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  1. Jan 2017
    1. Participatory culture shiftsthe focus of literacy from oneof individual expression tocommunity involvemen

      enforcing a sense of community and working together.

    2. Richardson, Lawver, Ross, and Meeter are the future politicians, activists, educators, writers,entrepreneurs, and media makers.

      It is insane to see such success out of young kids with the use of technology

    3. Educators must work together to ensure that every American young person has access to theskills and experiences needed to become a full participant, can articulate their understanding of

      The shift in generations and their view on the media is very clear. When I was in school (not college) we would stray away from the use of technology and media. Now, you see elementary and middle school students with laptops.

    4. Affiliations— memberships, formal and informal, in online communities centeredaround various forms of media, such as Friendster, Facebook, message boards,metagaming, game clans, or MySpace).Expressions— producing new creative forms, such as digital sampling, skinning andmodding, fan videomaking, fan fiction writing, zines, mash-ups).Collaborative Problem-solving— working together in teams, formal and informal,to complete tasks and develop new knowledge (such as through Wikipedia, alternativereality gaming, spoiling).Circulations — Shaping the flow of media (such as podcasting, blogging).

      It is very interesting to see just how applicable those terms are for our everyday life!