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  1. Oct 2020
  2. Mar 2020
  3. Oct 2018
    1. A mood assails us. It comes neither from ‘outside’ nor from ‘inside’, but arises out of Being-in-the-world, as a way of such Being.

      Heidegger: "A mood assails us ... neither from 'outside' nor from inside" || Stimmung is essentially atropic even though its effects are apotropaic. Dasein's awareness /anxiety of death does not properly turn up anywhere in the world but, rather, emerges or emanates from it. The turning "round and then back" strikes me as an attempt to ward off something in tangible in one's visual field -- to turn it back from whence it came. But this is not possible for tropes that constitute Dasein's disclosedness in primordially.

  4. Oct 2013
    1. For it is not enough to know what we ought to say; we must also say it as we ought;


  5. Sep 2013
    1. it smothers truth, and pouring false ideas into our ears, it leaves no man among our citizens secure from an unjust death