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  1. Nov 2015
    1. In this section, we move outward from in-game, beyond in-room, to connections we havefound in our ethnographic data between in-game play and young people’s wider fields ofexperience “in-world.”

      Almost the definition of multisited ethnography

    2. our goal isnotto provide causal explanations of transfer between videogame play and other life activities, but rather to provide a set of careful descriptions of how“in-game” activity is tangled up with activity “in-room,” and in the wider worlds of activitythat young people inhabit.

      I like thinking of this game play as "tangled up with other cultural practices." I see this as multisited work, and actually helps me understand the interconnectedness of multisited work better.

    1. impossible to cre-ate clear boundaries between online and offline, and our participants did not seem tocare much about such a distinction in their interactions. Some of our observations inWhyville provided further evidence in support of merged realities

      I see this as related to multi-sited work. If virtual spaces are a real piece of a person's experiences, learning, understanding, and development - it seems inappropriate to dismiss it as "not real." Especially then if you start to consider who has the authority to dismiss it.

    1. Thescale-making project has also created new forms of expertise in the neighbor-hood exemplified in the practices of thepromotoras,who have developed a newlyvalued skill set, including how to design and grow gardens, communicate with amultilingual group of residents with a range of experiences with gardening, listenand respond to resident concerns, and organize for collective action

      It happened! Multisited ethnography providing evidence for multisited learning! Good for the promotoras, adding on top of the aforementioned grant!

    2. This expansion, fueled by the cofoundersof the nonprofit’s desire to improve food access for a broader population in theneighborhood, has been met with some frustration on the part of thepromotoras,who value the focus on the Mexican community

      This was the opportunity for a real multi-sited learning as the different practices accros cultures are to be shared, but then the researchers leave the place. Missed opportunity, sure.