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  1. Sep 2016
    1. Aria! works smoothly by knowing which pieces of red tape can (and should) be bypassed in order to be productive.
    2. Arial's office involves what he calls "constellations" of interconnected practices.
    3. He follows the moves of one office worker, Arial,
    4. Wenger undertakes an ethnographic study of insur-ance claims adjusters
    5. , networks are not human
    6. Networks are not about fixed indexes of meaning
    7. In choosing a topic, how many times have we encouraged students to choose a topic in which they are invested

      Intro, IC.

    8. Without investment in care, both teaching and learning are seen as partial and, perhaps, even tragically flawed.

      Intro, IC (transitional word embedded)

    9. Transformative teaching, writes Micciche, is a matter of our "investment in producing com-passionate citizens

      Intro, IC (embedded)

    10. In Doing Emotion, Laura Micciche reads pedagogy as primarily rooted in particular kinds of feelings like hope and belief.

      Intro, IC

    11. Ideally, once you make this revelation, people will begin to feel an investment

      Intro, DC, IC.

    12. Although the actual means of pursuing this connection is unique to each scholar, there is some tacit agreement about the importance of helping stu-dents see the relevance of public issues in their individual lives.

      DC, IC.

    13. As Jeff Smith recommends in his attempt to combat the political passivity of "illegeracy," people "naturally take an interest in things that affect their lives, particularly if they feel it's up to them how those things will be decided.

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