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  1. Feb 2023
    1. Bateson defines schismogenesis as a “creation of division.”

      Definition of = schismogenesis

      • Gregory Bateson defines this in his book Steps to an Ecology of Mind,
      • defines schismogenesis as = a “creation of division.”
      • The term derives from the Greek words σχίσμα skhisma, “cleft,” (borrowed into English as schism), and γένεσις genesis, “generation” or “creation.”
      • Bateson claimed that we human beings define ourselves and each other through schismogenesis.
  2. Dec 2021
    1. Geertz 2001. Academics are very prone to a phenomenoncalled ‘schismogenesis’, which we will be exploring at variouspoints in this book.

      schismogenesis - a portmanteau word comprised of schism and genesis and meant to describe the beginnings of arguments which divide people or ideas from each other.

      G&W use the controversy of anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon from the 1970s and his work with the Yanomami peoples of southern Venezuela and northern Brazil as an example of this.