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  1. Sep 2016
    1. design this class, I found I was seeking an experience of learning

      Just highlighting and annotating the obvious, lest we forget. There is so much of design = pathway to objectives that I want to linger over, signal boost, Mia's fundamental point: design = the learning experience. A crucial distinction.

  2. Aug 2016
    1. an open environment.

      Have tried to comment on this three times and cancelled. Four times. Will have to come back here later.

    2. It is a different thing, a set of education policies, investment decisions, and IT practices that actively create and maintain class boundaries through strictures that discriminate against specific groups.

      Highlighted this in response to Jeremy's comment above about filters. Institutional practices and policies are the focus here as well as the physical infrastructure for IT, available equipment.

    3. reinforce restrictive pedagogies.

      Yes: last AY, all administrative control was removed from our laptops. Faculty cannot download any software without justifying it to IT first. Cannot, e.g. download Gephi or Twine, and programminghistorian.org simply says "site unavailable."

    4. Because she's a community college student, it's likely that she is hemmed in by many invisible boundaries. When she uses journal storage (through JSTOR), she is probably using one of its smaller versions that offer far fewer journals.

      This is so very true where I work (CC), though in our system, our students and faculty can often see what they are not allowed to access: full text not available. But entire important databases are not available to our students and they don't know it, along with the missing larger JSTOR et al.

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