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  1. Sep 2015
    1. Elbows and legs, people trying to get out of the way and then out of the room.

      So did anyone actually survive this? (Other than that adminstrator and the assistant?)

    2. Gang Lu looks around the room with expressionless eyes. He’s sick of physics and sick of the buffoons who practice it. The tall glacial German, Chris, who tells him what to do; the crass idiot Bob, who talks to him as if he is a dog; the student Shan, whose ideas about plasma physics are treated with reverence and praised at every meeting. The woman who puts her feet on the desk and dismisses him with her eyes.

      This is basically the explanation we get for his motivation.

    3. The New Yorker Store

      Who wants to go shopping?! :D

    4. carrying zucchini

      what the heck was the point of the zucchini?

    5. Trump and Obama: A Night to Remember

      Oh man, what could've possibly happened?!

    6. Most Popular

      This is the most popular right now. Apparently.

    7. The Fourth State of Matter

      It's a reference to plasma. Plasma is the fourth state of matter.

    8. And for an instant I saw myself from their vantage point across the room—Jo Ann—and a small bubble of self-esteem percolated up from my depths.

      This is the first time she actually says her name in the story.