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  1. Mar 2022
    1. “I went from running long distances to passing out after walking up a flight of stairs,” Bernstein said. “For quite some time, it really drastically altered my life and the things that I was able to do.”

      symptoms for mono can be: * Fever * Fatigue * Sore throat * Swollen lymph nodes * Sore muscles * Loss of appetite

    2. “If I get Covid, I could very well die. I exercise. I have a good diet. I’m ‘healthy’ apart from the fact that I have one lung. This is a comorbidity that some people think means my life doesn’t matter.”

      Kelly Scaletta points out that even though she tries to keep herself healthy she would still be affected by COVID-19. She doesn't fit "The look" of someone who is sick.

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    1. I didn’t quite understand that until I saw this tweet from Ryan Florence, who is a genius when it comes to explaining the React programming model in ways that normal people can understand — ‘the question is not when does this effect run, the question is with which state does this effect synchronize with?’