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  1. Jul 2019
    1. earners need to feel a sense of belonging and be able to make meaningful contributions to a community in order to experience connected learning. Groups that foster connected learning have shared

      I don't think real positive change or learning can occur unless a student feels safe, welcomed, and like they belong. See Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

  2. Jul 2017
    1. According to Maslow, individuals must meet the needs at the lower levels of the pyramid before they can successfully be motivated to tackle the next levels.
    2. eople become actualized to accomplish higher motives only after they have fulfi lled certain basic needs

      Basic needs must be fulfilled FIRST!

    1. In addition to external standards, we also consider the needs of our students when designing learning experiences. For example, student interests, developmental levels, and previous achievements influence our designs

      For me, this is where Maslow comse inot play. Some students have other needs that need to be meet before you can dive into a standard with them.