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  1. Aug 2020
  2. Dec 2015
    1. 1. 1. A musical pizza box comprising: a box material foldable into a pizza box having a lid hingedly attached to a base; anda pizza box audio module comprising: a speaker;a microchip board capable of receiving a microchip mounted on the microchip board;at least one power source;electrical wiring electrically connecting the speaker, the microchip board, and the power source; andan activation mechanism;wherein the pizza box audio module is coupled to the box material such that when the box material is folded to form the pizza box, the microchip is mounted to the microchip board, and the lid is moved from a closed state to an opened state, the activation mechanism is triggered to cause any recorded audio message stored on the microchip to be emitted by the speaker.

      I would really like my pizza delivered in a musical pizza box.