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  1. Oct 2021
  2. Sep 2020
    1. wait a little

      This is the third time that Sergeant Cuff is saying “Wait a little” to Betteredge. This phrase, although creating an aura of mystery/suspense, reminds me of the request at the beginning of the novel to the family to suspend judgment until the story is over (and thus maybe is a reminder to the reader?). However, the phrase is also kind of funny to me because at this point, “wait[ing] a little” to the audience really has the opposite effect, despite the suspense the phrase creates: instead of putting down the book and literally waiting, we actually want to keep reading. This makes me think that there might be an interesting way to measure suspense in literature (this one being some kind of technique through reverse psychology?)

  3. Jan 2020
  4. Aug 2019
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