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  1. Sep 2019
    1. to false d

      Dichotomy: Division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups.

      Big word, never knew what it meant before, thought it might help

    2. o the old Ne

      Old new critics? Isn't that contradictory?

    1. Lycidas is attending the marriage of the lamb:

      Now I wish I'd paid more attention in Sunday school. I'm not certain what the "marriage of the lamb" means.

    2. so byinsisting that the poetic impulse could not be fulfilled unless the sexualimpulse was repressed, Milton was in effect creating an equivalence betweenthem.

      This sounds very similar to how many some people today believe that as both are an act of creation, there are some similarities between writing and reproduction from a certain philosophical point of view.

    3. Away with you, sleep-destroying worries' away with you'complainrs, and the squinting eye of envy with its crooked goatish look. Donot stretch your snaky f aws at me, cruel calumny' Your whole filthy gangcan do me no harm: I am not within your power. I shall stride on in safetywith an unwounded heart, lifted high above your viperous sting'

      I love this particular quote. Milton's defense of his choice to become a poet instead of following a more stable and more lucrative career is kind of inspiring. Here you can see he believes so strongly in his choice that he feels he is safer than any other choice.

    4. As C. S. Lewis once observed in a lecture, to complainhecause Milton sounds unmoved by grief h Lycidas is like complainingbecause the organist playing the funeral march does not break down in tearsduring the burial service.

      An excellent quote from, arguably, one of the best authors ever. Milton was detached from the subject, not being extremely close to King, and so he is potentially in a good position to write this poetic memorial to King. By being detached from the subject he can potentially have a better view of the subject.

    5. \7herethere is leisure for fiction, there is little grief.

      This quote jumped out at me. Basically, if you have enough free time that you can spend it on something like writing, how hard can your life really be?

    6. Although Milton does not appear to havel', r'rr u particularly close friend of King's, he was nevertheless invited to con-rrrlrrrlc to the collection

      This just goes to show how talented Milton was, that even though he was not a big part in King's life, the people putting the collection together had such respect for Milton's skill that they asked him to contribute to what was essentially a memorial to King.