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  1. Nov 2015
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    1. young people forge new connections and forms of resistance, and partici-pate in the creation of hybrid environments and tools

      This has me thinking of the youth activism piece on intent participation. Using this lens I think would have helped add to the study in ways I was hoping even when I read it - what did participation in the youth activist groups mean in terms of the rest of those youth's daily lives? And what aspects of those lives were they bringing into the activist setting that went hidden without this kind of lens?

  3. Oct 2015
    1. It emphasizes how adults help to structure children’s developmental tra-jectories and also the active participation by children in these processes.

      Thinking through this with a Holland et al lens, Kirshner might say: Those trajectories become embedded within a figured world which develops new identities.

    2. Michelle, the program director, ex-plained that she saw her role as supporting youth in making decisions but not mak-ing decisions for them.

      Promoting an environment where children can make their own decisions

    3. In a youth empowerment context, adults are frequently viewed as obstacles toaccess rather than exemplars to emulate, for example by making decisions withoutthe input of youth (Hogan, 2002), creating only token opportunities for youth par-ticipation (O’Donoghue, Kirshner, & McLaughlin, 2002), or promoting punitivepolicies toward minors

      The identity development of youth in this aspect, how I view it, is VERY limiting. In this example, their social partners are not necessarily pushing the youth to accomplish more.

    4. Through interaction with public officials and community members, such groupschallenge social constructions of youth of color as apathetic or uninvolved

      This includes mutual involvement from the individual and their social partner, but does this limit minority youth to only thinking they can be involved in youth activism at this level?