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  1. Aug 2023
  2. Jul 2018
    1. “I support a social transition for a kid who is in distress and needs to live in a different way. And I do so because I am very focused on what the child needs at that time,” said Johanna Olson-Kennedy, medical director of the Center for Transyouth Health and Development at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the largest transgender youth clinic in the United States with some 750 patients. A social transition to the other gender helps children learn, make friends, and participate in family activities. Some will decide later they are not transgender, but Olson-Kennedy says the potential harm in such cases may be overstated.

      This is one of the major problems in how so many approach this whole issue weather as a topic or in deciding a course of action for their own child. Furthermore the possibility of that happiness now rests on either on secrecy and passing or as is more often the case today it rests on the cooperation and orchestration of a comprehensive enough segment of the total people with whom your child is interacting to support this transition. What if we did that for gay kids. How much different would things be if tital 9 applied to all gender nonconforming kids even those who identified as gay? What if 12 states didn't have laws against speaking positively about gay as an identity in schools. What if parents where expected to do the work to insure that a self identified gay student was provided a social network for similarly identified adults and young people. And for just about any teen how might life be different emotionally speaking if we had been chemically castrated during our teen years. What if gay kids had the same wealth of support materials - public discourse etc. The reaason they don't is because we can not deal with their difference and we can not deal with it being about their sexual desire because we are unnerved by a the fact that children can identify and feel and act on sexual interests at a very young age. Gay kids know this and that is a big hurdle to comming out. I wished so much to have a boyfirend then I felt I could come out because it wouldn't mean telling my parents that I think about boys in a sexual way but I love this boy and won't deny him to anyone. No sad to say as was noted when oposition was initially raised amoung APA members over the introduction of GID to the DSM when they stated that it may just be that gay is a normal healthy worthy course of human development that as part of that process involves being in some way emotionally maimed by which they meant that there are certain painfull encounters with being different than ones own parents and most people in your community that gay people by dfinitioon must edure and untill society changes being gay is known to be a bad undesirable thing by children at a tremendously young age. So to be and develop as a person who is homosexual is not going to happen without certain paiuns and obsticles that others can easily avoid and mostly do.

  3. Sep 2017
    1. writing for an audience,” not only encourages people to write more

      Yes, central to his argument.

    2. Thompson claims that in today’s age, there are a lot more writers than before, he adds that the usage of Internet and social media platforms have modified the way that writers carry themselves

      Excellent - this is indeed one of Thompson's key points. (Perhaps "carry themselves" could be a bit more precise).

    3. Overall, I really enjoyed both of these texts since they both brought a lot of information to light.

      Great post - enjoyed reading it.

    4. rely risen at all. More astonishly, that today’s freshman-comp essays are over six times longer than they were back then, and generally more complex.” (67) This is an important claim because it is coming from someone who has actually digested and studied student’s writing over the years, which includes before and during the rise of social media platforms. This type of research specifically, is something I would be interested in looking into.

      Great observation - bravo.

    5. or she may be one of many. I would’ve liked to see him provide more evidence behind that claim.

      I agree that Thompson's evidence for this claim seems fishy. I believe his larger point is on solid ground, but he exaggerates and his reasoning seems sloppy, which undermines his ethos.

    6. Thompson emphasizes the idea that “Literacy in North America has historically been focused mainly on reading, not writing; consumption, not production.” (50)

      I really like that you have selected this quotation since it is often glossed over in readings of Thompson's work but is very important, particularly for scholars of the history of literacy. In some respects this is the most radical dimension of new media. It could signal a shift in the nature of mass literacy.