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  1. Jun 2023
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    1. Streaming allows you to break down the page's HTML into smaller chunks and progressively send those chunks from the server to the client.

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  8. Jun 2021
    1. It wasn't as straightforward as I thought it would be, so I've written this blog post for anyone who's trying to do the same with their NextJS blog.

      I recall Monica Powell writing a bit about this with some video a while back.

      Perhaps not as useful after-the-fact, but her post is hiding on in the see also section of https://indieweb.org/Webmention where I've archived a copy of your article as well. Maybe the IndieWeb wiki needs a NextJS page to make this a bit more findable?

      Perhaps the similarities and differences in your approaches will help others in the future.

  9. Nov 2020
    1. import dynamic from 'next/dynamic'; const IonHeader = dynamic( async () => { const mod = await import('@ionic/react'); return mod.IonHeader; }, { ssr: false } // this is what makes it work ); export default () => ( <IonHeader> </IonHeader> );