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  1. Jun 2023
  2. Mar 2023
    1. That from and after the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and eight, it shall not be lawful to import or bring into the United States or the territories thereof from any foreign kingdom, place, or country, any negro, mulatto, or person of colour, with intent to hold, sell, or dispose of such negro, mulatto, or person of colour, as a slave, or to be held to service or labour.

      This was an Act happening in 1808 which was act passed to prohibit the importation of slavery. Slave labor was intended to be stopped, Though we can see a different style of slave labor, which happen due to Jim crow laws. This document also talks about the ban of importation of slaves into foreign kingdoms and the use of slave labor of color. Though this act was not necessarily since the use of slave carry on in the united states just in a different way. Also when it comes to foreign kingdoms we see people like King Leopold still using Slave labor which took awhile before it was stopped.

  3. Aug 2022
    1. 小鹏P7车主称,事故发生时正在使用LCC(车道居中辅助系统)功能,并将速度设定为高架限速的80公里每小时。事故发生之前车辆预警并未照常响起,再加上车主当时走神,导致了悲剧的发生。小鹏汽车在用户手册中数次提及,LCC 是一项辅助驾驶功能,并不是完全意义上的自动驾驶,驾驶员仍旧需要在LCC功能启用后始终将手握住方向盘,并在必要时刻接管方向盘。此外,手册还称,驾驶员有责任时刻保持警惕,安全驾驶,并掌控车辆。切勿依靠系统来应对突发的紧急情况。务必观察前方路况并准备随时采取纠正措施,否则可能导致严重伤害或死亡。
  4. Jul 2018
    1. Commentary: At Lansing Community College in Michigan, OER has been transformative. The college's librarian describes what it will take to make OER work long-term.

      Regina Gong outlines the OER program at Lansing Community College.

  5. May 2018