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  1. Nov 2019
    1. When Zeno had thus spoken, Pythodorus, according to Antiphon's report of him, said, that he himself and Aristoteles and the whole company entreated Parmenides to give an example of the process. I cannot refuse, said Parmenides; and yet I feel rather like Ibycus, who, when in his old age, against his will, he fell in love, compared himself to an old racehorse, who was about to run in a chariot race, shaking with fear at the course he knew so well--this was his simile of himself. And I also experience a trembling when I remember through what an ocean of words I have to wade at my time of life. But I must indulge you, as Zeno says that I ought, and we are alone.

      Where does the discorse come from?

  2. Dec 2018
    1. L’herméneutique qui me paraît bien plus intéressante est celle qui, lorsqu’on se met à employer le terme de manière courante, désigne les travaux de ce milieu de savants alexandrins du IIIe siècle avant Jésus Christ : philologues, grammairiens, bibliothécaires, archivistes, cartographes, astronomes, qui associent la quête de significations à la recherche des manuscrits les plus fiables, la description des formes aux classements matériels des objets, les appareillages linguistiques à l’historicité des styles culturels, le calcul des astres aux mesures du monde. Le plus intéressant étant justement qu’il ne s’agit pas d’une relation entre un dieu, des prêtres ou devins et des humains en manque d’interprétation dans une relation nécessairement verticale, mais de tout un milieu de savants travaillant sur des objets différents d’une manière, pour ainsi dire, horizontale.

      La matérialité de la pensée

    1. but some one stole the copy; and therefore I had no choice whether it should be published or not; the motive, however, of writing, was not the ambition of an elder man, but the pugnacity of a young one.
    2. they came to Athens, as he said, at the great Panathenaea; the former was, at the time of his visit, about 65 years old, very white with age, but well favoured. Zeno was nearly 40 years of age, tall and fair to look upon; in the days of his youth he was reported to have been beloved by Parmenides. He said that they lodged with Pythodorus in the Ceramicus, outside the wall, whither Socrates, then a very young man, came to see them, and many others with him; they wanted to hear the writings of Zeno, which had been brought to Athens for the first time on the occasion of their visit.

      inscription as a newtork of intelligences

    3. We had come from our home at Clazomenae to Athens, and met Adeimantus and Glaucon in the Agora.

      a specific place. Thinking is being situated. It would be interesting to look at all the incipit of Plato's dialogues

    4. remembers a conversation

      the oral inscription of philosophy