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  1. Nov 2018
    1. l need to break with longstanding models and adopt “NGDLE thinking,” being open to different approaches and encouraging the com

      This is going to be, in my opinion, one of the hardest roadblocks in adopting NGDLE

    2. ecosystem

      I wonder about the tension inherent in this ecosystem? How free-form will this be? Should there be limits or parameters?

    3. nteroperability and integration

      Integration is the key here--with learning opportunities available in disparate locations, institutions of formal education need to help students make sense of their world and integrate their learning.

    1. Does the widespread and routine collection of student data in ever new and potentially more-invasive forms risk normalizing and numbing students to the potential privacy and security risks?

      What happens if we turn this around - given a widespread and routine data collection culture which normalizes and numbs students to risk as early as K-8, what are our responsibilities (and strategies) to educate around this culture? And how do our institutional practices relate to that educational mission?

  2. Oct 2018
    1. Leveraging Technology to Create Social Readers

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    1. Horizon Report 2018 Higher Education Edition

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    1. Data has value; what do we owe students when we collect their data?

      It would behoove us to be clear about all the "we"s that collect student data: from teachers, to depts, to institutions, to software vendors, to accreditors, to govt agencies, to third parties that harvest data from these other "we"s. Perhaps our first duty is to help students understand the constellation of data collection and sharing they (and we all) participate in, so they can start understanding and be better prepared to make informed choices.