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  1. Mar 2022
    1. The IT Equipment Room (MER, SER and DER) guidelines

      It is clear that the Equipment_Rooms (MER, SER and DER) are important spaces for a company. Much of the business depends on these spaces. That is why many companies draw up minimal guidelines to ensure continuity.

  2. May 2021
    1. For example, if you were researching the pros and cons of encouraging healthy eating in children, you would want to separate your sources to find which ones agree with each other and which ones disagree.

      Though of course you'll want to acknowledge such as they pertain to your thesis. Your job will not often be to cover every point of comparison.

    2. explanatory syntheses and argumentative syntheses.

      Let's ask general questions about our sources. How do they differ in trying to provide information and perspective on the same topic or event? How do they come to distinct conclusions or points?

    3. Note that synthesizing is not the same as summarizing. 

      The idea of synthesis is to use the original source's ideas to make your points. Any summary detail is only as important as what it can do to help you synthesize.

    4. When you look for areas where your sources agree or disagree and try to draw broader conclusions about your topic based on what your sources say, you are engaging in synthesis.

      Do remember that disagreements can come in degrees, and are more than just a yes vs no or pro vs con. Do any of your sources disagree on fine points in a larger argument, or speak with a different force?

  3. Sep 2018