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  1. Aug 2023
    1. beautiful cities have six qualities
      • for: beautiful cities - qualities, comparison - American vs European cities
      • paraphrase
        • qualities of a beautiful city
          • orderly, but not homogenous
          • they have visible life
          • they are compact, not sprawling
          • have both orientation and mystery
          • appealing scale with ideal height of 5 stories
  2. Feb 2023
    1. hyper objects are viscous molten non-local phased an inter object if
      • = hyperobject qualities
        • viscous
        • molten
        • non-local
        • interobjective
  3. Oct 2019
    1. truth and immediacy. On this theory, the only good literary texts are realist ones.

      Truth and immediacy might also not be eternal or sustainable categories...

    2. It is with postmodernism that the hunger for novelty begins to fade. Postmodern theory does not rate originality very highly. It has put revolution well behind it. Instead, it embraces a world in which everything is a recycled, translated, parodied or derivative version of something else.

      Postmodernism wnats to make new without claiming it's new -- since everything has been done before, but also we can violate the rules of the past.

    3. Romantics, men and women are creative spirits with an inexhaustible power to transform their world.

      Romanticism viewed the world, and individuals, in such a wy that it also implied a different value in literature.

    4. The modernist work of art takes a stand against a world in which everything seems standardised, stereotyped and prefabricated.

      Modernism builds off Romanticism. How do we make sense of Duchamp, Log (even Cage -- who might be classified as postmodern) ... resistance to conformity.

    5. rich and strange

      Eagleton concludes description of Romantic world view with a summation of what is most valued in a work of art or literature "rich and strange.

    6. Novelty was a kind of eccentricity. The crea-tive imagination was dangerously close to idle fantasy. In any case, innovation was strictly speaking impossible. There could be no new moral truths. It would have been outrageously inconsiderate of God not to have revealed to us from the outset the few, simple precepts necessary for our salvation.

      Different ideas about qualities to evaluate may not be accident, but can be linked with broader world view and even politics of an era.

    7. originality

      Often seen as important now, but not always.

    8. Depth of insight, truth-to-life, formal unity, universal appeal, moral complexity, verbal inventiveness, imaginative vision:

      Eagleton gives a suggestive range of qualities, but he hints that they are contingent -- i.e. have risen/fallen in importance over time. Why? And who effects this?

  4. Jan 2017
    1. The area, comprising about one square mile, is enclosed by a concrete wall seven feet high and covered with barbed wire.

      This camp seems very small and it's not a good place to be kept when its cramped with a lot of people.

  5. Sep 2015
    1. ITM is based on the theory of temperament. Temperament is a quality resulting from the interaction of opposite properties present in elements consisting of minute particles. Thus, a uniform quality occurs which is present in all of them. Hotness, coldness, moistness, and dryness are four temperaments that naturally occur in every existingsubstance including living creatures (2)

      These temperments match up with the four-fold alchemical division that uses the same four qualities of heat, cold, moisture and dryness.

  6. Sep 2013
    1. We shall learn the qualities of governments in the same way as we learn the qualities of individuals, since they are revealed in their deliberate acts of choice; and these are determined by the end that inspires them.

      Qualities of governments and qualities of the individual.

    1. oratory is good only if it has the qualities of fitness for the occasion,(15) propriety of style, and originality of treatmen

      Qualities of good oratory