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  1. Jan 2019
    1. the tribal storehouse of valued images demonstrates the success ofparticular values and narratives in the face of dispute, apathy, or other reactions.

      Kind of sounds like Le Guin's idea of viewing a certain parts of works as a carrier instead of a weapons provides an outcome that is "good".

    1. The wonderful, poisonous story of Botulism. The killer story

      This seems to provide a connection to the botulism definition earlier in the text. Maybe she was referring to heroism being a poisonous due to it being imperfect and only including the "male" aspect of the story.

  2. Feb 2017
    1. The superiority of the metaphorto the simile, and of a suggestive to an "exhaustive" style, lies, as ha,; been shown, in each case-partly, at least-in the stimulating power of the fonner; and the same may be said of the superiority of"words that bum" over those of the cold understanding, and of an or-derly over a loose arrangement.

      Looks like Nietzsche isn't the only one who loves the potential that metaphor provides.

      Although Nietzsche's argumentation is quite emotionally cold, so I wonder if Hill would find him using simile more appropriate. Or does Nietzsche's burning zingers and exhaustive outlook give him a better case?