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  1. Oct 2016
    1. A rat crept softly through the vegetation

      This line stands out because it seems that it doesn't fit. The book is filled with images of fire and bones. All of a sudden there is life in the rat and the vegetation.

    2. Gentile or Jew

      A link to the Bible with a mention of the Gentile or the Jew. Interesting that this was added to this book. Maybe a link to when Moses split the Red Sea

    3. He who was living is now dead We who were living are now dying

      This line really strikes me because, all his books are about death and it seems that no matter if you are living or dead, your always dead or surrounded by death either yourself or the people around you. It also reminds me of the walking dead, they are surrounded by the dead and are dying one by one.

    4. And the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief,

      Already this book is filled with lots of death but this line really stands out. He says it as if the tree should give shelter but a dead tree is weak and rotten.

    5. Doubled the flames of sevenbranched candelabra

      This book brings out a lot of images of light, which is the opposite of death from the first book. The flames rise and doubles which really expresses the emphasis on the rising of the light.

  2. Sep 2016
    1. happy

      Is she actually happy? She says it so much as if she is trying to convince herself.

    2. Lily ice-cream

      What is lily ice cream? Makes me think it tastes like lavender nor something of that nature.

    3. Weeds

      Why do weeds need papers?

    1. traveler

      He is still a traveler and he talks of his journey of two roads. He is traveling as two but still a traveler. He goes the way that most people don't go. A true traveler.

    2. deep.

      He is deep into the woods just like I feel he feels deep pain as he wanders the wood on his horse

    3. queer

      Queer relates to how strange the night is. He is in the woods and he sees this house but the man who lives there will not see him. Its somewhat strange that he is out in the cold as it snows and isn't inside staying warm

    1. dull

      The webs of discontent are dull rather than eccentric or any in the way of vibrant.

    2. road

      The road is his and he is alone and can say what he wants without anyone to hear it. Its curious that he said road and not hill or town.

    3. you

      The speaker now uses you to bring us into the poem. It makes the reader really think about ourselves in the poem.

    1. A colonial mansion, a hereditary estate, I would say a haunted house, and reach the height of romantic felicity—but that would be asking too much of fate! Still I will proudly declare that there is something queer about it.

      As I am reading this I feel like I am reading the words of woman who speaks in a very proper way. His language is fluid and precise.

    1. But the facing of so vast a prejudice could not but bring the inevitable self-questioning, self-disparagement, and lowering of ideals which ever accompany repression and breed in an atmosphere of contempt and hate

      A real sense of will power here. I can only imagine to live a life of prejudice and have to fight for so much. You have to have a lot of self love.

    1. The secret of education still hid itself somewhere behind ignorance, and one fumbled over it as feebly as ever.

      The thing one desires most is always so complicated to achieve even when it is easy. Sometimes you have to just kinda force through what is thought to be true.

    2. Where he saw sequence, other men saw something quite different, and no one saw the same unit of measure.

      I don't know why but this line stuck with me for a few lines as I thought about it. It mattered so much to him to get his result no matter what others saw and/or believed. It shows his will and grit.

    3. he began to feel the forty-foot dynamos as a moral force, much as the early Christians felt the Cross.

      I like the relation to bible. It made me understand the importance of the dynamos. The cross was a symbol of their God and his forgiveness.

  3. Aug 2016
    1. Out of the acids of rage, the candor of tar, Out of creosote, gasoline, drive shafts, wooden dollies,

      From this line on I began to read the poem in a more violent tone. "acids of rage" really stuck out to me

    2. They feed they Lion and he comes.

      Throughout the entire poem, I have felt a connection to the bible and this final line really strengthens it. The bible uses the image of the lion constantly. Daniel and Lions den, Lion and the lamb, ect.

    3. From “Bow Down” come “Rise Up,”

      This line makes me think of a King, feels like an uprising of sorts.