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    1. A graduate, she was an ardent fan of India's national poet, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. She was a vocalist of Rabindra Sangeet and performed in the poet's dance-dramas for many years not only in different parts of India, but also in Europe, Asia and Africa

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    1. There has been some thinking in recent times that ICT based learning should supplement rather than replace the local teachers. In fact, ICT should alsobe used to enhance the capabilities of the local teachers and empower them in all possible

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    1. Don't inject scripts a

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    2. browser loses focus


    3. If your extension depends on the page content then you can inject scripts that analyze the page and inject divs accordingly. You can send analyzed data back to the extension and open a popup but thats an additional step. If your extension has nothing to do with the specific page then you would be better off using a popup.

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    1. A browser plugin is a piece of javascript or c++ code that has to be installed into the browser. It is much more powerful having access to the browser's apis. For example a plugin can perform actions on every page load without user intervention whereas a bookmarklet only executes when the user presses the bookmark..

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    1. If the user can grant that access, the application can retrieve the unique identifier for establishing the profile (identity) using the APIs.


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    2. Baker, R.S.J.d. ; Corbett, A.T. ; Gowda, S.M. ; Wagner, A.Z. ; MacLaren, B.M. ; Kauffman, L.R. ; Mitchell, A.P. ; and Giguere, S. 2010 . Contextual Slip and Prediction of Student Performance After Use of an Intelligent Tutor. In Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization, 52 - 63. Hilo, Hawaii
    3. checked across observers for inter - rater reliability. Then classification algorithms such as J48 decision trees are used to infer what actions the student was engaging in during the period of time labeled as gaming the system. Features such as repeated fast errors on poorly known skills were found to be indicative of gaming

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    4. In this work, Lee and Brunskill fit a separate Knowledge Tracing model to each student’s data. This involv ed fitting four parameters: initial probability o f mastery, probability of transitioning from unmastered to mastered, probability of giving an incorrect answer if the student has mastered the skill, and probability of giving a correct answer if the student has not mastered the skill. Each student’s model is fit using a combination of Expectation Maximization (EM) combined with a brute force search

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