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  1. Mar 2020
    1. "If that all sounds incredibly remote from pressing business concerns, that is exactly the point," writes Epstein.

      Very much like crazy readers like Munger

  2. May 2017
    1. British man who lives with TWO girlfriends becomes a dad with BOTH women

      The hypocrisy! Polyamory is fine, but polygamy, that same thing set with laws and regulations, is discouraged

    1. The French sociologist Gabriel Tarde in 1901 made the following telling observation: ‘I open a newspaper that I think is today’s, and I greedily read some news, then I notice it’s a month or a day old, and it immediately ceases to interest me.’ There is a kind of ‘sudden disgust’ at noticing that what you thought was news is in fact old, he says. This ‘increasing passion’ for the ‘sensation of news’ (sensation d’actualité), is ‘one of the clearest characteristics of civilised life’.

      Kind of like when we're watching sports on TV and enjoying -- but upon noticing that it's not live, we re disappointed and switch channels

    1. The reason this was possible in my view was that the Prophet understood that his power had no limits, since the source of it was the uniquely omnipotent divine source of all power: Allah.

      A great idea! When one has unlimited power, there is no insecurity or fear -- only solemn and calm assurety of victory. Thus morals are always preserved, and one never loses temper.

    2. ‘Umar Mukhtar who refused to kill Italian POW’s declaring to his men, “They are not our teachers.”
  3. www.sunnah.org www.sunnah.org
    1. `Umar himself, may Allah be pleased with him, used to whip his foot at night and say to himself: "Tell me, what have you done today?!"

      How weak are we today? Where is our hisab? If any of the sahabah saw us Muslims today, they wouldn't think we are muslims at all by the way we spend our time.

    1. The station, owned and operated by 15 nations, flies about 250 miles (400 km) above Earth and orbits the planet about every 90 minutes

      Amazing how the curiosity of science unites people beyond national division. 90 minutes per orbit is amazing!

    1. Assalamu alaykum bro, it's Sheikh Mishary Rashid Alafasy when he was younger.

      Allahuakbar! He sounds so different!!

    1. Some people do not agree with this government intervention—Smith would not, but Marx probably would.

      The very institutions that allow Smith's system to work go against it. Only in a hybrid of the two can a solution be found!

      With perfect application, and a base society as in each of their times, both ideas have validity and are understandable. But in reality such an overarching idea cannot be applied on any decent scale without changing it -- and as both men propose two extremes, the real solution is between them both.

      Europe heads towards making the capitalist government more and more socialist, and truly elements of each system keeps the other in check allowing harmony. Full on communism, with no private property or status, is unrealistic. People to not abuse complete freedom and non-involvement is also unrealistic.

      Both men wrote responses to the needs of their times, but a full, one-answer solution for all times is impossible. As times change, each generation must determine their own balance between both extremes.

      (and with robots and AI, more and more socialist ideas seem to be needed to be implemented)