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  1. Oct 2023
    1. to be able to leave as well as pick up many traces that lead to emergent patterns relevant to the geographical spot I happen to be in.

      #openvraag If I would try to phrase what such traces would be now, what would my list be? And what channels/tools would one be able to share them in?

    2. That also means that when I am on the road (the hard surfaced ones in the geographical landscape) I don’t want to be cut off from my information landscape in the net. I want to immediately share pictures, get and share info and opinions about the restaurant I am standing in front of wondering whether to have lunch there

      We def got that since this '06 post, but did we get it in the way I intended here? In my 2012 talk https://www.zylstra.org/blog/2012/07/the-power-of-maps-beyond-the-map/ and in slide 31 of https://tonz.nl/foss4gnl/ 2018 I point to a much more socially annotated hyperlocal awareness. Not the generic ratings of coffee places we now get, but the ratings of people known relevant to me. (which doesn't scale, I know: would I rather have specific or no hyperlocal info than generic 'wisdom of crowds" opinions?)

      In https://www.zylstra.org/blog/2012/07/the-power-of-maps-beyond-the-map/ I also mention the different relationship digital 'nomads' are forming to geolocations.

  2. Jun 2022
    1. He's also the co-founder of the hyperlocal community site outside.in.

      It no longer resolves, but outside.in sounds like the sort of project that fits into the sort of space similar to Darius Kazemi's Run Your Own Social.

      Archive.org makes it look like a hyperlocal space done at larger scale though... perhaps in a shape more similar to Patch? https://web.archive.org/web/20090618030413/http://outside.in/