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  1. Sep 2021
    1. Please read the following article and annotate the following:

      -At least two questions -At least two opinions -At least one personal connection -At least two key terms/phrases -At least four major supporting details

      We will work in groups.

    1. One in five high school students — and more than 6% of American adults overall — now say they vape. The industry has ballooned to more than $6 billion, led by Juul.

      Demonstrates why there is a worry about youth and vaping addiction

    2. Some researchers worry that a major crackdown on Juul and other manufacturers would simply send teenagers reaching for traditional cigarettes instead.

      This seems to be an argument against banning the vapes, which could be less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

    3. Virtually all e-cigarette products contain nicotine, some in high levels — including Juul's 5% pods, each of which contains as much nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes.

      Question: Add my question here

    4. flavored vaping products

      Breathing in flavored nicotine product through a device. The device is... (need to look up)

      **Need to find a good description of a vape product

    5. Food and Drug Administration

      Important term to understand - What do they do, are they part of the government, how do they regulate things?

    6. Th

      Personal connection: smokers/former smokers using vapes to help them quit cigarettes would lose the benefit of healthier option if there is a ban.

    7. igarett

      Opinions: This is dumb - this is causing numerous health issues, especially related to lung conditions. from

      Opinions: Instead of banning them, why not insist stores much ID every single person that walks in their store regardless of age?

      Opinions: Why advertise all these flavors if they want to ban them? (Over 55,000) - Companies should work with the FDA to remove some of the flavors that are targeted toward youth.

      opinion : They should ask for documents of health care (think about how right now there is the vaccine card debate)

    8. The

      Questions the class came up with: Are they making more money off of vapes than they are cigarettes? Why aren't the stores IDing people like they do cigarettes? Why aren't these products banned if they are so harmful? Is there is a difference between a vape and e-cigarettes, or is it just a different name? Do certain vapes have more nicotine than others? Than cigarettes? Why don't they ban regular tobacco instead of e-cigarettes if e-cigarettes are safer than regular tobacco ?