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    1. The wonderful, poisonous story of Botulism. The killer story

      This seems to provide a connection to the botulism definition earlier in the text. Maybe she was referring to heroism being a poisonous due to it being imperfect and only including the "male" aspect of the story.

    2. her"/Jism, defined as"botulism.

      Botulism comes from the the German Botulismus which pretty much means sausage which is a the source of the botulin toxin which was discovered around 1897. Botulism is potentially fatal now, but in the past was extremely fatal. Maybe I am looking into this too much, but was Woolf trying to make heroism seem like something that was poisonous due to it being imperfect or did she just redefine it because it sounded different?

  3. Apr 2017
    1. new discursive resources for onvu,J women writer

      Woolf was quite versed in this since she was dertermined to write about her agenda without catching the attention of those who wish to ban books with her topics of choice.

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    1. INTERVIEWER On the subject of being a woman writer in a man’s world, you’ve mentioned A Room of One’s Own as a touchstone. LE GUIN My mother gave it to me. It is an important book for a mother to give a daughter. She gave me A Room of One’s Own and Three Guineas when I was a teenager. So she corrupted me thoroughly, bless her heart. Though you know, in the 1950s, A Room of One’s Own was kind of tough going. Writing was something that men set the rules for, and I had never questioned that. The women who questioned those rules were too revolutionary for me even to know about them. So I fit myself into the man’s world of writing and wrote like a man, presenting only the male point of view. My early books are all set in a man’s world.