savings of 50-75% compared to the US, it is a significant selling point for dental services in Thailand that it can compete with other countries

      medical and dental tourism

  2. Mar 2021
  3. Mar 2020
    1. The mean percentage removal of stains for test group was significantly higher than control group.

      Note that this was a two week study. It's hard to guess whether greater benefit would occur over longer periods.

    1. The mean time taken in the group II (bromelain) was 335.30 seconds which was nearly equal to the mean time of group I (papain) of 352.33 seconds.

      This is slightly longer than normal teeth brushing sessions, but the frequency of brushing implies that my bromelain/papain toothpaste is more than adequate to deal with dental caries. Additionally, carries prior to tooth extraction are generally going to be small, meaning that a single brushing session might remove them.

  4. Nov 2016
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