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  1. Jul 2022
    1. @chrisaldrich meet @carterb5. An #edu522 student new to micro blog.

      👋🏼@carterb5 ! I learned all my best tricks from @jgmac1106. And out of nostalgia, it's sometimes fun revisiting all my old notes: boffosocko.com/tag/edu52... Has it already been 4 years?!

  2. Oct 2020
    1. Because students know their work will be used both by their peers and potentially by future generations of students, they invest in this work at a different level.

      I'm wondering if Greg McVerry stated something along these lines at the beginning of EDU522? I suspected he's planning something along these lines, but I'm unsure if it was stated specifically. Students should also know about creative commons and be actively opting in to creating this content as open while they're doing it. They also shouldn't be forced into opening it up, or if they do, not necessarily taking credit for it if they choose not to.

  3. Aug 2018
    1. Aggregating lots of annotations on a single page

      This is what we seek:


    2. Create an IFTTT.com recipe to port your Hypothesis RSS feed into WordPress posts. Generally chose an “If RSS, then WordPress” setup and use the following data to build the recipe:

      I disconnected my IFTT. I ended up breaking my pocket integration and started worrying about data leakage.

      The less third parties the better IMO

    3. I was taken with Ian O’Byrne’s righteous excitement in his video the other day

      Yes we have all been playing with this idea we need to figure a way to build in a page

  4. Jul 2018
    1. I also think as educators we should own what we make, or at least have it released to the Commons. Copyright on teacher created materials in the public school makes little sense. Nobody wants to steal your stuff and no municipality will ever profit on sales. Give it an open license.