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  1. Aug 2022
    1. First, it taught me that there was a history to this stuff, and it also expanded the frontiers of what I understood I was doing

      'History of stuff' not being seen is a recurring pattern. e.g. wrt Luhmann vs commonplacing, in the Roam/Obsidian wave e.g. wrt open data around 2010 when there was little realisation of efforts by re-users to get to the PSI Directive, only the new wave of coders using the fact it existed.

      It's also a repeating pattern in generations. Open Space and unconferencing e.g. needs to be retaught with every new wave of people. The open web of two decades ago needs to be explained to those now starting their professional work using online tools.

      Spaced repetition for groups/society?

      In order to expand understanding what one is actually doing / building on.

      Doet me denken aan die '90s exchange student die me ooit vroeg of ik geschiedenis studeerde ipv elektro: ik legde bij alles ook het ontwikkelingspad uit.

  2. Dec 2021
    1. Mathematician Dan Rockmore writes about Eureka Moments and ‘Backburner Ideas’. Stories about great minds and discoveries tend to highlight the Eureka Moments (When everything falls into place and the solution is found), but do not lay an accurate emphasis on the amount of work it took for the those ideas to simmer, cook, and mix with other ideas and develop at the back of their creator’s minds (Backburner Ideas)

      Eureka moments & Backburner Ideas

      • like I hear jeyamohan eureka moments but dont know backburner zettel PKM systems