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  1. Dec 2019
    1. Amoshaun Toft

      Welcome to my academic website. You can find out more on the "Bio" page. You can also find some of my radio related work at http://uwave.fm and http://pnwradio.net - onwards! Amoshaun




  2. May 2019
  3. Mar 2019
    1. Annotating Suffrage

      Welcome! You're invited to annotate any or all of the suffrage and anti-suffrage handbills in this online gallery. What strikes you? puzzles you? moves you? What can you add to help us all understand these historic documents?

      Thanks for participating!

  4. Feb 2019
    1. Welcome to my webpage. Here you can post any notes, comments etc...

  5. Apr 2018
    1. The present is sticky.  The Long Now became the Long Right Now, somehow. This is not what we had in mind when we philosophised about atemporality, but it's probably what we deserved.
    1. Ciao,

      benvenuto in Hypothesis!

      Hypothesis nasce dal progetto AnnotateIt ( http://annotateit.org), ora dismesso, e permette di creare annotazioni su qualsiasi pagina web , pdf ed epubs.

      L'idea di fondo era giĂ  venuta a Google con SideWiki (https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Sidewiki) che dal 2009 al 2011 aveva permesso

      Una alternativa a Hypothesis è diigo.com, in funzione da diversi anni , potente ma con piani free e a pagamento a seconda della quantità di annotazioni prese ...

      Con Hypothesis invece non si hanno limiti apparenti, il progetto è gestito da una organizzazione non profit che sviluppa codice open source (v. https://web.hypothes.is/about/)

  6. Oct 2017
    1. it also turns out that neural networks and data mining in general are really good at reinforcing the prejudices of their programmers, and embedding them in hardware. Here's a racist hand dryer — it's proximity sensor simply doesn't work on dark skin! Engineers with untested assumptions about the human subjects of their machines can wreak havoc.)

      racism? in my algorithms because of the biases of the people who designed them? it's more likely than you think.

  7. Mar 2017
    1. In many ways, it’s precisely this union of science and magic that needs to be bottled and tirelessly cultivated if VR is to win the favor of mass audiences.
  8. Sep 2016
    1. If "social memory" can be defined as "how and what social groups remember," then digital culture, as Richard Rinehart and Jon Ippolito point out, changes both the how and the what of social memory.
    1. Even some of the world's largest companies live in constant "fear of Google"; sudden banishment from search results, YouTube, AdWords, Adsense, or a dozen other Alphabet-owned platforms can be devastating.
  9. Jul 2016
  10. Jun 2015
  11. May 2015
    1. The Early Caribbean Digital Archive + CoLab is a digital project to support sustained, open, collaborative research and learning of early Caribbean literary and cultural histories. The ongoing building of the ECDA digital repository and CoLab knowledge commons is through the gracious efforts of our growing ECDA+CoLab Scholars community and the support of undergraduate, graduate, and faculty colleagues in Northeastern University’s NULab: for Texts, Maps, and Networks and the Digital Scholarship Group