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  1. Sep 2017
    1. ‘Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills’ programme funded by Intel, Cisco and Microsoft and led by the University of Melbourne

      soft skills project

    2. ‘transversal competencies’, ‘non-academic skills’ and ‘non-cognitive skills’

      synonyms for "intangible skills", "21C skills", "soft skills"

    3. ‘Soft’ and ‘complementary’ skills, including ‘twenty-first century skills’,

      Area 4 of educational focus

    4. cognitive domain r
    5. intrapersonal domain
    6. interpersonal domain
    7. Foster ‘soft’ and ‘complementary’ digital skills: Incorporation of ‘twenty-first century skills’ into national curricula; development and promotion of practical programmes that aim to inform and safeguard digital safety; implications of online activities; development of digital literacy and citizenship; knowledge of digital rights; and awareness of how digital technology, big data and algorithms shape society.

      soft/complementary digital skills