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  1. Jul 2019
    1. Effect of temperature on xylanase activity
    2. Effect of pH on xylanase activity
    3. Effect of various carbon sourceson xylanase activity
    4. Assayof xylanase activity
    5. Dinitrosalicylate reagent (DNS)(per liter)
    6. Citrate phosphate buffer
    7. Reagents
    8. Xylanase activity
    9. Harvesting of cultures
    10. Enzyme production (EP) medium
    11. Inoculum preparation
    12. Sporulation medium used for Trichodermasp
    13. Maintenance of Trichodermasp. culture
    14. Sterilization
    15. Materials for xylanase induction
    16. Induction of xylanase from Trichodermasp
  2. Jun 2019
  3. May 2019
    1. Most chemicals were obtained from commercial sources. The sources for some of the fine chemicals used in this study are given below. Most of the chemicals such as amino acids, antibiotics, sugars, IPTG, ONPG and X-gal were obtained from Sigma Chemical Co. The media components for the growth of bacteria were routinely from Himedia. The materials used in the recombinant DNA experiments such as restriction endonucleases, T4 DNA ligase, DNA polymerases for PCR amplification and DNA size markers were obtained from companies including New England Biolabs and Fermentas. Quiagen or HiPura Kits used for plasmid isolation, purification of DNA fragments. The oligonucleotide primers used in this study were mainly synthesized on order by Ocimum Biosolutions or MWG Biotech Pvt. Ltd
    2. Chemicals